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Others :: View topic - Poems by Alisa (Amir)
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Poems by Alisa (Amir)

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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 6233

PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:18 pm    Post subject: Poems by Alisa (Amir) Reply with quote

Please keep all your posting as Alisa in this section so that they are not all over the place. Please move them here to consolidate them as Moez has also done the same.
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Joined: 23 May 2005
Posts: 664
Location: Glendale, California - USA

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:38 pm    Post subject: Jannat mei(n) mujey jana nahi(n) Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad Mukhi Saheb; Kamadiani Maa; and All Others

This is the new one; looks to me good. It's a slight different but is meaningful as far as I understand; but I leave on you to read and grasp it.

Thank you for your time.


Jannat mei(n) mujey jana nahi(n)

Jannat mei(n) mujey jana nahi(n)
Dozakh mera dhikhana nahi(n)

Aap souch rahey hon-gay shayad
Kay yeh aadmi kahi(n) divana tou nahi(n)

Nahi(n); Nahi(n); aiysa hay-he nahi(n)
Aap-ney shayad; mujey pehchana nahi(n)

Mei(n) eik Sufi Sift Insa(n)
Len-den mera kaam nahi(n)

Woh sirf khoosh rahey mujsay
Es-kay elawa mei(n) kuitch chahta nahi(n)

Mei(n) Oos-kay Noor ka eik zarra
Es-kay siwa mei(n) aur kutch nahi(n)

Jannat oon-logo(n) kay liye hay jo kutch ma(n)tey hei(n)
Ooska Shukr karney-kay siwa mujey kutch aa-ta nahi(n)

Oos-key khoosh-nudi haasil karna mera kaam
Es-say ziyada mei(n) kutch samaj pata nahi(n)

Aap samja sakay mujey tou yeh aap-ka ahsan
Gar aap na samja sakay tou; koi baat nahi(n)

Aap apney rastey per chalo; mei(n) ap-nay per
Allah es-say ziyada kutch aur chata nahi(n)


Hello and Hi to Everyone;

When two love birds are in love; they are in their fantasy of life. They forget everything; and think there is nothing greater than what they are doing. Even if they both are from different religions and caste; they don't care; and ignore this fact of life. But when they enter into practical phase of their lives; they face obstacles. Only one obstacle creates so many misunderstanding and difficulties not between two of them; but in entire family. It is very difficult to reconcile even you say; you are most liberal person in the world.

Thank you for your time.

Marriage September 4, 2011

Always marry in your religion; and caste
Don't marry outside; creates problem vast
You think love between two; in fact it is not
It has great impact outside of your thoughts

This you will realize after marriage; now not
Two religion; and culture; you have to adopt
Smooth flow is distinct possibility; see in thought
What followed since childhood in mind you got

The relationship created are not in harmony path
Because relationship created has to travel yet a lot
To maintain that relationship have to sacrifice a lot
Now you are in tension; for no reason that you got

When you make mistake is a mistake on your part
But when they make a mistake for them; it is not!
Now you feel pain; which were not in your caste
You are trying to compromise; to get them adopt

To marry outside is a grave mistake on our part
You didn't think that way; I don't know for what?
I want you to enjoy your life; always be on top
But the problem you face; is a dilemma of heart.


Religions make man gentleman in all aspects

Religions make man gentleman in all aspects
Prior criticizing it; try to know it first with respect
Religions and politics inseparable; others don't distract
Even than; if you do that sorry to say; one day you regret

Religions give us code of living our lives in all aspects
It prohibits certain things; so that later on don't regret
If we follow what it says; see transparency; straight
Since inception of this world; religions are guiding force of faith

It guides; and when you do wrong; interrupts; prior it is too late
Just think with insight of wisdom with vision beyond to correlate
When you do so answer is there in your hard disk to propagate
Religions lead you toward truth; that is humans; destiny best

What religions are saying; when you think it over; it's 100% correct
But we enjoy our lives unethical way that is the ugly turn; we take
We are here to live an ethical life; other than that; is our mistake
Though; we got G.P.S. in mind navigating in wrong direction; perplex

Live a discipline religious life with ethics to walk toward destiny straight
When we combine our worldly and religious life; pacify our egoistic fight
It makes serene to balance out any anomaly; it sees in greedy appetite
Religions means; doing all good; with honesty to improve our plight


This is material aspect; when turn to spiritual I bet; you are flop

The mess; we see around is because of our own wrong doings and moreover; we discarded all norms; and etiquette which are the essential part of our lives. When I think further I see we gave up thinking; and that's where there are big gap; I can see in our civil society. If everyone of us; at least keep thinking for betterment of human life; and think it religiously; I am sure; we can be much, much better than what we are today.


This is material aspect; when turn to spiritual I bet; you are flop

Thoughts travel; and continuously travel; ignites thinking clock
I think; thoughts has some connection in upper space to knock
Thinkers become Philosophers; researchers' Scientists to knock
The process we go through; is amazing with intellect to unlock

It's an amazing miraculous way; by which we all go sky rock
By virtue of that slowly; and gradually we all; in sky we float
Still we are keep moving; every day I see something in my lot
In process; always see God but still feel I am at bottom of rock

After inventing something; I say; I did it; but it is not true; folk
We have brain; heart supplies the blood; you have soul in dot
Brain; blood; and heart can't complete it; soul is the king; Boss
Now; we both must go into contemplation; to see what we got

I; in my contemplation; and thoughts; waiting to see what I got
It is not easy what you are thinking; it takes time to get it starts
All of us can't do that; thousands in one; may click to go on top
There are Scientists; Philosophers; and Saints; not in a big lot

But someone may think; it is my creation; I am the man; on top
Think logically; on your own can't do; many help you to be on top
When born; you were nothing; those were parent; bring you on top
This is material aspect; when you turn to spiritual I bet; you are flop


Ya Ali Madad to you All

If we put little pressure on our brain; will get what we want; but some people like me after getting answer; they add 'buts and ifs' and where there is a hitch; and loss track of; what we wanted to. And this what I am trying to make you understand Allah's crystal clear message. Sooner will be better; as Hazar Imam says; take name of Allah; even for five seconds; if you have time; and if you are free from your worldly obligations.

Allah ko samjo; humai(n) mana kar-kay oos-say koi faida nahi(n); dalo yeh baat demag mei(n)

Ka(n)wal khilta hay ke-chur(d) mei(n); Gulab khilta hay kaa(n)to(n) mei(n)
Aap bhee eik ay-say insan bano; kay aap-key izzat ho samaj mei(n)

Koi kaha(n) bhee paida hu'a ho koi farq nahi(n) par(d)ta samaj mei(n)
Jo doosro(n) ko mutaseer karey; ay-see khushboo honi chahi-ye aap mei(n)

Aap apni zindagi mei(n) business kar-tay ho(n) ya phir no-kari
Aap ka emaan aur akhlaq aap-ko izzat dila-ey-ga samaj mei(n)

Jisay aaj kal hum-ney cho(d)r diya hay purana and daqyanusi samaj-ker
Dekho es-waja say kiya haal ho-raha hay; humara samaj mei(n)

Ger hum wapis na-aa-ey apney aaba-o-ajdad key miras key taraf
Halaat big(d)ray hu'ay hei(n); aur bi(d)r-tay ja-en-gay samaj mei(n)

Hum souch rahay hei(n) koi such ke taraf waapis aa-ey-ga he kyoo(n)
Jhoot bolker her woh kaam kar-sak-tay hei(n) jo mana hay samaj mei(n)

Es-liye jhoot aaj kal etna phela hu'a hay her taraf kay kiya bata-oo(n)
Kyoo(n)kay essay koi bura nahi(n) samjta; mere khayal mei(n)

Ga(d)ri pat(d)ri say ooter chookey hay; lekin kisi ko hosh kaha(n) hay
Sharab kay nashay mei(n) chaley ja ra-hey hei(n) girl friend hay sath mei(n)

Na sharam rahi; na hi tameez; phir bhee sub khamosh hei(n) samaj mei(n)
Allah nay jo warning de-hay woh nahi(n) soon-tay kay gunah-garo(n) ko dal-oo(n)-ga mei(n) dozakh mei(n)

Es-say ziyada tou mein kah bhee nahi(n) sakta; jo ho-raha hay samaj mei(n)
Allah ko samjo; humei(n) mana kar-kay oos-ka faida nahi(n); daalo yeh baat demag mei(n)


Last edited by alisa on Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:46 am, edited 6 times in total
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Joined: 23 May 2005
Posts: 664
Location: Glendale, California - USA

PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:47 am    Post subject: Aal-e-Nabi; Au8lad-e-Ali Tashrif laa rahey hei(n) Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad to you All

I give my heartiest congratulations to all Ismaili brothers of African Jamats for having rehmat of holy deedar. Please pray for those Ismaili Jamats who have impatiently waiting for years for Imam's Deedar. You are lucky; and chosen ones to have Imam's deedar frequently compare to other Jamats of Ismaili World.

Congratuations and wish you all the best.


Aal-e-Nabi; Aulad-e-Ali Tashrif laa rahey hei(n)

Aal-e-Nabi; Aulad-e-Ali Tashrif laa rahey hei(n)
Dekh-lo phir hum per rehemat barsa rahey hei(n)

Deen Raat sub dilo(n) mei(n) gun-guna rahey hei(n)
Aal-e-Nabi; Aulad-e-Ali Tashrif laa rahey hei(n)

Khoo-shiyaa(n) he khoo-shiya(n) hay her taraf
Dekh lo ji-say fursat na-thee woh bhee aa-rahay hei(n)

Khe(n)ch laa-ee Imam key mohbbat oonko yaha(n)
Khoo-shiyo(n) mei(n) aiysay magan sub mil ker gaa rahey hei(n)

Kisi na kisi tarah sub waqt nikal rahey hei(n)
Sub rehmat key gha(d)riyo(n) ka faida ootha rahey hei(n)

Deedar; deedar; aur deedar he-hay dilo(n) mei(n)
Intizaar key gha(d)riya(n) khatam; lo Imam aa-rayey hei(n)

Chaley jaa-rahay hei(n) sub hall key taraf
Ek noorani sama hay; sub salwat pa(d)rey ja rahey hei(n)

Imam kay aa-nay ka ailaan hu'a hall mei(n)
Salwat key aawaz goonj oothi hall mai(n)

Imam Jay-say he tashrif la-ey hall mei(n)
Aiysa lag raha hay koi hay he nahi(n) hall mei(n)

Khana wadan key nawazish farma ra-hay hei(n)
Her taraf Aameen key sadaa-e(n) aa-rahi hei(n)

Noorani Debdaba liye Imam kha(d)rey hu'ay Irshad kay liye
Sub bey-tab theiy jis-kay liye; aa(n)kho(n) say aa(n)soo( n) ja rahey hei(n)

Imam nay hikmat bha-ray Farman kiye du'a-o(n) kay saath
Farman; soon ker Na chah-tay hu-ay bhee aa(n)kho(n) say aa(n)soo(n) ja rahey hei(n)

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Joined: 23 May 2005
Posts: 664
Location: Glendale, California - USA

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:32 am    Post subject: Early childhood education is must by all means Reply with quote

Ya Ali madad Mukhi Saheb; Kamadiani Maa; and All Others

As Imam said; ' this is proven in last 50 years that kids tremendous capacity to grasp knowledge impart at this age that is at the age of 2 to 4. he knows; but he has to wait until it is proven by research carried out. Now; he is on spree of establishing education Academies worldwide to bring in a quality change from childhood. He are my views in few lines; hope you will like it.

Thank you.

Early childhood education is must by all means

Early childhood education is must by all means
It is proven knowledge; impart at this age; remains
This makes child through out his life ethically sane
And this is routed in his mind for life as ethical chain

This must reconcile with social atmosphere; and trend
Both of these elements are prerequisite to become a man
What they learn in school if don't present at home; is vain
Parent should be icon of ethics; to make kids your fans

While children are growing; if they observe variance in them
As a result an impact of anxiety reflects; as reaction; chain
His brain is very fragile; can divert easily toward brutal Dan
If we have to make him an icon of ethics get him rightly train

At this age of 2 to 4; his grasping capacity is sharp in brain
The knowledge impart at this age; will remain for life in them
This is what his actual capacity is; sometime we fail to attain
And therefore; sometime kids remain thirsty; in this domain

Bring change in them from grassroots level; right result to gain
This need to be done from early childhood; in desire time frame
If this is done at right time; will reflect in them like a video game
Let's do it; spread the message right now; ethically to train them

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