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Alzheimer's Benefit

HL Rich, famous brighten Alzheimer's benefit

Byline: Mary Cameron Frey


DD 11/15/89




Page: 44

LP If you were looking for action this past weekend, the only place to be was the Fairmont Hotel.

TX The Alzheimer's Association put on a party there that had something for absolutely everyone. And let me tell you, this was not just another group of the swells dancing for disease. This was better than just lifestyles of the rich and famous. And if you had any doubts, all you had to do was ask Robin Leach, or any other of the many celebrity guests, including Alan * King, Jane Seymour, Ben E. King and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. Sugar Rautbord and Elizabeth Drey co-chaired the gala. They snared Dick Duchossois (Arlington International Racecourse) and Tom Klutznick (Miller-Klutznick-Davis-Gray) as corporate chairmen. They honored the Leo Burnett Co. for its donation of outstanding public service campaigns created for the association. Actress Seymour showed up with husband, David Flynn, a real estate developer. She confessed to having had two lunches the day of the party - one at the California Pizza Kitchen on Orleans (she's one of its original investors) that consisted of a Thai chicken pizza. Later on at Crickets, she had oysters and grilled salmon. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and was wearing a size 4 strapless gown by Fezandi of Los Angeles. Phooey. Princess Yasmin (daughter of the late Rita Hayworth, who succumbed to the disease) received the first Cartier Award from the Alzheimer's Association for her years of service. She wore a dark green and black Scaasi - and was zipped into it by the designer himself before he returned to New York. He had spent the day promoting his new fragrance at Saks on Michigan Avenue. (Had Scaasi stayed for the party, I'm sure he would have been thrilled to see at least 63 of his ball gowns - by my count - being worn at the fete.) Television personality Leach showed up and claimed he was neither rich nor famous. "After all, I only pay myself $2,500 a week for doing that show," he said. Not to worry, he finally conceded that he owns the show and gets a bit more in syndication profits, production fees, etc. In the dining room, dancers from the Gus Giordano troupe were twirling through the air to tunes made famous by Hayworth and Fred Astaire. The women dancers, we were told, were wearing Scaasi dresses borrowed from Sugar. Attorney General Neil Hartigan spotted the professionals tripping the light fantastics and said to long-suffering wife, Marge, "Come on, we can do that." She did the only thing left for a woman of good taste and breeding who has a minor back problem. She found her place and sat down. Firmly. Guests were unanimous in choosing comedian King for the most accessible and lovable star present. His routine on the joys and perils of aging brought the house down. His newest movie, "Enemies - A Love Story," will open at local theaters on Jan. 12. Yet another highlight of the evening was the announcement of a $1 million gift from the Benjamin Green-field Foundation. That, together with the money from corporate sponsors, ticket sales and a raffle, means almost $2 million was raised and will be available to support research to find a cure for this devastating disease. The award for the shortest engagement on record goes to Pat Goldman and Barry Rymer. They tied the knot this weekend at Byfield's in the Ambassador West with 50 members of their family and friends present. Pat and Barry were engaged for 16 days. @Art: ABOVE: Jerome Stone hands over the first Cartier Award * from the Alzheimer's Association to Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. RIGHT: Actress Jane Seymour and husband, David Flynn, at the Alzheimer's benefit at the Fairmont Hotel. ABOVE: Rich and @Art: famous co-chair Sugar Rautbord mingles with Robin Leach at the Alzheimer's bash. BELOW: Attorney General Neil Hartigan and wife, Marge, trip the light fantastic at the Fairmont. John and Jeri Zenko at the Alzheimer's benefit, which raised @Art: nearly $2 million. Suzanne and Bill McDonough dance the night away at the Alzheimer's benefit bash. After a 16-day engagement, Pat Goldman and Barry Rymer got married last weekend. @Art Credit: Ellen Domke

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