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Others :: View topic - Religion is life's calculated math
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Religion is life's calculated math

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:15 pm    Post subject: Religion is life's calculated math Reply with quote

Religion is life's calculated math

Live your life with religious discipline; and faith
Religion is a life's finely calculated math of life
Follow what it says; you will never be in mess
Don't ridicule it for no reason future to humiliate

We do hate religions; because it is free to get
The things; we get free has no face value at
Sometime; we look at randomly to humiliate
And when we find out its value; we do regret

Tell me; how do we comment on it; with no knowledge
I know; people know nothing about it; shed their intellect
Try to prove more intellectuals than those simply honest
Consider themselves more powerful; having money & Rolex

In religions; respected are those who has knowledge & intellect
Money is source; can't compare it with knowledge; and intellect
Knowledgeable person has value in society; because of knowledge
Since ethics changed; knowledge is out; money replace knowledge

May be; you know why religion is necessary in everybody's life
Because; you need an icon of all power to keep in control; life
Teaches; do all good; and refrain from bad; to balance your life
Certain things it doesn't want to indulge in; to smooth your life

It is not a law; a guidelines for living a well balanced life
I want you to study it; to find out how to balance out life
Life is not; the way you and me see it; a meaningful is life
Technology is part of religion; as long as we live an ethical life

As happiness is blessings of God; He wants us to live a happy life
It doesn't mean pile up billions in account by spoiling others' life
Such money is sitting idle without acceleration; spoiling others life
That's where religion steps in; to guide how to live a balance life

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