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Qasida Recitations

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Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 21448

PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 10:15 am    Post subject: Qasida Recitations Reply with quote

Qasidas Custom Audio Player

With Synchronized Lyrics & Translations Display
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Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 21448

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote has launched its Burushaski Ginans and Devotional Songs service.

Burushaski is spoken by people in Hunza-Nagar District, northern Gilgit District, and in the Yasin and Ishkoman valleys of northern Ghizer District in Northern Pakistan. It is predominantly a spoken rather than a written language. There have been efforts in the recent past to create a written form of the language. Burushaski is spoken by about 100,000 people. has launched the service with line by line lyrics and translations display on audio player for the very popular Burushaski ginan Noor e Shama recited by Meher Angez and Barkat Ali with lyrics written by Nasir al-Din Nasir Hunzai – Ismaili scholar, writer and poet. The transliteration and translations have been kindly done by Barkat Ali.

Meher Angez is an Ismaili singer who lives in Pakistan and sings devotional songs in Burushaski, Urdu and Farsi languages. She has performed on Pakistan TV and travels extensively for performances throughout the world.

Barkat Ali lives in Calgary, Canada and has been passionate about music since his early childhood. Barkat is multi-talented; he is a composer, vocalist and also plays musical instruments including rabab, daf and piano. He has performed in the presence of Mawlana Hazar Imam on multiple occasions.

Please start enjoying Noor e Shama with running lyrics and translation on the Burushaski Service webpage by clicking on the link below from your computer or smartphone. is committed to making Burushaski devotional poetry accessible to the global Jamat and will be adding lyrics and translations to more songs over a period of time.
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Joined: 14 Nov 2019
Posts: 41

PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Late Allamah Nasir Hunzai is known as Baba e Burushaski (father of Burushaski). He authored more than 100 books on Ismailism and on wisdom of Quran. He was the person who introduced Nasir Khusraw in real in Pakistan by translating WAJHU DIN in Urdu. He wrote poetry in Farsi, Urdu, Turkish, and Burushaski. He introduced the alphabets of Burushaski language and produced literature in Burushaski. He worked on Burushaski dictionary also, and his work continued at University of Karachi. Hazar Imam has blessed his poetry as Ginans.
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Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 21448

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2020 2:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Muskan Jiwa
Rising Star

Muskan Jiwa (11) is now's "Rising Star". Congratulations, Muskan!

"Rising Stars" are pre-teens and teens who have shown considerable promise and passion in producing devotional songs and music of all genres. will work with them and their parents to assist in enhancing the visibility and distribution of their work as well as help with ideas and production, if needed, on an ongoing basis. has launched Muskan Jiwa's website on its hosting platform. The Jamat can now listen to all her ginans, qasidas and devotional songs in one place with lyrics and English translations displayed at the same time on our custom audio player.

The website has the following sections: Profile, Audios, Gallery (Pics), Videos, Updates and a Contact Form.

Please start listening to Muskan Jiwa's wonderful recitations on your computer or smartphone browser by clicking on the link below - or through the JollyGul On-Demand (green) App.

Muskan Jiwa - Profile

A proud Canadian born in Edmonton, Alberta, Muskan Jiwa is the child of Reeshma and Zulfikar Jiwa. She has been singing ginans, qasidas, and geets ever since the tender age of 4. Muskan is a vocalist and pianist, being professionally trained at a highly recognized and prestigious school in Edmonton. She was trained ever since the age of 2 and a half years, at group music lessons, and she has always felt that music is something which was in her for a very long time.

Muskan has always been singing Mawla's geets and ginans from a very young age, and her first formal performance was at the age of 4, when she performed "Happy Birthday Mawla" by Zahira Dhalwani in front of a 1,000 people at Belle Rive Jamatkhana. One of her most notable performances was at the age of 7 when Muskan sang "Woh Shaam" by Kamal Taj in front of President Malik Talib, President for the Council of Canada and many other leaders of the Jamat at the Council Delegation at Nisku Inn in Edmonton. Muskan has always been a Jamatkhana show-stopper, opening up many variety shows with geets and devotional songs that set the tone of the programs.

She is well known across Edmonton for her talents, ginans, and qasida recitations especially in her home Jamatkhana, Belle Rive. Muskan also really likes singing Bollywood songs, and she recently sung a Bollywood mashup in her Jamatkhana's February 2020 Arts and Culture Show. She also loves to sing English songs. Muskan enjoys singing songs in different languages, such as Tajik, Arabic, Portugese, French, Hindi, and Gujarati.

Muskan's recent musical achievements include her collaborating with artists from all around the world. She was one of the 30 vocalists from around the globe who sang in the "Ya Allah, You Are The One" song by the talented Zaheed Damani as an Eid-ul-Fitr Tribute in May 2020.

Muskan is featured in the Imamat Day 2020 Musical Expressions show, singing "Hasbi Rabbi" by Sami Yusuf. Muskan is also featured in the multilingual "My Imam" song for Khushyali Imamat Day 2020 by the well renowned Fez Meghani as one of the 7 lead vocalists from around the world.

Muskan's passions include music, piano, singing, poetry, and art. Her artwork was featured in the apARTtogether exhibition. She is also academically talented and gifted, and was the champion of the Spelling Bee of Canada in 2019 at the age of 10 years. Muskan is also a math champion at both regional and national level.

Muskan has written poems on hope, faith, spirituality and many other topics which she plans to publish in the very near future.

Listen here:
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Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 21448

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I choose presents Nasir Khusraw's Persian qasida "Guzinam" recited by Shahid Akhtar Qalandar. The video with music has lyrics, Urdu and English translations displayed.

Shahid also plays the rabab (lute-like musical instrument used in Central and West Asia) in this video and did the music composition. Music and video is produced by Waqas Ali who also played the flute. The audio and video production was done in Pakistan and in the USA.

Nasir Khusraw was an 11th Century Fatimid Period Persian poet, philosopher, Ismaili scholar, traveler and one of the greatest writers in Persian literature.

Shahid Akhtar Qalandar is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, instrumentalist born and raised in Hunza Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. He now lives in the USA. Shahid's inspiration since the age of 12 years came from watching his grandfather and grandfather’s brother play the rabab and sing qasidas after Jamatkhana ceremonies.

Shahid has recorded 6 Albums to date and has been part of promoting the cultural music of mountain areas at local and international level as a lead singer and rabab player. He is an ardent believer in the ability of music (and education) to break barriers and build a more tolerant world. Shahid has always encouraged the youth especially girls from Gilgit-Baltistan to learn music and acquire education to break the male dominance in regional music.

Shahid also helped guide musicians from Hunza to perform at the Diamond Jubilee Arts Festival in Lisbon, Portugal in 2017.

Nasir Khusraw says in the qasida that he has chosen the Quran and Islam because these were the choices of Muhammad (PBUH) and by following these two, his faith will be like the faith of Muhammad (PBUH). The key to heaven, proof of divine blessings and citadel of peace is the religion of Muhammad (PBUH).

Let's listen to "Guzinam".
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