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Others :: View topic - Unjustice and Unfair
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Unjustice and Unfair

Post new topic   This topic is locked you cannot edit posts or make replies Forum Index -> Padhramnis, Mulaquats and Didar other than Jubilees
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Author Message

Joined: 14 Nov 2008
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:46 am    Post subject: Unjustice and Unfair Reply with quote

YAM everyone who is reading this post. I am another unfortunate murid who could not get registered for the Canadian Darbar. I am crying since a few hours now, when I reached home with so much hope of registering myself and my husband, after we got a visa for Canada today. I did not want to register ourselves before getting a visa, because we din't want to us to take someones vaccancy and if we won't get visa then we cancel it but we rahter wanted that someone can have it and get happy. Now it seems like I should have done it the other way, cuz their happiness is my tears now. It's still ok with me, cuz I have already had a very unforgetable moment in my life with Maula shaking my hand and looking in my eyes on a very special event, but I feel bad for my husband who was sooo happy these days when he heard Maula is coming to Canada so close to us that we can go visit Him. He is till hopeful, but I can't see him sad. Tell me honestly those of you who wrote that the ones who have already attended Darbars should give a chance to those who din't attend one. Be honest now and tell me what would you do when you hear that Maula is coming to your brother's house, won't you feel like going there to look at Maula and greet Him? Or if He comes to your neighbour's house, won't you go outside to just have a look at Him? It's not the matter of having a look, but it's the satisfaction of the soul. And our souls never get fed enough.... When you (Canadian Jamaat) wanted to attend other Darbars in the world, did they say that give the chance to our country's Jamaat and you don't come? I really feel shy to say that Canadian Jamat closed their doors to us. We were so happy when we heard the good news that we called our hometowns immediately and informed our families that we'll be visiting Canada Darbar soon. But unfortunately today we'll inform them that we were left behind and the registration is closed, which means the doors are closed now. I don't know how many of you have attended the Tajikistan Darbar recently, but my family told me that there were so many bothers and sisters from abroad that people accomodated them in their houses as their own bothers or sisters, cuz am from Tajikistan myself and I know how diffcult it is to get an accomodation in Khorog, especially for such an ospacious occasion. I am 100% sure that no one of you were neglected or rejected registration for the Darbar of Tajikistan. I know the hospitality and the nature of my people. Badakhshan people would never let you leave their land with an empty hands. We would take care of our bothers and sister who come from abroad as the pupil of our own eyes. I've attended deedar 2 times there but have never heard that any Ismaili from abroad was not allowed to come for deedar to Tajikistan. You are always welcome to the "roof of the world" to visit your Ismaili brothers and sisters. Being it a religious event or just a simple visit. My husband and I decided to attend the Darbat there this time, but since I am expecting a baby in couple of months, we din't want to take a risk of travelling long distance, cuz we heard that Maula will be visiting Canada in the very next future, so we postponded our trip for Canada. But we never thought we'd be not allowed to attend it. We decided to attend the Vancouver Darbar cuz my husband has to finish a very important task given by his family and visit his friend who he has not met for ages after he moved from India to Canada. We'll be coming for sure to Vancouver Inshallah on the Darbar day, but don't worry, we won't come to your Darbar. We'll be standing on the side of the road the way we do in Tajikistan and Maula will pass by, in His car, opening the window a little bit and lean out slightly to wave to His murids with that magnificen smile. I am sure this will happen and that's more than enough to satisfy our souls and to have my baby to get his first deedar of the Imam. If Maula would have not want us to come to Canada, He would have given us a hint. But we got the visa, which means that we got a pass to see Him. No one can stop us to come and have a look at Him, untill and unless He does it. But I have never heard in my entire life that Maula doesn't want to see His murids. In fact he said it in Tajikistan Darbar this time that ""The love of the Imam for His murids knows no physical boundaries, no mountain, no river, no desert can stop the Imam's love from reaching His murid". We should say Shukran Lillah Wal Hamdulillah. We still hope that we'll have the mubaraki deedar of Maula anywhere in this world Inshaallah. Khushiali Mubarak to all of you who are going to visit the Darbars in Canada. May Maula grant you His Noorani deedar. Ameen! Remember us and pray for us also.
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Joined: 13 Jul 2003
Posts: 67

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

anaita, pls email me @
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Joined: 14 Nov 2008
Posts: 6

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sassy, please do not grant favors to some people o­nly
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Joined: 09 Apr 2008
Posts: 17

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Special Announcement from Council for Canada

The Council for Canada wishes to advise the Jamat that in order to respond to the overwhelming number of requests from the international Jamat for participation in the Canadian Darbars and following consultations and a logistical reassessment of the facilities deployment, measures have been put in place to accommodate additional numbers of international Jamati members at the Darbar venues in Toronto and Vancouver.

This has been achieved through opening up additional space situated in the tiered seating areas in the stadiums that will serve as Darbar venues in Toronto and Vancouver.

The Council for Canada respectfully requests the Jamats understanding that it is only by taking this unusual step that we will be in a position to accommodate additional numbers of Jamati members in these Darbars.

In light of this development, the Council for Canada is happy to inform the Jamat that we are now in a position to accept additional registrations. Accordingly, international online registration will be activated early tomorrow morning. International Jamati members already in Canada are welcome to register at any Jamatkhana registration desk. The Jamat is advised to check this website frequently for updates.
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