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Others :: View topic - Translation - Munivar aysaa jo loniye
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Translation - Munivar aysaa jo loniye

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:52 pm    Post subject: Translation - Munivar aysaa jo loniye Reply with quote

Does anyone have the translation of this ginan? The end particularly looks quite interesting. Even if you don't have an official translation, even a basic run through of the meaning will do. Thanks!! icon_smile.gif

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Below is a rough and tentative translation.

Eji Munivar esaa jo lonnie,
ane kare jo utam kaam;
saachaa saaheb to paamie,
bhaai puraa jo lije naam 1

A momin is the one who seeks such (a path) and performs exalted work; one attains the True Lord brother, if one takes the Name perfectly (with complete understanding).

Eji Saas usaase aaraadhie,
ane haraf na kaaddho tame baar;
paanch chor-jo vaarie,
baavaa mango padaarath chaar 2

Upon every breath be devoted (worship, surrender) and do not reveal any word (of the inner mysteries). Conquer the five thieves (lust, anger, greed, pride, attraction to illusion) and pray for the four virtues (remembrance, truth, faith and patience).

Eji Fikar jikar do maangie,
ane khameaa samo nahi koi saar;
pelo imaan avichal maangie,
baavaa mangie saahebji nun didaar 3

Pray for both contemplation and remembrance and there is nothing more substantial than patience. First pray for the everlasting faith, brother pray for the Vision of the Lord.

Eji Didaar munivar maangie,
jo imaan hove saach;
jibh radeh thi juthun na bolie,
jo man hoe maanhe thi paak 4

Pray for the Didar (Vision) if faith is real. Do not heartily speak falsehood, if you intend purity of mind.

Eji Imaan saaheb sun raakhie,
ane fir mangie meher;
imaan vonnaa ukhadddi gayaa,
te fari nahi aave gher 5

Maintain faith in the Lord (Imam) and then pray for Mercy. Without faith many have been uprooted. They will not return to the House.

Eji Ghar evaa lonnie,
jiaan imaan paaie saach;
preme prite aaraadhie,
ane mukhe na kahiey mar 6

Seek such Houses where real faith is attained. Worship with love and devotion and do not curse anyone by speech.

Eji Pratham Kartaa jug aavio,
ane munivare kasanni sahi aanch;
Rug ved vaaeke chaaleaa,
te to paakaa karodd paanch 7

First came the Age of Karta (Karta Yuga) and therein believers endured a great deal of self mortification. They followed the scripture of the form of Rug. The ripe ones (purified ones) were five crores.

Eji Bijo Tretaa jug aavio,
ane munivar bhaannave saach;
Jujar ved vaaeke chaaleaa,
te to paakaa karodd saat 8

Second came the Age of Treta (Treta Yuga) and believers studied the truth. They followed the scripture of the form of Jujar. Seven crores were purified as a result.

Eji Trijo Dwaapur jug aavio,
ane Paandhav chaaleaa van;
Saam vedne vaake chaaleaa,
te to paakaa krodd nauv 9

Third came the Age of Dwapur (Dwapur Yuga) and the Pandavs were exiled in the jungle. Ihey followed the scripture of the form of Saam and as a result nine crores were ripened.

Eji Aaj chothe Kal-jig maanhe aaveaa,
ane munivar chet a-chet;
Athar vedne vaaeke jo chaaleaa,
te gher aavse baar annat 10

Today we are in the forth Age of Kal jug (Kali Yuga) and believers have been alert and vigilant. They are following the stable Scripture (Sat panth faith) as a result 12 crores and countless will arrive Home.

Eji Bhanne Pir Imaam Shaah sunno munivaro,
ane saacho parmaanno Athar ved;
vela upar bhaankheaa,
kol mugataanaa bhed 11

Pir Imam Shah teaches: Listen O believers and follow truthfully the Stable Scipture. We have foretold in time about the promised mysteries of salvation.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:23 pm    Post subject: Thanks Reply with quote

Thank you very much. You are such a wonderful translator! My sincere thanks and prayers are with you at this time. May Mowla always shower the benefit of this seva on you and your family. Ameen.
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