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Others :: View topic - Tariqat Haqiqat Marfat
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Tariqat Haqiqat Marfat

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Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 1379

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 5:38 pm    Post subject: Tariqat Haqiqat Marfat Reply with quote

This in a expansion to the previous postings.In this time I mean real serious business.
if we take at Zikr level.
Shariat is allah n rasool
Tariqat is allah rasool n ALI
Haqiqat is ALIallah.
Marfat is ALI ALI.
if u observe the zikr at shariat and one at marfat is totally different.
WE have to break the shackles of shairiat to know marifat.
there is no short cut but it is via tariqat n haqiqat.
the khoja tradation Ismailies are just around 2% of Ismailies in word today.
if we take journey of r soul as a train going at X speed.if it is at tariqat
stop now.the final destination is marfat via next stop of haqiqat.
modern science have speeded up thing of many many things.
they are almost near to finding of GOD's particle.
the engine of this train can also be speeded up,firstly break out the wagon r baggage of shariat,which is behind the engine,the speed increases by almost 50%,Nowadays jet need jet fuel which is 100% pure kerosene.along with fuels already being used ADD Qasida Dum huma dum ALI ALI.(100% pure)the speed will go up by 200% and top it up with
additives like aashique n Khidmat ,it will speed up by 500%.
750 years are gone by.THIS IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR and decades to come.
I have a daughter when I ask her for a favour in my work which benefit her also,She asks what will she get?She really means it term of rupees,dollar r pound.this is the world we r living in today.
Modern days need new delivery system n dosage(inspiration) for younger generation.
we can start is as TRAIL. l to b honest it was sucessful on my two non- Ismaili friends.
just if can give a child,whatever the age.a data card of mobile fone with MP3 downloaded of just one Qasida of dum huma dum ALI ALI to start
with to listen it just few times a day.
this qasida sung by mir Maher angiaz is truly in divine voice.She also sings in Huzoor of Hazar Imam.It is on youtube
it is albeit in persian, but it melody n rhythm is sweet to our ears.
now tell them listening to it few times a day from thier fone will bring GLOW of LIGHT on their faces in 40 days,which they themselves can see in mirror.
( my non Ismaili saw it in 15 days).sweeten the offer
tell them if they listen to it more times,the light will brighten more n more and he will more handsome r she will look more beautiful.
A temprory skin glow treatment in saloon cost 100 of dollars,tell
them this deal is worth 10,000 dollars(after all we r khoja banias).they will go for it atleast try for 40 days.God willing it may hook them for life.
this is a modern day solution for today's expectation of young jamaat.
I will sign off with:
Ahmed ALI ALI boliya.
Pechee honi hoi so hoi ree
Pechee honi hoi so hoi ree.

to admin: your website is truly a notional Haqiqat board,serving the greater cause of ALI.
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