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Others :: View topic - Jo meney mehsoos kiya; woh aap-ko kaha(n) bata sakta hoo(n)
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Jo meney mehsoos kiya; woh aap-ko kaha(n) bata sakta hoo(n)

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:37 am    Post subject: Jo meney mehsoos kiya; woh aap-ko kaha(n) bata sakta hoo(n) Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad Mukhi Saheb; Kamadiani Maa; and All Others;

When you write; you never know; what will come out of it. But rest assure; and be sure; your struggle will never go vain. You have to take one step to start with journey of thousand miles. That's what; exactly happened; when I started writing this poem. Though; I was not sure; but it turn out to be a good one. All praise to Almighty God.

I hope you will like it.

Thank you.

And here it is;

Jo meney mehsoos kiya; woh aap-ko kaha(n) bata sakta hoo(n) mei(n)

Aa(n)khei(n) merry munnwar hoo-e(n) Masjid mei(n)
Dil mera roshan hu'a sajday-e-Khuda mei(n)

Allah; Allah karta chala gaya mei(n) ratoo(n) mei(n)
Ek rah nikgal aa-ee mere liye tasawwoof mei(n)

Ahista ahista; dun-yawi ool-jhanei(n) kum hoti ga-ee(n)
Chaar chand lug gaye dil ko; Ebadat mei(n)

Souch-tay; souch-tay apnay aap-say sawaal kiya
Kay Ay Khooda tuj-say; juda kyoo(n) hu'a mei(n)

Eik qadam ba(d)rahya thaa meney; tou woh chala aayaa lay-nay
Ab aa(n)khei(n) bund kiye chala ja-ta hoo(n) oos-ki mehfil mei(n)

Noorani roshni key ek-jout jal oothi hay mere dil mei(n)
Ab oos-ko souch-ka endhan dena hay Ebadat mei(n)

Ger yeh diya yoo(n)he jalta raha; cham-kay-gee bijle noorani tajjalee kee
Aur ger aiysa ho-gaya; tou aasma(n) mei(n) oo(d)r raha hoo(n)ga mei(n)

Mere satoo(n) tab-qay roshan; ger mei(n) poha(n)ch gaya saat-wei(n) aasman mei(n)
Shukar Khoodaya tera; jo mujey mila; es-say ziyada kaha(n) chata thaa mei(n)

Yeh ai-see khooshe hay; mei(n) ap-nay un-der khoosh ho-sakta hoo(n)
Jo meney mehsoos kiya; woh aap-ko kaha(n) bata sakta hoo(n) mei(n)


English translation of the poem

Insight of my eyes were opened up while in Mosque
My heart felt a touch of & presence of God in Sijda

I continued my rosary; saying Allah; Allah
I found a spiritual way; out in mysticism

Slowly & gradually worldly worries started to reduce
I felt; joy of spirituality in my heart while in practice

While I was in my thoughts; I questioned myself
Oh God; what was the reason; that separated me from you

I just take one step forward; He came to my rescue
Now; I am a free flying spiritual bird; to fly anywhere

With that spark of spiritual light which lit in my heart
To keep it lighted; is my duty to pour fuel of thoughts in

If this spiritual light continues; rise me high to my delight
If this happens; will be able to fly freely in spiritual skies

All spiritual domains will open up to see through seven skies
What bestowed on me; was not envisaging more than that!

This is a happening of spiritual kind; keeps me happy within
What I felt; is my treasure; even I do try; can't explain you!

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