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Others :: View topic - Problems Registering for Darbar in Toronto
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Problems Registering for Darbar in Toronto

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:14 pm    Post subject: Problems Registering for Darbar in Toronto Reply with quote

Subject: Problems Registering for Darbar in Toronto

Date: 11/12/2008 2.26.25 P.M. Central Standard Time

To: (Shafik Sachedina)
CC: (Mohamed Keshavjee),
(Mohamed Manji),


"And He it is Who in the heaven is God, and in the earth God. He is the Wise, the knower" (Holy Quran; Az-Zukhruf; XLIII:84).

November 12, 2008

My Dear Shafiq:

Ya Ali Madad, wa Asalaamu Alaykum!

I hope and pray this e-mail finds you and your family in the best of health and happiness with our beloved Mowlana Hazar Imam’s grace. Ameen!

Shafiq, I'm writing to you to bring to your attention a serious problem that those of residing outside Canada are facing when attempting to register for specific Darbar sites.

First, the website has apparently crashed. Consequently, people around the globe including members of the Dallas Jamat, are unable to register for the Darbar.

Second, I have also heard that “space” in Toronto at the Darbar venue, namely, “Rogers Center,” is limited, on account that some 49,000 seats are not being utilized by leaders in charge of the event.

The reasoning I’ve been given as to why these seats are not being used is because apparently, some ignorant person has concluded that Murids cannot sit “above” the Imam. Nonsense!

Rogers Center was designed for all sorts of events, and there is no deliberate intent on any Murid’s part to sit higher up or above the Throne of the Imam. There are verses of the Quran in which we learn that the angels of Allah surround the Throne of Imam -- all around!

“And the angels will be on the sides thereof, and eight will uphold the Throne of thy Lord that day, above them” (Holy Quran 69:17).

Consider this: The midpoint of a circle is the Throne of God. It is surrounded by spiritual beings and the angels -- within the circle. By no means are these various entities floating higher than the Throne of the Imam, to undermine His power and greatness. To the contrary, the angels circumambulate around the throne just as Muslims do during the Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca every year.

The momins of the Imam are revealed in the Quran as "Angels" and "Messengers."

"O ye messengers! Eat of the good things, and do right. Lo! I am Aware of what ye do.

"And lo! this your religion is one religion and I am your Lord, so keep your duty unto Me" (Holy Quran 23:51-52).

Here, the word "eat" does not imply food, but rather "spiritual knowledge" and guidance of Allah and the Imam.

So why are the leaders making life difficult for all the Murids, when these empty seats at Rogers Center can easily accommodate thousands of Darbar attendees – for which purpose the facility was built?

In my opinion, this is a classic example of mismanagement and a total waste of resources.

If leaders were to bring to the Imam’s attention the problems faced regarding space, I have no doubt the Lord will first ask: What is the capacity of the hall?

Please request the Toronto leaders to open up those 49,000 empty seats for use! Doing so will alleviate a lot of problems and Jamats from all over the world will easily be accommodated.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Convey my heartiest felicitations and best wishes to your family on the blessed occasion of our beloved Hazar Imam Shah Karim al-Husayni’s Golden Jubilee. Mubarak!

May Mowla Ali bless you and your family with an abundance of spiritual and material Barakat; may our merciful Imam-e-Zaman Shah Karim fulfill all your dreams, grant you all your wishes, and answer all your prayers; and may Mowlana Hazar Imam bless you all with good health, a long life filled with happiness, unity and peace in the family, keep you steadfast on the path of Sirat al-Mustaqim, and bless you with His Holy Didar. Ameen!

"That is because Allah is patron (MOWLA) of those who believe, and because the disbelievers have no patron (MOWLA)" (Holy Quran; Muhammad; XLVII:11).

"Dhaalika bi- 'anna 'Allaah Mawlaa 'alladhena 'aamano wa- 'anna al- kaafiren laa Mawlaa la- -hum" (Holy Quran; Muhammad; XLVII:11).

With much love and prayers,

Aziz Hasham

(Dallas phone: 972-XXX-XXXX)
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