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Partnership Walk (Edmonton)

HL * Pride evident in Aga Khan walk

Byline: DON THOMAS Journal Staff Writer


DD 09/11/89


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LP * --- Pride evident in Aga Khan walk ---

TX Edmonton Rahenat Ruda has been in Canada only three years but there was no mistaking the pride in her new home as she marched through the river valley Sunday. * For Ruda, 78, it was her third year in the Aga Khan Foundation Partnership Walk. This time she collected about $200 in pledges for use in Third World assistance projects. Doing more than is expected has been normal for Ruda, who raised three children on her own and ran a shop in Tanzania before emigrating in 1986, said Badru Bhimani, her nephew. "She says she walks to raise money for the poor people. Every dollar she collects becomes four dollars, with matching money from the government," he said, interpreting for her. "She likes walking, she's fit, so why not? She's setting a good example, she's the oldest among all the walkers." The foundation involves members of Edmonton's Ismaili community, who come mainly from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda but also from India and Pakistan. * The Aga Khan is the spiritual head of the Ismaili branch of the Moslem faith. About 650 Edmonton-area residents took part in the 10-km walk and were expected to raise at least $60,000. About 10,000 Canadians took part in similar walks in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, raising about $500,000 for assistance projects. "It has two purposes. One, of course, is to raise money while the other is awareness, making more and more people aware of Third World development," said walk organizer Dr. Azim Jeraj. "With 650 walkers here, there'd be at least 5,000 people in Edmonton who sponsored them." LOCAL KEYWORDS: SENIOR CITIZENS; FUND RAISING; CHARITIES; AGE

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