Let's Make this Diamond Golden Jubilee the greatest of our time!!!
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The Heritage Diamond Jubile Pledge

We are about to celebrate Hazar Imam's Diamond jubilee.
He has devoted the last 60 years of his life to us.
What Precious gifts can we give to Him on this occasion?

Pledge: The Gift of Prayer
The Most Precious Spiritual Gift

Goal: 250 Million Salwats

In Kenya, Mowlana Hazar Imam quoted from the Holy Quran that Allah has created all mankind from one Soul. In this spirit, the Ismaili Heritage family at www.ismaili.net make a spiritual pledge, as a group, to dedicate a further 250 Million Salwats to the Imam of the Time for his Diamond Jubilee, symbolizing ten Salwaats from every Ismaili worldwide. You may pledge between 1 Tasbih per year to 12 Tasbihs per day up to the end of the December of the Jubilee year.

Give from your Soul. Recite Salwaats. Save One Soul.

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If you want to pledge as a group or a very high number, you should send your pledge by email to heritage@ismaili.net with the names, city, country and pledge of each members of your family or group of friend and we will enter into the database.

We do verify several times daily for abnormal numbers and delete those (for example if you enter by mistake 10,000,000 salwats, the pledge will be deleted)

Why a pledge of 250 Millions Salwats? We reached 250 Millions salwats pledge for Golden Jubilee. We feel the Jamat today can do much better for Diamond Jubilee!

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