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Others :: View topic - Help each other as our parent do
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Help each other as our parent do

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Joined: 23 May 2005
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Location: Glendale, California - USA

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 8:46 pm    Post subject: Help each other as our parent do Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad Mukhi Saheb; Kamadiani Maa; and All Others

Today; my thoughts were traveling different directions; as I forgot my G.P.S. to carry. It keeps moving direction to direction; confusing me but I think I am up to date in my knowledge though I possess mediocre of it. That is the reason I am in roller coaster; after moving few rounds; I come back; where I was; and result is; 'No progress is made'. I am; everyday; reciting my du'a since last 50 years yet don't know the meaning of it. It is my mistake; I am in procrastination. Why; don't ask me!. Amir; wake up; where are you going; you already pass by JK.


Help each other as our parent do

I am in my car; driving; don't have a road map to navigate
I am mentally retarded; don't know; G.P.S how to operate
Possess mediocre knowledge; for me hard to find exit gate
Weaknesses in me but I think I am up to date in knowledge

Most of us behave like this to claim; belong to elites' think-tank
That's where; I give up prior they to me; in their frame snap
This is the reason; I see falling moral of ours; with a big gap
We are going nose dive in that because we have no road map

We ridicule with style our ancestors; thinking what happen to intellect
They were source of strength of knowledge; acknowledge in intellect
Thinking; why we are breaking norms; is there anything wrong in that?
If answer is in negative; then I want to know; to them why to humiliate?

After getting in educated; & technological era; we are out of intellect
The things which were part of norms; parted with; out of my intellect
Instead of making it part of prevailing traditions; we made it obsolete
That is our grave mistake; will cost us; our ancestral roots to eliminate

Because of that individualism is taking roots in; to make it more perplex
Kindness and compassion are going out of society; a black hole in intellect
We are not here for; what we are doing; let me in simple terms explicate
We are here to help each other as our parent do at time of birth; is great!

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