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Others :: View topic - Kahe Pir Hassan Kabirdin srevo Nar Har thaan - Translation
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Kahe Pir Hassan Kabirdin srevo Nar Har thaan - Translation

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:59 am    Post subject: Kahe Pir Hassan Kabirdin srevo Nar Har thaan - Translation Reply with quote

Kahe Pir Hassan Kabirdin srevo Nar Har thaan
By Pir Hassan Kabirdin
Tune: Budh Avataar / Khatt Nirinjan

Kahe Pir Hassan Kabirdin srevo Nar Har thaan,
sarve jivun kaa thaapiyaa dhaam 1

1. Pir Hasan Kabirdin says: Obey Hazrat Ali (a.s.) who is manifest, who created holy places for all souls.

Chor mukar raahaa na bhaat, ghar ghar Gur ne ghar ghar paat 2

2. In this age all are thieves and fraudulent, neither is there a path nor a road. In every house there is a Pir and in every house is a pat (meaning rituals).

Ghar ghar thaase mukar chor, thaan pirun kaa thaape aur 3

3. In every house there will be liars and thieves. Someone else will take the place of the true Pir.

Gur sun vaade thakat sun bethaa, sohi nugraa narag maanhe pethaa 4

4. The opponent of the Pir will be seated on the throne, that same evil persons will go to hell.

Bad kaam ki na maare dhaataa, uskaa jivun kaa bahest me jaataa 5

5. He who does not shun evil deeds, how can his soul go to paradise?

Vashnauv vayee to kilaave aap, din din adkaa karannaa paap 6

6. He will call himself the Lord, whose sins increase daily.

Tis kaa Gur to ajgar aap, chelaa thaase daidun saap 7

7. His guide will be the python himself and his disciples double mouthed snakes.

Duniyaa ke range jo raheve aapi, jaanni kari bhulaa so Nar paapi 8

8. He who remains steeped in the colors of world (and) whoever is purposely oblivious, that man is a sinner.

Aasann choddi ne mukar thaane, kuddi kiriyaane saachi mane 9

9. He will leave his own place (of worship) and go to a false place and will consider false deeds to be true.

Lobhi mukhi dasond-j khaave, Shaah ki zoli nahi chalaave 10

10. The greedy Mukhi will devour Dasond, he will not take care of the lord's pouch (religious dues).

Ghar ghar dasond-j khaave, uske dil me dayaa nahi aave 11

11. The man who will devour Dasond from every house, his heart will be devoid of mercy.

Annsunni je vaat chalaave kahe Pir Hassan Kabirdin so paar kiyun paave 12

12. Whoever will spread hearsay, Pir Hasan Kabirdin (r.a.) says, how will he reach the other shore?

Sati sat choddenge aap, jiskaa hove purann paap 13

13. That devotee will shun his truth and he will be full of sins.

Sati sat choddege aap, ghar ghar vartann lagaa paap 14

14. Devotees will shun their goodness; in every house sin will be committed.

Saadh kaa to padde dukaar, purann jaanno aayaa kalikaar 15

15. There will be a famine (meaning scarcity) of saints, then understand that Kaljug or the last era has completely arrived.

Sat kaa pardha ughaare koi, Gur ki raahakaa par na chaale sohi 16

16. Whoever will divulge the secret of truth, he will not remain on the path of the Pir.

Moman ho kar vyaaj-j khaave, eysi karanni eh kiyun bahest me jaave 17

17. Being a Momin will take usury, upon doing such deeds how will he go to paradise?

Dekho moman sat vichaaro sohi, athar vella aysi hoy 18

18. O Momins! Contemplate upon truth; the unsteady or last era will be such.

Ek til juth bolenga bhaai, to saare bhave ki jaavegi kamaai 19

19. Who will lie by as much as a sesame seed (slightly), the earnings of his whole life will be removed.

Sati ki beddi maahen bhariyen sat kaa bhaar to Sat Gur utaare pahele paar 20

20. In the boat of truth keep the weight of truth then the true Pir will take (you) across to the other shore.

Laanch lunch je moman khaave, aysi karanni eh kiyun paar-j paave 21

21. The believer who will take bribes, by doing such deeds how will (he) reach the other shore?

Harkhe Har-sun raakho man, to nishijal hove aapnnu tan 22

22. Happily love Hazrat Ali (a.s.) then your being will become holy (or pure).

Janam saaraa jo khoi gamaave, to bin Pir so paar kiyun paave 23

23. Even if the whole life is spent then too without the Pir how can (one) go across to the other shore?

Kal-jug kaa mahimaa aysaa hoi, nindaa pyaari kare sab koi 24

24. The condition of Kaljug (or the last era) will be such that gossip will be dear to everyone.

Ghar ghar mullah ne ghar ghar kaaji, kudd kapat ki rache baaji 25

25. In every house there will be a Mulla, in every house there will be a Qadi and falsehood and deceit will be enacted.

Ghar ghar duraachaari aysi hoy, sat ki rah par na chaale koi 26

26. In every house there will be such evil that no one will remain on the path of truth.

Shilvanti kushivanti kahaave, ghar ke dhanni sun chit na laave 27

27. A chaste woman will become immoral, who will not love her husband.

Sat sun saachaa na kare vichaare, Gur ke upar na raakhe pyaar 28

28. The truthful will not think of truth and will not love the Pir.

Tab to Gur kun dukh hove bhaai, chelaa Gur saathe kare laddaai 29

29. Then the Pir will be grieved, the disciple will quarrel with the Pir.

Gur ki aann koi na maane, vaye to aap kun baddaa kari jaanne 30

30. No one will obey the command of the Pir, he will think himself to be superior.

Sat vachan kaa karo vichaar, dayaa dharam sun raakho pyaar 31

31. Think of the true verses, love mercy and religion.

Toddaa ttaamann ghar ghar hoy, ginaan vichaari na chaale koi 32

32. In every house sorcery will be practiced. No one will act after contemplation upon Ginan.

Dharmi kaa to dharam na raheve, sagaa kutumb ki koi ghas na saheve 33

33. The piety) of the righteous will not remain. No one will tolerate being inconvenienced by relatives.

Pir Hassan Kabridin boliyaa saar, athar ved kaa ehi vichaar 34

34. Pir Hasan Kabirdin (r.a.) speaks the truth, this is the thought (expressed) in the Athar Ved.

Ghor andheri hove raat, maanek raakh aapnne saath 35

35. The night will be pitch black, so keep a diamond with you.

Jis maanek thi jyot-j hoy, uskun buje virlaa koi 36

36. The diamond will illumine, hardly does anyone understand it.

So maanek kiyun choddo bhaai, so nit nit sat kun karo kamaai 37

37. Why do you shun this diamond? Always earn truthfully.

Aysaa hove virlaa koi, chunn chunn maanak leve sohi 38

38. If there is some sensible person he will select and take this diamond.

Parkho tame parkhan-haar, khare kotte kaa karo vichaar 39

39. O those who recognize! Recognize, think of the genuine and spurious.

Ginaan kattari haidde bhitar laai, is karanni eh amraapuri jaay 40

40. Keep the dagger of Ginan in your heart then with such earning (you) will go to paradise.

Kahe Pir Hassan Kabirdin Sat Vachan kaa karo vichaar,
cheti chaalo to utaro paar 41

41. Pir Hasan Kabirdin (r.a.) says: think of the true promise. Act vigilantly then you will reach the other shore.

Source: 50 Ginans Volume VI - Translation-38 - 1999
Translation by: Yasmin Sher Ali, Kamaluddin Ali Muhammed
Prepared by: Zarina Kamaluddin, Kamaluddin Ali Muhammed
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