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Others :: View topic - Mukhiani Hurbai of Baitul Khiyal, Zanzibar
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Mukhiani Hurbai of Baitul Khiyal, Zanzibar

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:42 am    Post subject: Mukhiani Hurbai of Baitul Khiyal, Zanzibar Reply with quote

Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah never visited East African countries during the scorching season.

The Imam however sent an urgent telegram that he was coming in Zanzibar.
The jamat was surprised; nevertheless, they started celebration with illumination.

After five days following the above telegram, the Imam arrived in Zanzibar by sea. The Sultan of Zanzibar arranged a horse-carriage and a bungalow for the Imam. The Imam took rest, then came in the Jamatkhana.

The Imam first walked towards the gent‟s side, then to the women side and finally sat on the chair. The Imam asked the Mukhi, “Where is the Mukhiani?” The Chief Mukhiani appeared; but the Imam said,
“No, no. Where is the Mukhiani of Baitul Khiyal?”

Mukhiani Hurbai of Baitul Khiyal came before the stage.
She was the wife of Bhaloo Lakha Velanni.
She was told to stay at the third step of the staircase.
The Imam said, “Mukhiani Hurbai, you have summoned
me in the severe sunshine. As the fisherman caught fish in
a hook (or angler), likewise you have caught and brought me here.”

Then the Imam addressed the jamat, “You pray for her. You got my didar due to her.”

The Imam also said to Mukhiani Hurbai, “Mukhiani, you don‟t worship for five to six hours while standing, but sit down; because on that time the blood runs in your legs, causing trouble in my legs.”

The Imam also told her, “Don‟t recite the ginan, Maher karo mora sahiya’n abara sharann tamari during rotating hand-grinding mill (chakki). She did not tell, but asked in heart: “Mawla, but why?” The Imam knew it and replied, “Because you become so engrossed in the whim of the
recitation that your hand does not rotate; therefore, I have to rotate it.”

The Imam also told the jamat, “Mukhiani Hurbai daily grinds millet for four breads. She sends three in the Jamatkhana and eats one, half bread at morning and its odds at evening.”

-from Mumtaz Ali Tajddin S.Ali's article 'Didar' dated July 11, 2017
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