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Others :: View topic - Concept of Sacrifice in the Context of Pluralism.
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Concept of Sacrifice in the Context of Pluralism.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2004 3:50 pm    Post subject: Concept of Sacrifice in the Context of Pluralism. Reply with quote

Mowlana HazarImam on numerous occasions has said that pluralism should be viewed as a strengthening phenomenon in society. One of the strengths of pluralism is that it offers individuals an opportunity to examine and reflect upon their own faith and traditions when in contact with others and thereby enrich the understanding of them and see them in a different light. A good example can be found in the notions of sacrifice, service, detachment, and surrender to the will of God which are enshrined in all faiths as a fundamental principle. The following extract of an article written by Alwaez Shamshudin Haji gives us the fundamental principles of all faiths. From an Ismaili perspective, all of them find resonance in our faith and traditions particularly in the context of Dasond and Seva. I could find a verse of a Ginan which relates to the fundamental principle of each faith. What it does is that it enables us to view Dasond and Seva in a different light. If these fundamentals are examined closely, one would conclude that they are essentially aspects of the same concept. Hence contacts between different faiths can serve to reinforce the understanding of their respective traditions. Furthermore, the realization of this essential unity can provide the basis of promoting harmony and peace in societies.

In All Religions…

(An extract from “Religions of the World” by H.G. Wells)


CHRISTIANITY: Lay not up for yourself TREASURES upon EARTH where Moth and Dust doth corrupt and where Thieves break through and steal, but lay up for yourself TREASURES in HEAVEN where neither Moth nor Dust corrupt.
No one can serve two Masters.

BUDHISM: The GOAL of BUDHIST is that he shall not want anything. The craving for wealth, power, and gratification of personal ambition lead to misery and disappointment. It is what Carlyle called “DIVINE DISCONTENT”, which according to BUDDHA is the root of all MISERY in life.

SIKHISM: He who is dyed with GOD’S PRAISES never loveth the world. Make the DIVINE WILL your own and obtain HIS GRACE through SELF-SURRENDER – an ABSOLUTE SURRENDER in Mind, Body and Spirit to the WILL of GOD.
Through prayers and self-surrender alone, the DIVINE GRACE descends.

ZOROASTRIANISM: The ESSENCE of Religion is TRUTH. All the world is but DUST. But RIGHTEOUSNESS ends not for it is DEATHLESS. The Religion condemns the quest after Material welfare alone. It exhorts man not to acquire the riches of the Material World at the cost of the spirit. For he who destroys the spiritual world shall posses neither the celestial light nor the Paradise of AHURA MAZADA.

JUDAISM: In the “Ethics of Father” it is asked who is the Hero, who is the Rich? The reply is He who is satisfied with his lot. One must surrender oneself to the DIVINE WILL, humbly in fear of GOD. He who sacrifices a whole OFFERING shall be rewarded for a whole OFFERING.

HINDUISM: SACRIFICE is made the synonym of SELF-EFFACEMENT, SELF-SURRENDER, SELF-RENUNCIATION. This body therefore has been given only in order that we may SERVE all Creation with it. Therefore says the GITA, he who eats without offering YAGNA, eats STOLEN food – YAGNA or SACRFICE came with Creation.

JAINISM: This Religion believes that the world is formed of everlasting ATOMS and therefore it will exist eternally. Each soul is infinite and retains its individuality since time immemorial. The principles JAINISTS abide by are the desisting from destroying or hurting any life, not uttering falsehood, not stealing, and non-possession or self-denial.

It can be observed from the above principles of the Great Religions of the World, that each one of them preaches SELF_SURRENDER and SACRIFICE. The reason they give for this is PURIFICATION of our Minds, Hearts, and Souls. It is only with PURE Heart, Mind and Soul that one can achieve TRIUMPH in the Spiritual World. This would mean the vanquishing, finally, of Births and Re-births through PURIFICATION, while imparting the detachment from this Material world. All in all, a DIGNIFIED STATUS is achieved in the ETERNAL WORLD.

The HOLY QURAN, HOLY BIBLE, HOLY GITA, and other Religious Scriptures, clearly and emphatically urge the payment of TITHE or DASOND as a principle obligation. This TITHE or DASOND is the RIGHT of GOD or “NOOR JO HAQQ”. And we momins are fortunate that this “KHUDAI-HAQQ” is being offered to the RIGHT AUTHORITY.
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