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Others :: View topic - Beauty of Paradise
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Beauty of Paradise

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Joined: 23 May 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:09 am    Post subject: Beauty of Paradise Reply with quote

Everyone has different perspective of beauty in his/her mind; again this is the beauty of human intellect and choice; what you feel; when you see something the most beautiful in your eyes. Always 'beauty is in the eyes of beholder' and it 100 percent true. That's why I wrote this poem

Beauty of Paradise

Today I saw; a incomparable beauty of paradise my own eyes
So gorgeous was she; unintentionally; I said; oh Jesus Chris
Swear to God; I have not seen such a beauty even in paradise
May be; you would have stared thinking of beauty to hypnotize

With you I am also in my thoughts; area of beauty to apprise
But I am even not near to her beauty when I raise my eyes
Not difficult; it is impossible to capture anyone else; a surprise
What a beauty of all beauties; there is no match; I do summarize

When see beauty of some girl you admire; give up when compare
No; you can't match herewith any; she is beauty of paradise; I swear
For sake of comparison; been looking at many beauties to compare
She out bid and out class anyone; on any criteria when you compare

You can't compare; she is beyond horizon of comparison in air
Not stopping you from comparing her with anyone; you do dare
After failing in first three points; think to give up; you can't compare
I am still thinking; as to what she has; which is beyond compare!

When I said; beauty of paradise 'means beyond comparison' was fair
Many tried to find match her; but after initial efforts gave up in despair
Many found perfect beauties; when started comparing; still beyond layer
Some found beauties; no matter what you do; with her can't compare

I would have kept thinking & guessing who is she and why so much hype
Does she in reality exist; if yes; why can't see her to personally compare
'Beauty is in the eyes of beholder'; I created a hype for you to compare
In fact; there is no 'Beauty of Paradise'; it's you who define her in the air

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