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Others :: View topic - FOLLOW YOUR HEARTS...
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 9:46 am    Post subject: FOLLOW YOUR HEARTS... Reply with quote

Beautiful, magnificent darbars in Canada and Singapore. Both jamats deserve a pat on their backs.
In Darbars, the heart is in-charge. At that time of spiritual awareness and emphasis, the mind with its endless issues has to be controlled and be made to take a back seat to the heart. Mowla's physical presence makes the heart overflow with joy and when Mowla becomes jovial and declares openly that He wants to have fun with the jamat because that is what a darbar is, then the heart which is already overflowing with joy, brims over into physical and vocal expression. Our faces blossom into smiles and our hands automatically come together to ... CLAP!!!!!! And since the heart is in-charge, and the owner of that heart is jovial and in a fun-loving mood, there is absolutely nothing wrong with smiling, laughing and clapping.
And yet, a particular Al-waez has been nominated since the darbars of Canada to very emphatically and effectively make the jamat refrain from clapping. He was also given a special mission to do the same in Singapore. WHY???
This is now a situation whereby the mind is being made to over-rule the heart which is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! So I say this is yet another diabolical move employed to show that jamat knows nothing and there are some know-it-alls who HAVE to be listened to and followed.
Many of my fellow murids will attest to this when I say that when clapping occured in the darbars of Nairobi, London, and Portugal, our beloved Mowla became even more jovial. He did not display the slightest bit of discomfiture, nor did He look at all miffed or show that this was a breach of etiquette. In fact, the reverse was highly apparent to all, especially in London. This is because deedar and darbars are heart-to-heart connections with the Divine. The heart is basically a hill-billy whose actions cannot be controlled or converted overnight into hoity-toity, stiff lipped elitist behaviour. Al-waezes like this one and all those who are responsible for giving him such mandates are trying to convert a down-to-earth, sincere, heart-felt environment that reeks of honesty and love into a pretentious, upper class, corseted environment of upright posture in which every move and every action is precalculated and predetermined. In such cases, I have clearly noted that Mowla becomes less spontaneous and refrains from having fun. After all, in Toronto and Calgary and Vancouver, the little bit of humour was actually a veiled message to the volunteers who brought him into the darbar site in an undesirable manner. The fun was conspicuously missing from the farman mubarak.
I know many will be upset by my writings today but I am speaking from the heart and every word I say is true whether liked or not.
In conclusion, we wish our Mowla to be sincerely happy and that can only happen when murids follow their hearts' desires. So if the heart wants to clap, it should receive that satisfaction. And surely, jamat should be given some credibility as far as intelligence is concerned. Surely, people will not just start clapping inappropriately. They will clap when Mowla indicates so. Therefore, I say firmly DOWN with such Al-waezes and their la-di-dah instructions and a plea to my fellow murids: Keep the darbars honest by following your hearts. Let us keep away from hypocrisy and if the Al-waezes and leaders all collectively wish to lay an egg just because of clapping at Mowla's jokes, then let them do so.
With Ya Ali Madad.
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