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Others :: View topic - Questioning our faith
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Questioning our faith

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:23 am    Post subject: Questioning our faith Reply with quote

Whenever I decide to come to khane and ignore the many drawbacks I see around I see another one which makes me question in coming to khane. If I start listing them my post would be long but some of them are: 1)Clothes : it looks like models are arriving for a party, the way everybody dresses up. I see them coming late for dua because it takes them forever to dress up looking as they do. The issue is the rich in the jamat wear the latest trends and the less fortunate ones keep staring at them on their late entries losing their concentration in duas. Of course the latest trends include sleeveless , short dresses , low necklines ! And if anyone shuts their eyes in dua - the heavy perfumes are a wake up call! And the jamat sees and learn from the ladies sitting on the paat looking like film stars. Wish the mukhiyanimaas and kamadianimaas wore a uniform like the volunteers or better still there should be an uniform for the whole jamat. 2) Memaani: Best of food is bought in memaani specially by our richy rich jamat and when naandi starts it is these rich who keep bidding against the poor or old who do not cook or the new immigrant student who would like a homecooked food. Why cant nandi bidding be restricted only to the elderly (who have no one to cook or buy grocery for them) or the new immigrants or students who are still from hand to mouth. 3) Mandalies: Why cant the entries to various mandlis be spiritually based promotions rather than money based.

I can go on with the list . My coming to khane does not give me any spiritual advancement or contentment but I just see materialistic world of the rich. I spend better and longer time at praying with peace and contentment when I stay back at home reciting my tasbihs and duas.

And when I dont come I am be- imaani
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