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Others :: View topic - New poem 'All corrupts have to go'
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New poem 'All corrupts have to go'

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Joined: 23 May 2005
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Location: Glendale, California - USA

PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:05 pm    Post subject: New poem 'All corrupts have to go' Reply with quote

Ya Ali Madad Mukhi Saheb; Kamadiani Maa and All Others;

World scenario is changing so fast and dramatically; we can't even imagine. That is the topic of the new poem; just look at it and do let me know.

Thank you all

All corrupts have to go!

Everywhere I see crisis; somewhere financial; somewhere leadership crisis
In both cases I note element of honesty is missing; it is cause of crisis
We're in a era of wrong conceptual approaches; that's why we are in crisis
Might is right; will not produce right result; corruptions is cause of crisis

Kick back is a decent way of looting poor nations; again a cause of crisis
After Tunisia; I see in Egypt masses are on street; gives me more advices
Leaders are in politics for decades; no change in destiny; leading to crisis
More governments to fall because of corruptions; will see soon more crisis

There are more corruption in politics; will fall one after another; go into crisis
May be; this cycle will engulf the world like storm to clean up mess of crisis
Such leaders are sitting on mouth of volcanic eruption; waiting to go into crisis
Those leaders should give up powers; prior uprising seal their fates in crisis

Time for meritocracy is ripe; those who are still sleeping; wake up to avert the crisis
Don't know; whoever he may be; pack up and leave otherwise; you are in deep crisis
Read writing on the walls; is crystal clear; there is no time left; soon will be in crisis
If you planning otherwise; foolish to do so; a window is open for your way out in crisis

One by one all looters and tyrants have to go prior to that better smell aroma of crisis
Time is short and it's crystal clear; can be seen in mirror of conscious to avoid crisis
Meritocracy is the only way; to keep away of irregularity; otherwise you are inviting crisis
What is happening or going to happen; will be so fast; you can't imagine of such crisis

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