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Others :: View topic - Ghirbhawali Moti - an introduction
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Ghirbhawali Moti - an introduction

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:46 am    Post subject: Ghirbhawali Moti - an introduction Reply with quote

The granth “GIRBHAWALI” is attributed to “PIR SADARDIN” and it has two versions a small one which is known as “GIRBHAWALI NANI” and an extended one which is known as “GIRBHAWALI MOTI”.”GIRBHAWALI NANI” contains a conversation between “Ishwar and parwati” (two Hindu deities) regarding the topic of creation.
Actually in this ginan the Ishwar is a metaphorical character representing the Imam and Parwati is a figurative character denoting the personality of the pir. There are different languages used in this ginan like (Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi etc).This granth has been published in both Khojki and Guajarati language by “MUKHI LALJI DEVRAJ” through “ISMAILI ASSOCIATION (recreation club) INDIA” but it’s translation has never been published by any missionary or by any ismaili tariqah board since the time when it was first written because the languages used in this granth are extremely difficult.
Although there are several commentaries on this granth by different missionaries but none of the Ismaili missionary gave a proper translation. Even “MISSIONARY BHAGHAT KARA RUDA” only gave a small commentary on it. Moreover it seems that the translation of this granth will never get published because as the time is passing away all the missionaries who had some knowledge regarding this granth are also passing away.
This is the reason i have tried to summarized the translation of this granth so that this masterpiece of “PIR SADARDIN” does not get disappear from among the collection of ismaili ginans.

Lord created the heavens and the earth; He created the Mount (MERU); He created the sense of forests; He created the sun and the moon and He created the universe.
First lord created nothingness and then created different cosmological states; First lord created the earth and then the heavens; First hair pores are created on a human body then the hairs are produced; First air was created and then water was created; First day occurs and then night occurs; First right is of the mother and then of the father; First the birth of flower takes place in a tree then the fruit is obtained; First righteous deeds are important then the duties of religion are important; First the tongue is created in a baby then after several months the baby gets teeth; Good deeds always come first and bad deeds come last; First respect is to be given to the prophet(peer) and then the saints(syeds).
In the 1st month the embryo is in the sperm form; In 2nd month it is in the form of mingled blood; In 3rd month lumps from mingled blood are formed; In 4th month all the nine lumps become visible; In 5th month complete fertilization is done; In 6th month soul is breathed into the embryo; In 7th month complete body is formed; In 8th month all the limbs get into motion; In 9th month all the nine pulses get into action.
The structure of a human body consists of 32 teeth; jaw of 2 inches; liver of approximately nine to ten inches; 9 pulse points; 360 bones; 16 chief joints; two lungs of approximately 6-7 inches wide; tongue of around 4-6 inches long; heart of 4-5 inches; spleen of approximately 3-4 inches; gallbladder of 1.5 inches in width; 35 million hairs on the body
In this world there are 8.4 million species of living organisms; 9 kingdoms of snakes; 999 streams; 3,639,168,000 different types of vegetation out of which only few are known.
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Joined: 20 May 2015
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 5:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow!! so our pir has already wrote in "girbhavali" that how the fetus grows in mother womb!!? interesting indeed! science now knows that with ultra sound! icon_lol.gif
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