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Others :: View topic - Jiv chhoddaavaa sat panth miliyaa meaning and explanation.
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Jiv chhoddaavaa sat panth miliyaa meaning and explanation.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:21 am    Post subject: Jiv chhoddaavaa sat panth miliyaa meaning and explanation. Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad

Please find the ginan Jiv chhoddaavaa sat panth miliyaa with meaning and explanation.

Note: This is not the translation of the ginan it is one of the interpretation according to my understanding.

Kind regards

Jiv chhoddaavaa sat panth miliyaa
Author: Sayed Imaam Shaah
Secondary title: Jodilo-9-10
Raag (tune): Hete su(n) milo

Eji Jiv chhoddaavaa Sat Panth miliyaa, tame saachun bolo munivar bhaai;
Ek til jutth jo bolsho, to khoysho bhav ni kamaai 1

O Brother! To free your jiv (life) you have received (been given) the true path (Ismaili din), oh you momin brothers always speak the truth; If you lie as small as a size of a sesame seed (very small amount); you will lose all the good deeds you earned in your all lives (past & present lives).
Here the lie is to doubt the Imam.

Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah explained: “if you even doubt a tiny little as small as size of a sesame seed about Imam that He is not a true Imam (jhutthaa/false) then you will lose all your rewards/good deeds of all your lives”.

Bhav: lives, many lives before this life
Kamaai: rewards, good deeds (swab, punya) you have earned so far

Eji Krodh lobh ne vaariyen, abhimaan na kije man;
man maarine musallo kijiyen, to paamiyen Shaah naa darshaan 2

O Brother! Let go of your anger and greed, and do not feel pride in your mind; in-fact control/kill your mind (evil thoughts) and make it (transform) into prayer mat, then only you will get the divine vision of the Lord.

Musallo: Prayer mat or prayer rug

Eji Sat Panth to saacho saach hai, ane saacho te Pir pichhaann;
Din chaandrunna pragattiya, jem ravi ugamiyo bhaann 3

O Brother! The true path (Ismaili faith) is indeed truthful, and recognise the true Pir (Guide); the moon (moonlight) has appeared in daytime, like the sunrise at the dawn.

Eji Jug maanhe thi aandhaaro ttaal she, ane karshe ek -j varann;
Athar ved maanhe em bhaankiyaa, bhaai sarve hoyshe te Nabi ne sharann 4

O Brother! He will get rid of the darkness from this world (darkness of ignorance), and He will create one way of life (one way of following religion - Islam); It has been said in Athar Ved (Quran/Farman), oh brother everyone will be under Prophet’s shelter (under Nabi Muhammad’s protection).

Varann/jaat/naat: cast or religion

Eji Nav khand maanhe hal hal-kaar hoyshe, tyaare doyelaa thaashe re din;
Tiyaan chaando suraj doye chhipashe, bhaai kampshe trann bhavan 5

O Brother! There will be unrest in all the nine continents, at that time it will be very difficult to follow the religion; over there both Sun & Moon (Shah-Pir) will hide (no one will listen and consider Shah-Pir as their guide), oh brother all the three worlds (heavens, earth and under-surface/underwater) will shake (because of evil act and unrest between the countries).

Eji Tyaare Saaheb aswaari karshe, ane Mahedi dharaawshe naam;
Tyaare sarve kurfraan ttaalshe, bhaai paltte sarve jahaan 6

O Brother! Then the Lord will come on the throne, and He will be recognised as Mahedi; then He will get rid all the evil, oh brother He will transform the whole world (everyone will follow one religion or leader and He will be the Imam of that time).

Eji Savaa laakh varas nu ek parab rachaavshe, tyaare nirmal kare deh;
Tyaare Noor-vaai firastaa ne hukam thaase, te Noor-nu varsaave meh 7

O Brother! He will generate a parab (a period of time) of one hundred and twenty five thousand years (125,000), after that He will make the body pure or sin free (through the punishment and repentance of the sins in the given period); then Noor-vaai angel will be ordered to shower the Noor (this will transform every soul into one and become one with the Noor - Asal me vaasal).

Parab (dharma no divas): day of judgement
Noor-vaai firastaa: The angel who shower’s the Noor

Eji Tiyaan jakh megh kinar dev aavshe, tiyaan aave paanch, saat, nav, baar;
Tiyaan annant karoddi dev kal jug naa more thaashe, tyaare sav ne thaashe didaar 8

O Brother! Over there the jakh, megh and kin-nar angel souls will arrive (millions of souls), also five, seven, nine & twelve crore (crore is 10 million) angelic souls will come (millions of souls); over there unlimited numbers of angel souls in the era of kaljoog are all mine, and everyone of them will be given and be granted the divine vision.

Eji Ddhol dadaamaa ati uchhava, ane ghar ghar mangal gaay;
Tiyaan pujaa tanna fal aal-she, te tiyaan kahiyo nav jaay 9

O Brother! Drums and other musical instruments are played a lot in celebration, and devotional songs are sung in everyone’s home (a big celebration); over there the Lord will reward for all the prayers, that which is not describable (do not have the words to express).

Eji Tiyaan dev daannav nu hoyshe pattu(n)taro, ane pujaa na fal paay;
Tyaare munivar ni kaayaa amar hoyshe, baawaa te duniyaa mari mari jaay 10

O Brother! Over there dev daannav (good & bad jiv) will be tested (trials & tribulations to become the same as others – pure, clean and sin free); after then the momins body will become everlasting (the soul will merge into its original source - Asal me vaasal), and the world will start vanishing - to die (in continual process not just destroy straight away).

Pattu(n)taro / parikshaa / sarkhaamnni: test, parallel, square off, (spiritually acquire the same level)

(All the souls good and bad will have the trials & tribulations and after their punishment and repentance for their sins they will become pure, sin free souls. After all their hard work they will be rewarded with an eternal life (body of Noor) which is reunion with the supreme soul. Then the world will start vanishing in stages, this is nothing new it has happened in past).

Eji Bhanne Pir Imaam Shaah sunno re munivaro, tame kamar baandhi ne thaao hushiyaar;
Soh din nayanne aaviyo, tene vilambh nahi re lagaar 11

O Brother! Pir Imam Shah says “listen oh you momins, tighten your belt and get conscious; that day has come closer, it is not far and can be seen with the eyes, and it will not delay”

(Pir Imam Shah says: oh momins pull yourself together and awake spiritually, act intelligently; the difficult time is here and it will not delay, we have to be prepared for it.)
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