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Scope of TKN Nazrana

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Author Message

Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:46 pm    Post subject: Scope of TKN Nazrana Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad: This will be a long posting in three parts of my wishful thinking,It may sound good,stupid or rubbish.There is a REASON BEHIND IT.
In his speech/ farman during launch of TKN in Golden jubilee ,MHI used the words Professional expertise.
Does this word has have a narrow definition or a broad one.
The TKN team and LIF have sadly understood the will and wish of ALI.after my total presentation ,I feel they are not serving Imam to the desired level ,but doing dis service to ALI.A indeed a grave sin /adbhut gunah.
I assume TKN must have got atleast 7 millions Ismailis offering TKN by jamaati members.
If a narrow definition is absolute and benchmarked, then only those professional in medicine,education ,social science and few other field,their forms will be selected that will be hardly 350 in one year IT MEAN ONLY ONE IN 20000 Ismaili is worthy enough for seva and rest 6.997 million stay unworthy, dormant .maybe useless in the TKN databank.
I will be giving the presentations ( which is exposing 5% of my intellect blessed upon me) the power/magical wand of 7 million young ,intelligent,energetic and doers around the world.
We have a traditional weakness of Samosa,Biryani,Sherbet, Jalsa AUR Khub jalsa but firstly we are an ABSOLUTE GIVERS.

our network does a great work with funds available.
Imagine with double the funds and 7000x numbersof volunteers ,we can MAKE a mark.
For any social organization or NGO the blood and oxygen to survive and keep moving and expanding ahead is not talent ,they can be hired but FUNDS,MONEY IN HAND.whatever the fund ,you feel short with the task in hand.
Does fund raising skill and effort is black listed .
In todays world economy we are taught that TIME is money and Knowledge is Money.
Then how do we harness ,crystalize and unleash the power of 7 million umedwars.
NOBODY is useless if one does not know to make proper bonafide/ethical use of Him or her.
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Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This are few ideas for funds raising.If one Ismaili can give 5 ideas ,imagine if same is sought thru email from 7 million,we would have 1000 ideas,concepts,plan even if 990 are rejected then at least 10 will merit attention for considerations.
1.Today all big and small NGO pitch for donations at different levels,format,etc.
If 7 million are given a 2 A4 size printout to be taken out by them highlighting the servicrs of AKDN,which servers 80% to non Ismailis, Humanity at large.
Each is told to approach other than thiet families to in from other our activities and and hint for donation for a good cause.Each can reach out to over 100+ persons in Year.
A small target of $ 5( from other than own family) is given to volunteer in ayear from poor areas and $ 250 in western countries.
The average on minimum will be $ 50 collected NY each umedwar that reaches figure of $ 350 million ( my guess is multifold of it).
With each umedaear sense of participation & feels proud of his/her constubtuion of time ,communication skill to raise donation.
It will give 700 millions people exposure to Ismailis and their work for humanity at large.
It will be INDEED multifold blessings for those donor ( even if it is rs 10 ( 15 cents donation).I know what is in store for them.
It will be learming curve for many to be humble and know human nature during thier meetings.
It will build confidence and creates a Life long asset of Inter petsonal skill setin them

2) This a routine way now done at highet platform.
Say around 5000 umedwars with good presemtation ability are select to appproch with printed catalouges n presentation to ovel 1 milloin private companies to participate in mamy kind qith the Activutes of AKDN.
In india goverment has obligated all companies to do CSR ( Corprstes socail responsibility ) with 3% of thier net profit.The total sum in 2018 would be $ 3 billion $.With AKDN track record,image & plans.It is possible to garner atleast 0.5 % of that yearly corpus ( that is $ 15 million) India is 2.5% so the world aporaoch can 40 times more than $ 15 million
If one searches the net this us most most demanded skill set .
We raise 5000 of these in No time.
The first micro ground level activity can create world record with 7 million volunteers at one Go for a cause.
3. this is workable that would need more refining and fine tuning if idea finds merit.
In western countries the interest rate given by banks etc is 2% on their money deposited, invested.( they carry very low risk).
In country like India the top mutual funds ( medium risk) have givem CAGR of 24% since last 22 years..I AM EXPERT IN THAT. A donor need NOT PART WITH PENNY but invest in own name in Indian mutual funds with h keeping 4% for itself and balance 20% more returns is donated to a cause.It is convincing a person to allocate 1-10% of his wealth/ savings in this format which does not pinch his capital and original interest/returns in his home country.
if a force of 10000 Ismailis are selected for this can aporoch over 150 person yearly with capital or resources to just start with $ 250 iof investment in own name initially and grow to $ 5000+ in 4 years.
The sums collected can be MIND BOGGLING the 20% excess returns per year diverted for a cause can be anything from $ 5 -50 million EVERY YEAR depending upon how effective and successful we are in our effort.
LIF/TKN honchos must know in our Sufi tariqa that many Ismailis and non Ismailis are much much much closer to ALI than they think they are in Zahiri format for 3-4 times in a year for maximum few hours each.To understand the wavelength of ALI is a blessing by itself.
This 7 million + is a magic wand of ALI

To be contained ....2 more pages of 2 more act + few ideas for incomes generating scope for beneficiaries.
To Admin: Ya Ali Madad.can you please,broadcast/ canvass this message thru Facebook for wider reach.
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Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad:

Volunteers have always been the life-blood of the Aga Khan social welfare institutions. Without their support none of our institutions could function as they do. Today, when resources are so limited in relation to the demands for improvement in education and in health, self-help effort is more important than ever before. [.Speech 13 May 1983]

This speech in Silver jubilee when there was no limit of resources of manpower or material (cement,steel).
WHAT WAS AND STILL IS A MAJOR MAJOR RESOURCE still limited is FUNDS & MONEY.( blood & oxygen).
Akdn does seek donations/co partners at very high level and on ground level like partnership walk.the nett result is the present amounted collected.
seeking donation for cause of humanity is a Noble and blessed activity ( blessing greater than physical prayers).
Our Great Pir,Syeds made our forefather as givers to truth and to the cause of truth ,because for that they went from village to village on foot.The nett results we are now 20 millions + Sathpanthis are truly & indeed CHILDRENS OF HEAVEN.
they are 2 reasons for saying that.
1.Our conviction is that our SPIRITUAL FATHER is beyond heavens.
2.Watching on YouTube the various diamond jubilee celebrations showing jamat with 66% smiling and most with inner glow of light on their faces and enjoying with joy and bliss ,I observed that scenario of they being at that moment 33% on earth and their spirit 67% soaring in heavens.
if we are study MHI speeches and know the truth WHAT IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR ,it is raising the limit of funds to social organizations to expand from present 1x to 4x in speedier time frame.We 7 million now has the same opportunity for each to work as micro Pir ,Syed in changed era ,the essence remains the same but now worded differently working under UMBRELLA OF TRUTH FOR THE CAUSE OF HUMANITY.
For this the NARROW mindset must change at the top LIF/TKN honchos ,if not then EASE THEM OUT for good towards for early stay in heaven.
Scope of giving volunteers services in our AKDN organizations is limited at they are very well n fully staffed in most countries..
It can Hardly give opportunity to few hundred in a year in limited fields.
Our TKN forms are loaded from MARCH onward ,07 months gone.WHAT IS HAPPENING.?
As a concerned Ismaili it makes my blood boils( Loi KA ukala)
To be followed.......
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Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad:
In last two ,I just spoke to three person all Ismaili,one being my young relative.
Iny Jk.,I spoke to two middle age person who had filled TKN since last 10 years.
I told jokingly That I got a seva to gather $50 in one year for our instution and they asked how I got.asked them were they ready they said amount of rs 3250 was peanut ,which they felt they could do in few days,I told it should from outside outside the family ,More the person who donate they will be blessed serving the cause of ALI.,which we know and they must promote the highlight of network more than seeking fund.
They were energetic ,I feel 50k TKN could garner not less than $10 million in span of few week.I told they would get email.
Other was I spoke my young relative in western country asked if for genuine noble cause she could get 04 used working mobiles phones as donations in one year.In split second that is a done deal with snap of her finger from family,I told that it should also come from outside and explain the benefit of where the donation will go,work and help.,She sounded that 12 phones in one year would be child's play for her.She was also exiicited on doing this sale value of just 12 used working phones in third world would be minum $ 500.
There is so much energy and enthusiasm, I viewed holistically.
There would many concerns about image,pilferage, logistics ,rules etc .EACH OF can be addressed to get out any negetivity

Every social orgamization have matrix of measurment.
We in TKN data base .I would value time of western country professiona output l at $ 30 an hour and also field helper in third world iutput at $ 1 per hour.
So each member is giving 100 hours every years If I take a modest average of $ 2 per hour ,so the output value of ours 6 million comes to $ 1.4 BILLION PER year.
Remember a time is money & knowledge is Money.
If figure is assessed and audited ,that if other donor agencies know that we have $ 1.4 billion per year of volunteers output ,they would be attracted with weakth oif ours & like match $ to $ with their cash funds in major projects on cases to cases basis.We could also work for other non Ismailis NGO ,government on giving them talented manpower in great numbers.
Just imagine our TKN and macthing funds who wish to associate with our AKDN ,just starting with 5% in first year going up to 20 % over period of time can get new services & project or expand old ones worth $ 140 million going upto to $ 560 million per year to beneficiaries.
MHI in a speech said that those fortunate must light a spark in life of those less fortunates.
SADLY TKN team has made us unfortunate,unworthy,be trusted and tried for Seva.
I assume it as a gimmick to present to MHI a symbolic databank of millions as a nazrana for leaders to take blessing on it.
There is SO SO MUCH talent,energy,enthusiasm and ready to act preparedness in all 7 miilon of us.
I have 05 plans of fund raising with clear action plan in fair details and also SURE SHOT 7+ ideas, concept to raise income in third world
In one plan of tourist souvenirs ,just with a LOAN of $ 8 per person ,than person upon effort n success make rs 12000-20000 permonth in India to give basic comforts to it's family .scope is for 400 in India and world wide is 30x more.that is 12000.( that is just $10Ok returnable ,for that we need just 2000 used phones.TKN work for young 12-16 years old 200-400 volunteers in resourceful countries for 03 month.They will do 30O% more than target given to them in half the time.
We can do wonders in NOW n years ahead.
Imam SMS said in a Farman AMAARA MOMIN MOJIJA KARSE.( real miracles that world can see on TV),that is the blessing ,let us atleast with peanuts first.
I forsee that with absolute certainity.
IF GOD is with us ,then no power in universe can stop an idea whose time has come.
Sachedina see cub scouts take sabh ko kaam pee lagaa do.
To be continued.....
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Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad:



What did our Pirs & Dai did?
I have 07 ideas all on loan basis with investment of just $ 8 to $ 150 per person which upon their effort and success increase or get new income from $ 200.-$ 400 + per month.
It has potential to reach n benefit 50000+++ persons.
It can be part of micro finance with our network or under AKDN umbrella get other smaller NGO for widet out reach basis.It will be win win situation.for all.
As for fund raising as mass ground level,there may be some resistance, etc as honchos will say that time & talent does not mean money or monertory nazrana.but talented time can be valued ,shared and ALSO BE MONETIZED if we use our blessed senses.
Last but not the least instead of routine just sending an email of congratulation( a robot can do that) and symbolic show off to MHI.try getting ideas from all ,an email that opportunity is less for TKN in our network ,what ideas,suggestion they have to help humamity personally ,in group for
Give time to other NGO who does good work , local areas,states,country.
Tkn team would get not less than 10000-70000 replies response,some would very good for consideration.
let each TKN just aporaoch 200-250 persons in 100 hours time in a year and give our AKDN flyer and explian with max 3 video clip on YouTube on what be do.NO ASKING FOR ANY DONATION OR FAVOURS of Any sort.Let that written as general or on video clip for them to pursue.
One USP can be if my assumption is right.that other organization have around 40% of money in fund raising and Admin exp with NO co support.,while in AKDN with matching fund from government ,instuties,NGO's have ability to reach $1.50 to beneficiaries instead of 0.60 cents with others.So we do if given $1 go 150% further than all others.
This way 100 hours are put to use and we are proud ambassadors of our Imam and network.
In 5 years time we would approach in theory all the families in the world.
As for fund raising at very high level exotic structured products are designed to pull more fund from existimg sources.
and level two sauve approach to over 25 million companies to be part of AKDN if they wish to donate part of their profits yearly to us and others under our umbrella of highest standards.
Two of tourist products planned by me ,Inshallah if we are successful ,we will corner all the awards and accolades of the world meant for lowest cost ( loan) to highest income in quick time for many many thousand.
Guess who can be the winner.
We are now partially and in future will be all marfati momins of ALI .
when can take on even 100x population of earth.
I will end with an extract from a ginan.
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