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Testimonies and Comments
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Author Message

Joined: 15 Mar 2018
Posts: 19

PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad:
Just been observing testimony of durbar/ mulaqat in DJ year of MHI.
My question is
Does the Mukhi request/ pray to MHI during the Didar.
1. To bless jamat for his Baatin and noorani didar and blessing for that OR ONLY it could be asked/ requested in BUK members mulaqat.?
2. To bless the Jamat to give them IMMENSE strength for Khidmat to Imam,Institutions and Humanity at large.?
As most blessing/ guidance asked by Mukhi are routine in nature
ASK/ REQUEST MHI which can make him most happy.
As outcome of Ibaadat and Khidmat will differentiate between us and other humans in decades ahead
Why do not Mukhi try to raise the bar for Jamat.
In very interesting all DJ Farman/ order of MHI to expand the boundaries of Jamatkhanas to Tasbih for zikr in one's hand.( Not in drawer or cupboard).
To expand obligation to 24x 7 along and over the fix time/ place obligations.
I will expand this later.
Let's see as many more durbars/ mulaqats are still to happen of MHI in 2018 and beyond
Extract from a Ginan
why not asked MHI which is hard and his prerogative to Grant both ( Baatin didar & Khidmat) and not just only our easy routines need.
I may be wrong or ignorant to raise this points by few or many,So forgive me for this
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Amazing Chitral Incident. It is true but details are Hear Say
Very few of you may have heard about this incident which happened in Chitral during Mowlana Hazar Imam`s visit to Pakistan.

This is the gist of what happened there.

Mowlana Hazar Imam had a one day programme to visit Chitral. Arriving in the morning and leaving in the evening for the next destination. As Chitral is a mountenous area, travel is diifficult by Road so Helicopter ( Chopper ) is used. -

Mowlana Hazar Imam arrived in the morning – gave the Deeadar to the Jamat – Finished all Jamati work and was supposed to leave in the evening. It was little late in the evening and it was getting dark so Mowla said they should not travel. The Chopper pilot said not to worry – it was safe to fly.

But Mowla said not to travel and was determined to stay the night there. There was a Jamati leader with Mowla and he said – Khudavind we have not made any arrangements for night stay. So Mowla said I will sleep wherever you are going to sleep. There was an Army Barracks near by which would
be secured place so they decided to stay there.

Now here is an interesting part of the story. Remember Hazar Imam is Akle-Kul – HE knows everything and also remember that HE always says
in HIS Farmans that IMAM loves HIS murids more than they can ever love HIM.
There were many Ismailis working in the Barracks but everyone could not go for the Deedar in the morning. About 80 murids had to stay at the barracks in the morning and they missed the Deedar. And now Mowla was going to the barracks and when they heard the news they were really excited and over joyed. In the short time they had they made all the necessary arrangements and when Mowla came they even put the khilat on Mowla and they had good Deedar.

Mowla created this situation because HE did not want any Murid to be left out. Mowla is great and we are fortunate to be Ismaili
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As received.

We offer our humble shukrana to Imam-e-Zaman for an extraordinary zaheri and batini noorani mulaqat and deedar in Atlanta on the afternoon of March 17.

Following the Imam’s entrance to the hall, Imam was gracious to accept recitation of Tilawat, Tilawat translation, Ginan and Qasida. This followed by zikr in Imam’s presence of Allahu Akbar, Salwat and Ya Ale Nabi, Aulad e Ali, Mushkil Kusha, Ya Hazar Imam.

Imam was also gracious enough to accept a chain, blessed abe shafa and accepted mehmanis and the Jamati Mukhi/Kamadia Saheban.

Imam then gave a Farman and started with many, many duas and blessings. He also prayed for Mushkil Asan. He said I pray that your problems may be resolved to your satisfaction.

Imam said he was Very happy with the volunteers, very, very happy, very, very, very, very happy. You understand how happy it makes me. He gave many duas and blessings to the volunteers.

In a mulaqat like this the volunteers are link between the Imam and the Jamat.

For the student-I wish you success in your education. Education in the Islamic context is about understanding Allah, not for material gain. Material gain may be a part of it but not the primary reason for Muslims. For muslims, the purpose of education is for understanding Allah. Share your knowledge with your brothers and sisters around the world.

Education also in our tariqah is of utmost importance to the Imam. There is a ayat in the Quran that says, Qul hu Allahu Ahad. Who here knows the meaning of Qul?

Qul means say. Who was the message for? He said Allah told Prophet Muhammed to go and say.

Faith is integral to daily lives. Remember to take your tasbhi and recite Allah, Mohammed or Ali throughout the day in practicing your faith.

Success in education is important but you can have success outside of formal education. Now there is so much knowledge can be gained outside of formal education and education is life long. He said, even I am still learning but I won’t tell you what I am reading right now.

I believe he prayed for success/impact of the education generation after generation after generation.

Duas for happiness, peace, unity in the family and Jamat. Gave special blessing to you, your families and your Jamats.

After speaking with the Mukhi, Hazar Imam returned to the microphone and said, At these mulaqats, the Mukhi and Kamadia guide the Imam and I like to be guided by the Mukhi. He said it was good to have a bit of humor and happiness is a blessing.

Mukhi has asked that I give dua for the ruhani. He gave dua for the ruhani and prayed that they may rest in eternal peace. He then gave many more duas and blessings to all the volunteers.

He prayed for success in the education for the students. Before returning to his seat after 2-3 steps, Imam raised his hands and shook his fingers no, turned around and returned to the microphone a third time and again said I like being guided by the Mukhi.

Again he gave dua for ruhani for eternal peace and eternal rest of all ruhani souls and all the generations of souls from your family.

Again duas and blessings for volunteers on exemplary service.

Imam then discussed the work on Dais in the history of the Jamat. He then said you are now my dais. To go and do this work. He said this is a diverse Jamat and murids have come from around the world so he gave special blessings and specifically said to share these duas and blessings with your families and your Jamats from around the world where you have come from.

Again duas and blessings for Mushkil Asan and said may your problems disappear.

Mubarakis to all and we seek forgiveness for any errors in recollecting the Imam’s Farman.
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just came from deedar. Yes deedar because Imam thanked the authorities for making this Mulakat or as we call it a Deedar, possible. And he laughed.
Was extremely happy, wished everyone Navroz Mubarak several times. Also asked all to convey his blessings of Navroz to all the family members, wherever they may be. Lots of duas and blessings for a new year and for all the difficulties to go away, than he joked mushkil asaan.
Than said special special blessings on this Navroz for “Eternel Peace” for all the Ruhani souls.
Also blessings for global peace.
Mubaraki to all for Navroz and Deedar.


My friend was more eloquent in describing yesterday’s deedar and explains better than I could:
Ya Ali madad Brothers and Sisters. Mubarak

we were blessed with Deedar in Houston on March 20. Main points of the firman. Imam was very happy. He gave lots of blessings first for the global jamat and said he was thinking of them. He was grateful to the government local, state, national and said in order to show our gratitude we need to live ethically. We need to practice the ethics of our faith in every aspect of our lives. Ethics was a very key point and he mentioned this numerous times. He gave blessings for mushkil Asan and fulfillment of all our GOOD wishes..he smiled as he said that! He prayed for kul ruhani and said wherever they passed away, he prays for their eternal peace. He told us to be part of the knowledge society and stay ahead of the knowledge society and how do we do this? By reading and continuing to educate ourselves. He gave blessings for keeping on siratal mustaqueem. He said to share our knowledge with our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world and he wanted us to be one big very large Global family. He mentioned this twice. He was there for around 30 minutes. Shukar. We remembered the entire Ismaili jamat wherever they are and prayed that Mowla bless everyone.
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:25 pm    Post subject: Aga Khan on Navroz 2018 in Houston Reply with quote

21 March 2018 NAVROZ with the Imam-e-Zaman!

Mowlana Hazar Imam waving to his Murids in Houston.

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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Just came out of Didar Solid Solid extremely Happy & lutave & said I OK TODAY TO MAKE IN HOUSTON “ Ambassadorial”
{outreach} (CENTER/building & my bro already working on it, Will help for faith peace & (I don’t remember 3rd )
gave dua ashishes 3 times for NAVROZ NEW YEAR Beside regular dua (first time prayed n used word PEACE IN EYES ) fulfill all good wishes,
3 times dua SPIRITUAL & Dunya success.
Also dua for search, Dua for Nazrana & workers.
Was 25 min. & then gave time to Leaders on 2nd floor for 30 min.
We were close to red carpet & got chance /blessed EYE2 EYE contact. Sukherhamdolilah
Can c & feel he will celebrate Platinum Jub. & Ismaili that will will be in TOP & in country leadership too.
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


21/3/2018 evening Mehmani:

Mowla arrived to the Hall he was smiling and very very happy

Mowla Began the Farman by wishing everyone Navroz Mubarak.
And he continued on the occasion of Navroz special blessings for Unity , peace and happiness.

He said only soul is infinite , everyone is born with soul . Don’t forget it .
You can also follow religion individualistically . Apart from the regular time submit yourself to faith for a second , 2 seconds 10 minutes , submit to it . Take the name of Alllah , Mohamed and Ali .

He gave special blessings for success of submission to faith during non fixed time.

Mowla pointed his fingers and said I can see each and everyone ... even those at the back ... and he laughed and said yes I Do .

He thanked the government for all the work that’s gettting accomplished .

He again said today is Navroz ... a new day and gave lots of blesssing for peace , unity , happiness , for fulfilment of your all wishes , for solution to all problems and they be solved according to your satisfaction. He again said all your difficulties go away he than said that what’s called Mushkil asaaan.

He repeated the above blessings 3 to four times .

He said Bravo to volunteers .... he said they are exemplus ( exemplary ) and laughed and asked if the Jamat knew the meaning of word exemplus and Jamat said yes .

He gave lots of blessings for Roohaanis for eternal Peace and then said this for all the deceased till now .
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Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 16356

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As received...

MHI Farman gist
Houston TX
March 22,2018

Yam. Just had our family memani. Shukar Mowla. Mowla wished us on Navroz he said although a day late but still wanted to wish the Jamat. Gave lots and lots of dua for mushkil asan to all here to our families here and worldwide and to the Jamat. He blessed us 100 times for the time and knowledge and nazrana. He officially declared the next centre of faith and excellence will be in Houston and reconfirmed again that it will be Houston. He was happy very happy and gave us dua again and expressed that instead of the parents spoiling th children the children are spoiling him. He praised the volunteers that entire Jamat was in tears tears of joy and happiness he showered his Barkat he flooded us with Barkat Barkat and Barkat. Amen Amen Amen and Shukar.

Hazar Imam about 4-5 times continued I dont want to end my firmans so I will give you more blessings and blessings we’re showering from Heaven haven’t experience something like this in my life.
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 5:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote



Mulaqat of Hazar Imam; evening Mehmani on March 21, 2018, in Houston, TX.

Mowla arrived to the Hall and He was smiling and very, very happy.

Mowla began the Farman by wishing everyone Navroz Mubarak.

And He continued on the occasion of Navroz, giving special blessings for unity, peace and happiness.

He said only the soul is infinite, and everyone is born with a soul. He said, don’t forget it.

He said, you can also follow religion individualistically apart from the regular time. Submit yourself to faith for a second, 2 seconds 10 minutes, submit to it. Take the name of Alllah, Mohamed, and Ali.

He gave special blessings for success of submission to faith, during non fixed times.

Mowla pointed His fingers and said, I can see each and everyone, even those at the back, and He laughed and said, yes I do.

He thanked the government for all the work that’s gettting accomplished.

He again said, today is Navroz, a new day, and gave lots of blesssing for peace, unity, happiness, for fulfilment of your all wishes, for solutions to all problems and they be solved according to your satisfaction. He again said all your difficulties go away. He then said, that what’s called, Mushkil Asaan.

He repeated the above blessings 3 to 4 times.

He said bravo to the volunteers. He said they are exemplars (exemplary) and laughed and asked if the Jamat knew the meaning of word, exemplar, and Jamat said yes.

He gave lots of blessings for Roohanis for eternal peace and then said this is for all the deceased till now.
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mubaraki to each one of you as we had our Mehmani Mulaqat yesterday March 20th, afternoon.

We had arrived at the George R Brown Convention Centre at 10:20 am because we had to give a ride to a lady from Miami Jamat who had a duty in the security screening. We thought we will park and wait in the car because the Hall was not going to open till 1:20 p.m and Imam was expected at 4:20 p.m., however, we just went in with this lady and saw at least 100 Jamati members already standing in line to get into the security area.

We were in line for a very long time, finally, we were ushered into a big hall, adjacent to the Mulaqat Hall, and went through another set of lines and waiting again. This time we were filed just like they do at the airport, when going through immigration and we went through the security check, received snacks, water, shoe bags and went inside the Hall.

The hall was set up in an amazingly serene manner. White materials hung from top to bottom, removing all the distractions as well as the unsightly pillars and also give a warm, and a very intimate sort of an ambiance. The four huge metal pillars were surrounded again with white materials from half way down, creating an enclosure, yet they had set those 4 areas up as clinics and first aid centres.

We were in the second row from the red runner, however, the set up of the monitors was quite well done that every Jamat would be able to see Imam at any angle.

45 minutes prior to Imam’s arrival, the Intezaari Programme started.
Tilawat-e-Quran was recited to start the Intezaari programme - It was Ayat ul Fateha
Then the Translation was read
Then the Jamat was requested to stand up for Venti and 3 parts of Ashaji venti was recited and the Jamat recited it in one voice.
Then a Qasida - Ya Imami, Ya Imami - was recited with the Jamat participating
Then a Farman was read about Imam’s love for His Jamat
Then Ayat ul Khudsi was recited
Then the Ginan - Tariya Tun Taran - was sung, again with the Jamat participating in a thunderous voice. It created such a magnificent spiritual aura in the hall
Then the Jamat was informed that they will be reciting a Giriyazarin Tasbih in Imam’s Huzur and they wanted all of us to be able say it with one voice and when to stop, so the Jamat was asked to follow the lead and the Tasbihs were 11 times each
Ya Allah
Allahuma Salle Allah Muhammadin Waa’allah Muhammad
Ya Allah e Nabi, Ya Aulade Aly, Ya Mushkil Kusha, Ya Hazir Imam
Then the Jamat recited Ya Rehman Ya Rahim and the reciter was asked to continue, so Imam was still at the other Mulaqat for new Isme - Azad. The Intezaari session came to a quick end. It was exactly 4:25 pm.

Khudavind arrived at 4:27 p.m. and the Jamat could see His car arrive and Imam stepping out of the Car. He was greeted by National Council President, Dr Barkat Fazal. President Saheb introduced Imam to the HPC Jamat Mukhi Kamadia Sahebans and then Imam began to move towards the entrance of the Deedar Hall with Mukhi and Kamadia Saheb walking behind.

The chain of the Office of the Imamat was placed around Imam’s neck. It has 49 links to mark the unbroken rope of Imamat, continued Guidance and the recognition of all Imam’s of the time. Then a tray of fruit and a tray of dried fruit and nuts was presented. This was accomplished by the Mukhi & Kamadia Sahebans of HPC Jamat Khana in Houston.

Then Tilawat e Quran was recited, followed by its translation. Then 3 verses of Venti - Eji Pap hamara Utaro Sami, followed by the Giriyazarin Tasbih of Allahu Akber, Salwaat, and Ya Ale Nabi, Ya Aulad e Ali, Ya Mushkil Khusha, Ya Hazir Imam. During the recitations, and the Jamat singing all in one united voice, Imam’s face was full of compassion and He kept looking at the Jamat and nodding His head to the venti verses and the Giriyazari Tasbihs. The atmosphere became so charged and one could actually feel that in the hall.

Then the Mukhi/Kamadia and Mukhiani/Kamadiani Sahebans from the following Jamatkhana’s presented Imam with Mehmani trays on behalf of the Jamat they represented - Austin, Beaumont, Bryan, Corpus Christie, San Antonio, Miami, - I think that within 3 minutes Imam had performed the Mehmani ceremony. Then Imam rose to give the Farman: Here are the salient messages from the Farman - time was 4:55 pm.

He gave best best best blessings for Peace, Unity in the family and Mushkil Ahsaan.
He asked everyone to convey His Best Best blessings to all the family members abroad and convey them His blessings of Unity, a good quality of life and for Mushkil Ahsaan
He expressed His gratitude for the courtesies extended here and wherever He has been
He asked the Jamat to “Translate this Gratitude in the way we live, in the way we treat each other and in the way we practice our Faith”
He said there are two ways of looking at life - 1 is stay strong on the Straight Path (and He demonstrated with his hands the straight line), and in our activities and enterprises to practice the Ethics of our Faith - help the sick, the poor, those in need - Build on the Ethics of our Faith and then He said that if we follow this then He is “certain, certain” (2 times) that we will have happiness, enlightenment and worldly success
Expressed admiration/gratitude for the Volunteers. He said they gave excellent service and for that He said “I say to you I am grateful and Mubarak”
He raised both of his hands. Palms open towards the Jamat and said - “Barakat be with you”
He said that the Jamat is living in the knowledge society, he asked the Jamat to “not just live in this time but ahead of this time, ahead of this time (2 times), by acquiring knowledge, updating and upgrading knowledge, share the knowledge and the competencies that you have because that is the fundamental premise of our Faith”
And He gave Blessings for Mushkil Ahsaan and unity in the family and the Jamat. He said whatever problems you may have, “I want them to go away and for that I give you my best best blessings”

The Mukhi asked Imam to give blessings for the Ruhani - after Imam took His seat. So Imam came back to the Mic and said that the Mukhi has asked me to give blessings for the Ruhani.

He gave blessings for ALL the Ruhani, for Eternal Peace, wherever their death may have taken place, for eternal rest and eternal peace.

Once again He appreciated the Volunteers saying that throughout history there are men and women who help organize everything and this is what has been done here today and gave them blessings once more.

Mawlana Hazir Imam departed from the Hall at 5:07. He was in the Hall for 40 minutes. Imam went to the next Hall for the Isme Azam work.

Mubaraki to all of you and I have been very particular in making sure that I had proper notes so that I would share with you exactly what transpired in the Mehmani Hall.

The Jamat rose to say Shukhrana Tasbih and then Dua was immediately recited and then Dinner was served to everyone who had travelled to Houston.

Every minute each one of you were in our thoughts and prayers and we prayed that all the Barakat of this auspicious day flows to you and stays with you for years to come. We prayed that we all are soaked in the Barakat and that each one of us is blessed with the highest of a spiritual experience whether it is Batin or Zaheri. We prayed for each one of you, and prayed for the fulfillment of all your good wishes. And Imam said that He prayed and He hoped that all “your good wishes are fulfilled” - Ameen.
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Joined: 15 Mar 2018
Posts: 19

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad: Nice testimonies:
An extract below from one of it
He gave special blessings for success of submission to faith, during non fixed times.

In past decades farman was practice of religion and regularity at fixed hour and place.
This message is raising the bar of each murid to be in state of Ibaadat ( submission most of the times.
It is short easing away of Sharia or in future break off the fly high like Angels.
to fly one need break off from the shackles,In this blessed DJ year MHI has opened the cage and added futher wings of spirituality.
Also ALWAEZ translate word faith at Dharam ,as I feel word faith mean IMAAN and word religion mean dharam.,So when MHI raises the bar to move upward in thier Imaan and not plan vanilla of regularity of religion/ Dharam.
There is a prediction somewhere by an Imam or a Pir in the past ,then in future one Imam will break you away from the iron chains of Sharia.( Scholar s pls confirm or correct me here )
THE CLOCK STARTS NOW for all Momins still not blessed with Baatin perception / Sufi tariqa of our BLESSED faith.
MUBARAAKI TO ALL to implement/ absorb this message/order/ blessing of MHI.
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


March 22 Morning session

Hazar Imam started saying that mukhi wants him to give confirmation of the center in Houston and then Mawla Bapa said here I am giving you the confirmation of center in Houston and Mawal Bapa continued Farman about the center in Houston by saying the building should be an ambassadorial building and it should give you peace,unity.....
Mawla Bapa said he gets reaction from Jamat and those from outside the Jamat about the other centers and so he wants this building should be one of this kind and he again repeated to be ambassadorial building. Mawla Bapa also said his brother is working on this project and soon they will hire architects or architect. Mawla Bapa said even though Navroz has passed he wants to wish Navroz Mubarak and said its the beginning of the new year and should be celebrated in the day. Mawla Bapa expressed his gratitude and on behalf of the Jamat to the authorities who have made this mulaqat possible for him and for his Jamat. Mawla Bapa also appreciated Volunteers by saying my Volunteers are exemplary.He showered with blessings through out the rest of the Farman or I must say Mawla Bapa flooded with the blessings.
Apart from the above topic The whole Farman was with lots and lots of blessing. Continuously and repeatedly .
After he was given the gift on behalf of the USA Jamat. Mawla Bapa said he is been spoiled. It should be parents who suppose to give gifts to children and you have done reverse and spoiled me and laughed.

Lots and lots of Mubaraki.


This was our Firman yesterday paraphrased by someone and tweaked ever so slight ~ Ash icon_smile.gif) 💎

21/3/2018 PM Mehmani:

Mowla arrived to the Hall HE was smiling and very very happy

Mowla began the Farman by wishing everyone Navroz Mubarak.
And HE continued on the occasion of Navroz special blessings for happines, peace and unity.

HE thanked the Texas authorities.

HE said only the soul is infinite, everyone is born with a soul. “Don’t forget it.”
You can also follow religion individualistically. Apart from the regular time submit yourself to faith for a second, 2 seconds 10 minutes, submit to it. Take the name of Alllah, The Prophet and Ali.

He gave special blessings for success of submission to faith during non fixed time. Gave Dua for “informal” success of prayers.

Mowla pointed his fingers and said I can see each and everyone ... even those at the back and that that corner and pointed in areas ... and HE laughed and said yes I Do .

HE thanked the government for all the work that’s gettting accomplished .

HE again said today is Navroz ... a new day and gave lots of blesssing for peace , unity , happiness , for fulfilment of your all wishes, for solution to all problems and they be solved according to your satisfaction. HE again said all your difficulties go away HE than said that what’s called Mushkil Asaan.

He repeated the above blessings 3 to four times.

HE said ‘Bravo’ to volunteers .... HE said they are “exemplar” and laughed and asked if the Jamat knew the meaning of word exemplar and Jamat said yes. You know what is exemplar? And HE laughed. (HE was making it clear that we all need to be examples always).

HE gave lots of blessings for Ruhani for eternal Peace and then said this for all the deceased till now.

Mubaraki to everyone
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As Received:

Kenya Darbar

Mowlana Hazar Imam gave didar on 14th April 2018.

One of his most powerful message with word and gestures was when he mentioned that thousand times blessing for gift was in order to return to us. Don't remember exact word. We interpreted as we must give FIRST to have thousandfold return by Him.

Last edited by Admin on Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:28 pm, edited 2 times in total
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

More testimonies on Nairobi, Kenya Darbar on 14th April 2018

Testimony from a Murid

I just came back. Deedar was amazing and special.

Hazar imam was crying during zikr tasbih.

He talked about education for the young generation. Talked about this aspiration for our Ismaili jamat to be one brotherhood and collaborate with each other.

Told us a story about a memory of playing with rabbits with his brother during his childhood in Kenya.

Emphasised a lot about the younger generation and education, continued to say that we should keep on learning even after academic years.

He said that he hopes all our problems dissolve, like it never existed.

Gave thousands and thousands of blessing.

He said that we should take back home to our family, many many blessings.

He also joked that he hopes everyone has a good time, enjoy dandia ras and he suspected the biryani

He Was extremely happy...he has asked to convey his blessings to all the family and Jamat. His Firman is also his “blessings” to us. I am doing that.
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Joined: 06 Jan 2003
Posts: 5064

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another description of the 14 April 2018 Didar in Nairobi

Summary of Farman points (from what I recall - please forgive any errors):

* Day of happiness, lots of dancing, happy occassion, there will be lots of joy, celebrations, dandia raas, biriyani
* live in peace, work in unity, benefit from muskhilasan
* thanked Kenyan govt for kindnesses and courtesies extended

* Take best blessings to all your families and jamat from wherever you have come from
* Sends blessings for mushkil asaan in their lives
* Strength of institutions
* Blessings for happiness, long life, good health. May all your problems dissappear as though they never existed.
* Strength on siraatal mustakeem - made a gesture with both hands of a straight line
* Fulfilment of good wishes, stay strong on siratal mustakeen

* Younger generation to learn - continue to learn so you can help your family and jamat.
* Take advantage of educational opportunity from early childhood to post grad.
* Work hard. Dont miss this opportunity. Dont treat it lightly.
* My aspiration you will be successful in your studies. Best blessings for success in studies.
* Intellectual tradition. Invest in learning all life.
* I would be happy if jamat applied best practices in their lives.

* We are a global jamat.
* Work together, come together, accoss frontiers, across oceans so that the brotherhood of our jamat can form solid sustanance for your lives and for your and future generations.
* Wherever jamat lives - Africa, Asia, N Ameria, Europe - Work together, share knowledge, widom, advice. Help each other.
* Put this in practice in the jamat around the world. This is the meaning of united jamat.
* Wish you success in all your enterprises in the future.

* Made a joke. He said when he was young, he had a property in Kenya. His brother and himself used to collect rabbits and every morning they used to go see the rabbits.
One morning he had a bad surprise. All rabbits were gone. They had been eaten. So he had good memories and heart aches, and happy memories of his childhood in Kenya.

* Made a joke - mukhi reminded me - but he did not have to - about the wonderful work by volunteers. Gave best blessings to volunteers.

* Thanked jamat for the gifts. wished the gifts to be returned to the jamat thousand times.
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Anecdotes and testimony of 14 April 2018 Darbar in Nairobi

Mubaraki! Hazer Imam came in around 11am. He was wearing the Darbar clothes - Jaboo, hat.

As he walks through the hall, a lady stood up and gave him an envelop which he gave to the mukhi to hold on.

Then a young boy stood up and offered Mowla what looked like a 2 finger kit kat bar! Mowla was smiling and tried to refuse (actions of no with his hands) but eventually accepted it and gave it to the mukhi to hold on to.

Gifts given by Kenya Jamat was 2 Lamu chairs, Congo Jamat was a vase or watering pot with 6 sprouts each sybolizing 10 years of Imamat - total 60 years.

Another gift - I think by Malagasi jamat was some porceline plate (i think). Dont remember the exact gifts...
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As received...

Mumbaraki to all. Had wonderful didar. Mowla was very very happy and sent his best blessings to all his jamats and their families and prayed for everyones mushkil asaan. Shukar. Had a very long day. Went in for seva at 3:30 am and just got home st 4:30 pm. There is joint khane for all in the same hall and dinner. Had chicken/veg biriyani and ladu ghantias for lunch. All in all a delightful darbar and didar. Darbar started at 11:00 on the dot! And once he left the darbar hall he was in his lounge with the leaders for over an hour! Will know what he said to them in khane just now. Mumbaraki again.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As received...

_Forwarding as received_ .

It is with utmost humility and gratitude that I share mubarakis with you all and convey the Imam’s happiness and blessings during the Kenya Darbar just a few hours ago.

The Imam entered the Jubilee premises promptly at 11 AM, went to the lounge to change into his regalia and then joined the Jamat a few minutes later. The Imam accepted the chain of Imamat, Tilawat, Ginan and Zikr in his presence. As well as speech of loyalty from council president.

The Farman focused heavily on education, sharing learning across borders and gave tons and tons of Duas. On more than one occasion both at start and end of Farman he said to take my special blessings to your families and your jamats from all over the world.

He prayed at least three or four times for mushkil asan. He said may your problems disappear, may you have peace, unity in the family, unity in the jamat. Prayed at least twice for strength on siratul mustaqeem.

Gave special Dua for students and success in education. He said to travel across frontiers and oceans to share and build with your brothers and sisters. Imam said education is lifelong and learning should continue after formal education.

Imam reminisced about living as a boy in Kenya with his brother and fondly remembered his time here. He recalled having rabbits and he and His brother would go see see them every morning. One morning the rabbits had been eaten. He said he has most fond memories and some heart aches from his childhood here.

The Imam then accepted mehmani from kenya jurisdiction as well as Congo and Madagascar as well as Abe Safa.

He returned to the mic and again gave so much Dua for jamat present and to families and jamats of those present. He thanked and gave special khanavadhan to volunteers and thrice recognized the government for all the courtesies.

The Imam spent almost 50 minutes with the Jamat. He then went to the lounge to meet with the leadership. He spent over an hour with the leadership in the lounge immediately adjacent to the Darbar Hall. This is the longest amount of time spent in the longe after a Darbar during the jubilee year so far.

Upon his departure, the motorcade proceeded very very slowly with mowla’s window open as he passed by hundreds of volunteers and the Aga Khan band.

Mubarakis to all and we beg forgiveness for any errors or omissions from our imperfect memory.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:28 am    Post subject: Some points I found a bit surprising/puzzling Reply with quote

1. No Duas and blessings for ruhani/deceased members of the jamat. No request from Mukhisaheb to Mawla?

2. Incredible to read a Farman made by Mawlana Hazar Imam with no mention at all of issues of din - balance between din and duniya, the soul is eternal, regularity of prayer, etc. have never read a Farman of Mawla to date without a paragraph or two about this. First time in Nairobi there was no mention at all of this aspect of life.

3. I would have expected Mukhisaheb to request Hazar Imam to address a few words in French for the benefit of the Malagasy and Congo Jamats, many of whom cannot understand English at all. Unfortunately, this did not happen. It is always a pleasure to hear the Imam speaking in French. The language sounds so musical on His divine tongue.

4. First time I’ve heard Mawla giving blessings for the fulfillment of “good” wishes: in all previous farmans when this blessing has been given, it has been for the fulfillment of all your wishes. But this time, the blessing was specifically for the fulfillment of GOOD wishes. A curious point but one which must be reflected over.

5. A new issue was discussed by Imam in the Nairobi Farman - the issue of Best Practice, which He hoped would be adopted by the global jamat. I hope this concept will be explained and discussed by knowledgeable people in all jamats as this concept is new and needs proper understanding. Also, there was much emphasis on the globalization of the jamat. Across oceans, frontiers and barriers, the jamat should work together, act as one jamat. Imam specifically mentioned all areas worldwide in which our jamat lives.

6. In the Nairobi Farman, Imam gave specific blessings for jamats around the world. Not just for families and friends of jamat presents but for the entire jamat around the world, especially blessings for mushkil aasaan. This means the entire jamat around the world was part of the Jubilee Darbar in Nairobi. I hope all of you will say “Ameen” to these blessings when you read or hear the Farman.

7. A fine example of unity was shown in Nairobi by the Mukhi Kamadia Sahebs and Mukhiani Kamadiani Sahebas of Headquarters and Town Jamatkhanas. They worked day and night for this padhramani, including the management of the Rays of Light Exhibition at Town Jamatkhana. But they agreed to step back without objection when it came to receiving Hazar Imam at the airport, receiving Imam at the darbar hall, and after the darbar, accompanying Hazar Imam’s entourage to the airport to see Him off. They were not included anywhere but just accepted to take a front place in the hall opposite the stage. This was magnanimous of them, not to mention a surprising trait, as other such issues in the past have led to so much internal strife. But this time there was none of that so well done.

Thousands of Mubarakis to the Kenyan Jamat and especially to all the Volunteers for their exemplary conduct in Nairobi. Preparing within ten days for five whole jamats and also many more from Canada, UK, USA etc was no easy task for a third world jamat but, with the grace and mercy of Mawla, it all seemed effortlessly accomplished.

In many countries, an external venue is leased for such events which greatly lessens the burden. But in Nairobi, the Darbar hall had to be extended via construction and that even within ten days, not to mention dressed and decorated. Grassy lawns had to be cemented for the food areas. So this should give an idea of the enormity of effort that was put in by the volunteers in Nairobi.

Hats off to this valiant display of frontierless brotherhood.

Many, many congratulations also to the Hospitality Committee for receiving guests so warmly at the airport, for the efficient shuttle services to and from hotels and for the delicious and generous meals provided on a daily basis.

Well done to all of you and of course the reward for all of you were the wonderful smiles on Imam’s countenance throughout the visit.

Chot na laage usre santanku
So jamada rahiyaa jakhmaari

Insha Allah, Volunteers gearing up for Hazar Imam’s visit to Alberta and British Columbia will take special note of the above and be nice, compassionate and courteous to visitors and jamats. Past experience has shown that Canadian volunteers (in Toronto and Ottawa) are very rude to outsiders. But please remember this is Diamond Jubilee and everybody should be welcomed happily and allowed to see the Imam wherever they can. There’s no room for meanness during the Diamond Jubilee. So many Canadians, Americans and londoners were treated with respect in Nairobi and allowed to catch glimpses of the Imam. A spirit that should be employed worldwide.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Today we were blessed with the Diamond Jubilee deedar of MHI in Nairobi. Hazar Imam was in a jovial and nostalgic mood and shared with the Jamat about his memories of growing up in Nairobi and specifically of having rabbits in his garden that he found were eaten by wild animals one morning. He spoke about his memories mostly happy and some “heartbreaking”. Hazar Imam was very animated when he told us to convey to our families everywhere his BEST affectionate loving blessings which he repeated twice. His firman focused on three main themes: best practices, our global Ismaili brotherhood and his emphasis on education. He was very clear that it was his hope, prayer and aspiration that the Jamat should adopt global best practices in all that we do.

Hazar Imam also spoke about the fact that Jamat is global and that we are a global brotherhood and we should be a resource to each other. He emphasized to the younger members of Jamat that they should take full advantage of their education as it would be of value to them, their families and the Jamat. He then spent more than 60 minutes with leadership in his lounge giving them guidance.

The missionaries mentioned that this is more time than he has spent in any other location and the Jamat was overjoyed to hear this. It was an emotional and rejuvenating spiritual experience and the Imam came back to the mike to say that MKs reminded him “although I did not need to be reminded” of the wonderful work of the volunteers. Mubarakis to all
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I don’t think I can ever understand the human capacity to experience two polar opposite emotions simultaneously: indescribable happiness and also deep sadness, a profound sense of soulful quietude and also a rippling feeling of restlessness.

As I sat there in the hall, participating in intezari program, I was a column of conflict: Ecstatic to finally be here, excited over the joy of the possibility of seeing my Imam in all his grandeur. But also concerned that time was going by too quickly, that all of this would end too soon. Time always moves like rapids whenever he is physically present and when he isn’t, time is a meandering snail.

It was endearing listening to the children singing ginans like ‘Eji Anand Anand’ and ‘Kalapat Jalapat’ as well as qasidas like ‘Dam Hamma Dam Ali Ali’, ‘Ya Imami Ya Imami’ and ‘Goyum Ali Joyum Ali’. The ventis, zikr and renditions of ‘Ab Teri Mohabbat Lagi’ were well received. And the Al-Waez who came on periodically to explain the procedures that take place during the Darbar and the significance of these gestures made an emphatic point to revel in the moment, to use the silences that would lapse between one ginan and another to reflect on various facets of the Darbar, including who our beloved Imam is, what he has done for the world at large in the past 60 years and our own relationship with the Imam of the time.

The gentleman next to me found it curious that I kept checking my watch but how could I explain to him my contention with time – it was moving too swiftly: 7am had become 9am all too soon, and yet it wasn’t moving swiftly at all. When would 11am arrive and bring with it our Lord and Murshid, our beloved Shah Karim al-Hussaini Hazar Imam?

Amidst the hustle of standing up for the zikr and inching forward to make space to accommodate the large numbers filing in, I was able to glance around at the hall decorated by volunteers who worked day and night to create a simple yet alluring ambience. White festooning hung from the ceiling in circular formations and delicate floral arrangements adorned diamond-shaped hangings. The stage itself was classy too with Mawlana Hazar Imam’s chair appearing majestic in the centre. The Diamond Jubilee motif dominated the hall, reminding us of what the occasion represented – not that we needed the reminder but their striking colour and form captured the eye frequently.

In what felt like no time at all, it was five minutes to 11am. The ginan that was going on ended abruptly as the screens lit up with Mawla’s motorcade rounding the corner at Darkhana. Mawla’s green Audi slowed down at the entrance. The door opened. Breathing halted. Mawla alighted and salwats swelled in the hall. That jovial countenance filled the screen and it felt like he too was in a hurry to enter as he gestured to the Mukhi Kamadia and Mukhiani Kamadiani and swept into the foyer. The screens went blank and the heart started racing. He was here! The Lord of Light and love was but a glance away. It felt like the soul itself was eager to leap out and embrace him as soon as he appeared in sight. All the conflicting emotions converged into one geyser of ardour. And then time slowed to a standstill – waiting, waiting, waiting for him to emerge from the Green Room and step into the hall.


The salwats started up again, somewhere near the entrance and picked up fervour as if a wave of emotion flowed through the whole gathering. And then Mawlana Hazar Imam came into sight! And what a sight to behold. Awash with gratitude, awash with adoration, awash with immense joy and humility, there I sat.

Ishq pe ho gayi meher khuda ki,
Rab ne soon li araz hamari,
Shukrana, shukrana,
Rabba tera lakh lakh shukrana — excerpt of poem by Ravindran Jain


Lord has shone His mercy on my love
And has fulfilled my yearning
Gratitude to you, O my Lord
Hundreds and thousands of thank you, O my Lord

The only feeling that comes the slightest bit close to this feeling is the one you get when standing at the shore and seeing the sun rise at the brink of the ocean. The Light had appeared before me and finally I saw him dressed in his Diamond Jubilee Khil’at. What I thought I would feel seeing this was nothing like what I truly felt. But the visceral thirst was momentarily quenched and I watched the screen as the camera followed his walk along the red carpet. I saw a lady thrust a letter to the Imam, which he graciously accepted then handed over to the Mukhisaheb.

_zaf4731-2-Mawlana Hazar Imam-Aga Khan-Darbar-Nairobi Diamond Jubilee
Mawlana Hazar Imam walks through the Jamat amid the recitations of the Salwat during the Diamond Jubilee Darbar in Nairobi. Photo: The Ismaili/Zafrani Mansurali

I saw a little boy take a few steps forward, innocently holding out a two-finger Kit Kat to the Imam, who at first held his hand out to say, thank you but you have it, then graciously accepted the chocolate and handed it over to Mukhisaheb. It seemed like the Imam paused to say something to him, beaming at him, as the boy took his place on his mother’s lap. A ripple of amusement spread through the jamat at that moment. Hazar Imam continued along the red carpet, showering generous blessings upon individuals, and finally ascended the steps to take his place on the stage.

He gave his permission for the ceremonies to take place. The 49-link gold chain was garlanded around his neck, and from the point where the Tilawat-e-Qur’an was recited along with its translation, the Venti Ginan and Zikr, Hazar Imam’s expression was a serious and sombre one. But when those who recited the prayers went to him to get blessings, his face lit up with beguiling beams. The President of the Council, respected Mr Nawaz Gulam, gave his pledge of allegiance on behalf of the jamats present and that was indeed a solemn moment. I thank him for including the plea for forgiveness of any shortcomings or transgressions.

And then came the moment we were all earnestly awaiting, the moment when Hazar Imam came to the microphone and his enchanting voice resonated throughout the hall. How we thirsted to hear his “My beloved spiritual children” and the warmth that cocooned us with those special words was indescribable. Glee thrummed through my veins to hear him extended his “warmest and best, best, BEST, loving blessings” and the heart swelled to enormity to hear: “I hope this will be a day of happiness in the Jamat as it is a day of happiness for me. That there will be lots of joy. I think you call it Dandia Raas and so there will be plenty of dancing.”

The heart was already dancing. He went on to joke, “I suspect a little bit of biryani from here or there.” And then He shared something that was truly touching and poignant, “And I will participate with you in your rejoicing for it is a day of immense happiness for me.” Imagine that. The Imam rejoicing with you, dancing with you, savouring the yummy biryani with you. Wow.

He went on to thank the government for extending kindnesses and courtesies to him and he mentioned this thrice. The second time round He added, “I am grateful to the government on your behalf and on my behalf”. He instructed the jamat to take back to their countries, families and friends, his best, affectionate blessings.


He said, “tell your Jamat that I am thinking of them, that I send them blessings for mushkil aasaan in their lives, not only here in Kenya but around the world.” He further said he looks forward for strong work, for the unity of the jamat, for the strength of our institutions and for success of our younger generation in their education.

He emphasized on this and directed the younger generation to “Learn. And learn more. And continue to learn all your lives so that you may serve your families, your jamat, strongly and successfully. To work hard from early childhood development until post-graduate university studies. This is an opportunity to gain capabilities which will serve you all your lifetime. So do not miss this opportunity, do not treat it lightly.”

He gave special blessings for the younger generation to succeed in their educational endeavours.

A point of real wonder during this historic Farman was when Hazar Imam talked about how we are a global brotherhood so we should work together, come together to try and achieve good goals across frontiers, across oceans so that the brotherhood can be a solid sustenance to all, for us and for future generations. At that moment, I remembered the Ayat of the Holy Quran which Hazar Imam has shared many times with us: “Oh Mankind! Fear your Lord, who created you of a single soul..” and it felt like an important reminder that we are all one universal brotherhood and it is high time we put aside our hang-ups with status and position, we dissolve our discriminations and biases, and begin acting in the manner that Mowla sees us: brothers and sisters; one jamat; one family.

Hazar Imam further emphasized that our tradition is an intellectual tradition: “Invest in your intellect. Learn. Use learning for the benefit of yourselves, your families and your jamat. Acquire knowledge throughout your lifetime, not just during academic years.” He urged us to keep knowledge part of the way we think and develop our activities, to bring into these activities competence, wisdom and ‘Best Practice’. He specified, “I would be so happy if all my jamat was part of Best Practice worldwide. This is what I hope for my jamat.”


_zaf4782_-_zafrani_mansurali-_Mawlana Hazar Imam-Aga Khan-Darbar-Nairobi Diamond Jubilee
Mawlana Hazar Imam shares a light moment with the Jamat. Photo: The Ismaili/Zafrani Mansurali

It was extraordinarily touching when Mawlana Hazar Imam shared a childhood memory. He and his brother, Prince Amyn, used to collect rabbits and every morning, they would go out to say ‘good morning’ to the rabbits. One morning they had a terrible surprise. The rabbits were all gone! He held out his hands and we aww-ed when He said, “they had been eaten.” We were all smiles to hear him end this anecdote with: “Lots of fun, a few heartaches, and, above all, happiness of being here in Kenya.”

Immense, immense happiness and gratitude is what I felt for being part of this Darbar.

He gave special blessings for happiness, long life, good health and mushkil aasan again, emphatically adding, “may all your problems disappear as though they didn’t exist. That’s what I wish for you.” He spoke so lovingly and so soothingly, it really did feel like all and any material problems were nonexistent! With an Imam like that, whose love knows no bounds and crosses all barriers, who is the epitome of all facets good and positive, what are problems and what tenacity do they even have?

Mawlana Hazar Imam took his seat and the nazranas were presented to him. Earlier, during the intezari programme, these nazranas were shared with the jamat, photographs of which were shown on the screens. The Kenyan jurisdiction’s nazrana was a pair of high back wooden armchairs from Lamu; the Democratic Republic of Congo unearthed a water sprinkler that had six tubes extending from the bottom bowl to the top bowl and it was shared that the six tubes each represent 10 years of Hazar Imam’s Imamat, totalling to 60 glorious years; the Malagasy jamat found a ewer and plate from a rare collection made in France with Islamic engravings on it.


The nazranas were presented in forms of photo catalogues to the Imam. He showed keen interest in these and when He came to the mic the second time around, he expressed genuine pleasure at having received these nazranas and wished that the gifts be returned to the jamat – each and every individual – a thousand times over. Such a generous Imam, truly!

He confided that Mukhisaheb has reminded him – though he did not need to – that the volunteers had done good work and Mawla gave special blessings for all the hard work they had put in to make this visit a happy one for him. He gave further blessings to the jamat for fulfilment of good wishes, for good health, long life, unity in families, that we may live in peace wherever we are and for strength on Sirat-al-Mustaqeem, at which point he made the gesture of moving along a straight path.

And then came the moment we didn’t look forward to – Mawlana Hazar Imam descending the stage to leave the hall. Oh, if only we had the capability to make him stay with us longer. But he didn’t leave straight away. He walked along the red carpet and made his way to where the senior citizens were sitting on the chairs, passing by the hospital beds, walking – it seemed – slowly and swiftly (if that is even possible) until he loomed into sight where I was seated. It’s not possible to put into words what kind of transformation takes place when “naino se nain mila” but the ginan ‘Ab Teri Mohabbat Lagi’ captures the essence of deeply coveting this phenomenon. I don’t think it’s meant to be expressed in words as it is a highly personal and ‘anmol’ occurrence.

He turned the corner and reached the exit, pausing briefly to acknowledge, with a smile, some jamati members waving at him.

We were informed that he would spend some time with the leaders of the jamat to discuss important issues, that he had spent 45 minutes in Dubai and 40 minutes in Mumbai doing so, and the jamat was requested to stay put and participate in the post-darbar programme of zikr, ginans and tasbihs.

dsc_0340-1_-_hussein_jiva_1_Mawlana Hazar Imam-Aga Khan-Darbar-Nairobi Diamond Jubilee
Mawlana Hazar Imam waves to young volunteers after departing the Darbar hall. The children held up placards with the words “We love you, Hazar Imam” which are reflected on the car. Photo: The Ismaili/Hussein Jiva.

Mawlana Hazar Imam left after one whole hour (60 minutes) and was sent off by the Ismaili Youth Band and Volunteers Corp who held up placards stating “We love you, Hazar Imam.” That was a touching sight to behold.

But the mixed emotions came flooding back – the same incomprehensible polar-opposite emotions crashing at the shore of my conscious – ecstasy and melancholy; sukoon and tadap. Ecstasy to have seen him and heard his voice; melancholy that the whole event was over and he had physically departed; sukoon at having being invaluably blessed and deeply grateful for it too; tadap because when will such a Divine Deedar happen again?

Naseeb pachha kyare khulse? (When will good fortune strike again?)

It’s just never, ever enough.

The ginans speak of it and I now live it.

Eji Jiska re ma-e-bap gam sadharya re piya
Uska farzand kiyu kar raheve re,
Maherban mere, Saheb mere, dayavant mere maherban
Ya Shah tuj bina so din javega kese piyaji – excerpt of Ginan “Tumko Sadhaare” by Pir Sadardin


Children whose beloved parent is physically leaving town
How can they stay here happily?
O my Merciful, O my Lord,
How will I stay without you in these times?
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