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An Observation

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:30 pm    Post subject: An Observation Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad.
In the JK I attend in my area. Ginans are recited in morning BUK time are
nearly 30% of the Ginans are recited were of BUK on jagoo/awake for Ibadat
mostly of wake up call for the believers.
I wish to know it is same quantum of time these Ginans are recited in other
JK around the world.
I met few of the regular reciters of the Ginans personally and asked them
Why did they choose those Ginan?
All said it in the part of BUK time JK Ginans.
I told them that these Ginans chosen does not add value in morning time
all the Jamaat attending in the morning already awake n following the Ginan in full respect.

It was like telling people already at the airport to come airport for flight.
I told them these Ginans whould have greater value if recited in evening
time as to inspire those who may not coming in early morning BUK.
I assume they saw logic and rationality in what I told them.Now these
Ginans are in low single digit in percentage terms.

As in modern management everyminute is targeted to be productive in same way every minute of time spent in JK should be inspirational.
I wish to know from other member of the forum attending morning JK.
are those jagoo/wake up Ginans are regularly recited in your JK?

I assume our religious board should be apprised of these to have Ginans
not adding more value at particular time( morning) to be recited at other times
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