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Votes: 618 :: View topic - PYARA IMAM NI PYARI VAATO
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Author Message

Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 15037

PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 1:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The mystical Meraaj!
Whose hand was it?

The year was 1939.
Imame Zaman was Mawlana Sultan Mohammad Shah.
Place: Hasanabad, Bombay, India.
The occasion is Mawla's padhramni for Deedar.

Hasanabad compound is grandly decorated for padhramni.
The Mausoleum where Imam Hasan Ali Shah is buried looked glorious. There are four pillars surrounding the parthar which are richly decorated with gold toppings.

Thousands of Ismailis had gathered to meet with Imame Zaman.
Those days the Ismailis there were very fortunate.

They used to be able to meet with Mawla on one to one basis during a ceremony called 'dast poshi', an opportunity to pay homage to the Imam of the time on an individual basis.

This is a very significant event in a murid's life.
When Mawla was residing in Bombay and did not travel to Europe he used to meet with the jamat very frequently on a regular basis on Saturdays.

It was the time of such an event.
Murids were waiting anxiously for Mawla's arrival.
Ginans and tasbih were recited for intazaari.

One missionary was making a vaez as a routine during the intazaari period.

He was talking at length about Prophet Mohammad's very significant event of MERAAJ,
The remarkable event when Prophet was given the fortitude of making a mystical journey to meet with God the almighty.
The Missionary was describing the history to the jamat in a very vivid and impressive manner.

Among the thousands of murid there was a single mother carrying her six months old child in her arms.

She had traveled from Punjab for meeting with the Imam.
The kid was beautiful .Due to the weather changes and long journey etc. the child developed very high fever. The woman was a very young mother. She had barely made it in time for the deedar.
Being new to the area she thought soon after the deedar she will take the child to the doctor.

She decided she will fast unto the time she has the deedar.
She however underestimated the seriousness of the fever in a child six months old.

She found a place closer to the stage and started praying for the child's health.

Soon the high temperature had adverse effect on the child's brain, the baby became unconscious.

Soon he was non responsive.

She tried to feed him wake him up, but he remained cold and non responsive.

She started quietely in her heart an intense invocation of Ya Ali, Ya Ali, Ya Ali,with all her concentration.

She was a woman of great faith.

She thought Mawla is arriving in seconds. It was pointless to disturb thousands in their deedar in order to take the kid to the hospital. She was not very educated. She decided to just sit and call Ya Ali and have faith that he will save the child.

She indeed was very naive. Tears were running down her eyes and she kept reciting 'Ya Ali' tasbih with real faith and belief.

Here the Missionary was progressing in describing the event of Meraaj

'...and Rasulallah saw that a hand came out from behind the curtain, to accompany the prophet to eat dinner.
Rasulallah was surprised to find the hand so familiar.
It resembled the hand of Ali, and Oh! even the fingers were same like Ali's , same palm and same nails and even the color of the skin was same as ALI'S and above all he was stunned to see the same Ring on the finger.

He identified the Ring to be the same one that he had given to the lion who met him on the way to the journey of Meraaj!
Wow what a surprise!
The prophet was in a state of awe! He was indeed surprised with all the truth that he was witnessing.

The gathered Ismailis were engrossed in the description of the scene of Meraaj as presented by the Missionary.
And the whistle blew; signifying Mawla's arrival .the leaders became alert .The missionary stopped the Vaez.

Pretty soon Imame Zaman's car entered the gate of Hasanabad.
Missionary initiated the salvat tasbih.
And the wonderful voice of Mawla was heard saying 'Khanavadan, Khanavadan'

Murids hearts were delighted; eyes were full of tears with emotions.

Imam the manifestation of same Noor as Ali was present right there and the believers were drenched with the rain fall of Noor and Rahemat .the true momins were engrossed in the holy deedar each one asking in heart and mind their own wishes to come true.

Mawla arrived on the member of Hasanabad the famous mausoleum and sat down and gave lots of blessings to the jamat and made a a firman and then asked,

'Who was making the vaez when I arrived?'

The Missionary came forward humbly with hands joined in submission, 'me Khudavind'said he.

What was the subject missionary?' asked Mawla.

'Khudavind' I was talking about the Meraaj' said the missionary in a rather frightened voice.

'Where were you in your description?'asked

'I was at the point where the Prophet Mohammad reached the 7 th heaven and was presented with milk and honey and dates and the prophet said he had never eaten any of his meals alone,at that time a hand came from behind the curtain which supposedly was ALLAH 'S hand but had a great resemblance to the hand of ALI!'

'Mawla I was at this juncture in my vaez and I heard the whistle of your arrival so I stopped the vaez and I leaded the salvat tasbih.' The missionary said.

'Ok do you know whose hand was that?' asked Mawla

'Mawla you know it better' said the missionary
'Yes indeed' said the Imam, then he stood up and raised his right hand and said,

'Yes it was this hand, this very hand'

The jamat witnessed in awe.

He then sat on the chair and began the ceremony of Dast poshi, where the murids came one by one to the stage and got the chance to pay the homage in an individual manner.

In the meantime the Punjabi lady's baby had stopped breathing she was holding him against her chest and saying zikr tasbih of Ya Ali , Ya ali.

She was in deep shock but she was a true believer .

She was debating in her mind what to do?

Cry loudly and make a show versus just keep praying and take the benefit of the deedar and not spoil the event for thousand others.
What ever is to happen will happen? She thought and surrendered herself to the will of Ali.

She decided she will go up to the stage so she can have better deedar but will not go right up to Mawla with the dead baby. Her heart was weeping. She collected all the strength and went on the parthar but stood away from Mawla tightly holding the kid in her arms against her chest.

She was about to move away when IMAM'S kind voice struck her ears, 'come here'

She was hesitant, but moved a step in the direction of Mawla
He said, 'Come closer'

Mawla himself stood up halfway and placed his right hand on her head and then looked at the child and touched the child's body with his hand and said 'Say Haizinda'

Lady said 'Khudavind, Haizinda'

'Yes, now say Kayam paya'

'Khudavind, Kayam paya'.

And at that moment the baby started crying!

'Look your kid is crying. Khanavadan, now go and feed your kid and take him to a doctor' .

The woman was overwhelmed with joy, love, and surprise shock and much more, she quickly collected herself and gratefully left the stage.

People in the line following her were wondering what happened!
What was bestowed on this woman!

Mawla sat back and continued as normal without any mention.

What was this?

A miracle or what?

Please recite the salvat.

From :Gujarat book:
Mowla ni madhur vatu
Page 178 to 190
Authors .E. Valiyani
Sairab Abu Turabi
English translation by: Dolly Chandani M.D.
Los Angeles California
Feb 4th 2008
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Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 15037

PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Call Ya Ali in times of difficulties! But with real faith! Help is instantaneous!

In the province of Sindh (now in Pakistan), there is a small village called Tando Allahyar.

These days there are a few Ismaili residents but before India /Pakistan partition, there were only two Ismaili homes. The two Ismaili brothers lived there. But even they had with few members in the family. Rest of the village was full of non Ismailis. Some of who were really against the Ismaili brothers, Of the two Ismaili brothers the elder one was Dhanideen and the other brother was Gulam Hussein.

Both the brothers were very good Ismailis. They worked hard and lived an ethical life guided by Imam's firameens. There were racial and religious troubles those days but they were firm in their faith in Hazar Imam and nothing would take away their Imaan. Their hearts were filled with the Noor of Imamat.

Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah had once said "In any place even if only one of my murid is residing if he has love and Imaan in his heart for me
I consider him equal to 100,000 murids"

One day Gulamhussein's mother died. She was really old. Between the two Ismaili families there were only 3 male adults. There were 2 to 3 children. The mother's dead body was given bath and made ready for the burial. The neighbors were anti Ismailis and no one from the village came forwards to help in the funeral.

The religious tensions were significant before the partition. Gulam Hussein was really worried. He did not know how to complete the burial ceremony. You need four people to carry the coffin (janaja) Actually 8 persons is ideal but minimum 4 is a must.

He went door to door but of no avail No one was willing to help.
The brothers were really worried how to handle the ceremony with three persons? He remembered Mawla asking his help and guidance. He was softly reciting Nade Ali prayer. The most powerful prayer if recited with the depth of the heart and soul.

He went around one more time asking for help, but no one wanted to help with this noble deed. It was getting to be evening, soon it would be night. He was very sad.

As he was around the corner of his lane, a simple villager approached him and asked "sai! kedi fikar me piyo aayin?" (Brother! What are you so worried about?") Gulam Hussein had never seen this stranger before, but since the man asked very kindly he explained his problem to him. The stranger promptly said, "sai, halo aun to hala! Tavan fikar na kariyo…" (brother, let us go I will help you, do not worry…")

Gulam husein became very emotional to hear such reassuring words.
He profusely thanked him and both of them went home to get the burial going.

All 4 individuals carried the dead body to the burial grounds. There was no one to go and dig the hole for burying the body because there was no extra person. But the villager showed a newly dug hole for the body in one corner. And said "look the kabar is ready"

Everyone was surprised who made the hole? But all four persons placed the dead body down inside the hole and buried it. The new villager performed the namaz and fatiha. The ceremony was solemnly completed and everyone was returning.

They came to the gates and performed the fatiha of 40 footsteps and now proceeded toward their homes. To everyone's surprise the stranger who helped them was no more to be seen. He left them somewhere on the returning path.

They did not reckon. They tried to locate him but of no avail. They did not even know his name. Gulam Hussein felt very ashamed he had not even thanked him .nor did he asked his name.

He prayed saying, "he was such a nice man, Ya Mawla how do I find him.Mawla you know everything!"

Two long years passed to this event. The political situation improved.
Racial riots were controlled and people were living peacefully.

Imame Zaman Sultan Mohammad shah 's Padhramni happened in Karachi. All the Ismailis from neighboring province were gathered in Karachi for the Deedar. Gulamhussein's family also went. Those days Imam used to meet each family and accept their mehmanis in person.
Gulamhusein placed one Mehmani for the benefit of the soul of his deceased mother.

Mawla asked the particulars "whose Mehmani is this?" "Mawla, Gulam Hussein who the Mukhi of Tando Allahyar, his mother ha passed away, this Mehmani is for the benefit of her soul" Mawla accepted the Mehmani and gave khanavadan.

Then he started making inquiries. What illnesses? He then inquired, "Did you call any jamat members from out of town? How did you handle the situation?"

Gulam Hussein remembered the day vividly with all the details.
He remembered how desperately he was seeking help from "Ali"
He described how a stranger came to help them and completed the funeral ceremony. He agreed it was a very difficult day he had begged his neighbors and fellow men but no one was willing to help.

", So I had cried for the help from you my Mawla I was praying from the bottom of my heart Ya ALI, Ya ALI , Ya ali"

Imam was smiling. "Then what happened?"

"I saw one Sindhi man at the corner of my street. He was a noble man. He helped like a Farishta but he went away without bidding goodbye"

"Are woh Farishta nahin tha balke tumhara mushkil kusha khud tha!voh main hi tha . mere pyare ruhani bachcho ki khatir main khud aata hun yeh kam main farishto ke bharose nahin chhodta"

"Well it was no angel but it was your Mushkil kusha, it was none but myself I myself came to help my spiritual child. I do not leave such tasks to the angels I like to do it myself"

Gulamhusein started weeping listening to this remarkable validation by Mawla! He bowed down and expressed his total submission and faith and expressed: "Ya Mawla was that you? You had to take so much trouble for me? I am sorry about that!"

"I am always ready to help my murids. Whoever calls my name in difficulties, I reach them instantaneously, the only condition being it has to be from the bottom of the heart with complete faith. I really enjoy doing my duty which is to help my true momins."said Mawla.

He gave more khanavadan to the family.

"Je koi leve amara naam …tena to ame kariye re kam:
Amne ridya ma rakhen jeh ,tene ame kadi nav daiye chheh"(peer Saderdin)

Whoever calls on my name...? I complete their tasks.
Whoever keeps me in their hearts, I never disappoint them in their call. (Peer Saderdin)


Teepeteepe sarovar bharay (Gujarati book)
Author:Missionary Jafferali Bhalvani
Nov 10th 1969
English translation by
Dolly Chandani M.D.
Aug 18th 2008
Los angeles California
devotional nazrana for golden jubilee
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Joined: 21 Apr 2003
Posts: 1665

PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank u very very much for sharing these stories.
Karim, what do you mean by ABD?
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Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 15037

PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

star_munir wrote:
Thank u very very much for sharing these stories.
Karim, what do you mean by ABD?

Interesting question Munir. I have no idea. Perhaps Dolly Chandani who translated the anecdote, may be able to tell you, if she reads this post
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Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 15037

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My grand father is present here

The year was 1954. Imame zaman was Sultan Mohammadshah. He sent his 2 grandsons Prince Karim Alhuseini and Prince Aminmohammad to visit the Jamats of East Africa and Madagascar. They were visiting the jamats with a written Talika from the Imame Zaman and some verbal guidance. Prince Karim was 17 years old then.

The Written message which was being read to the jamat was as follows:

My Dear spiritual children,

It is very important for you to know that, in this world where every human being is unduly busy and involved in rightful or wrongful activity in pursuit of happiness, you must not forget that "Bandagi" is the only sure key to the happiness. You all must gather in the jamatkhana and pray regularly with clean heart and pure devotion. This is the sure key to the sucess in your bussiness and personal life. Never forget Bandagi is the only sure road to sucess in your personal and professional life.

The African Jamats were overjoyed to receive the 2 young members of Noorani Family, the following incident happened in Madagascar.

As usual, the wealthy and influential Jamati members were over enthusiastic to provide accommodation and transport and living amenities for the members of the Noorani family.The beautiful bunglow made ready for them was a bit away from the town but there were many cars kept ready for the Princes and the leadership to commute back and forth.
Some members bought brand new motorcars to provide transport for
Prince Karim Alhuseini and Prince Amin Mohammad.

There were more than one Jamati member who wanted to offer their cars for khidmat. From the airport to the residence one member's car was used. After rest when they were proceeding to Jamatkhana in the evening they had a choice. Prince karim picked the car which was parked first in the drive way. Like a typical young man he hopped in the driver's seat and Prince Amin Mohamad in the passenger seat. The owner of the car and the mukhisaheb promptly sat in the back seat. Prince Karim drove off.

The other cars with other leaders were following them. After about 4 miles of driving when jamatkhana was about 4 miles away, there was a very acute curvature to the road while passing through the curve of the road Prince Karim missed a bit and hit against a tree. He tried to avert it but there was a hit !

Everyone behind and the leaders freaked out, deeply worried.
No one was injured, only there was some damage to the front body of the car and it made a bang because of the impact. No person had even a scratch. Mukhisaheb quickly came out to make sure their Nurani Family guests were alright and said Sukhar Alhamdallah for safety. He was very nervous.

He then asked Prince Karim that may be he should send a telegraph to Imame Zaman, their grandfather that there was an accident but that both his grandsons are fine and no one is injured.

To this Prince Karim Agakhan replied,"There is no need to inform my grandfather. My grandfather is the Imam. He knows everything. My grandfather knows that I am not injured, in fact he himself is present here".

Everone present there looked at Prince Karim in awe!
The 2 princes then sat in the second car and everyone reached the Jamatkhana in time.

Everyone was talking in the jamatkhana about the accident and Prince Karim's comment.

He was not an Imam then! Imam is an Imam in His substance since the time he is in the form of a sperm in the body of his father. He is not known to the world in his true essence. But his potentials are present.

Imam is Akale kul ( He has the knowledge of everything) we must not forget this.

Pyara Imam Ni Pyari vaato (India)
part 2, page 13 and 14
authors: Sairab Abuturabi and Jafferali Bhalwani
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Joined: 27 Mar 2003
Posts: 15037

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As received.....


He served Imam as a Mukhi for several years.

One day after many years as a Mukhi he submitted his resignation when few of the Jamati members were giving him hard time and were uncooperative in his work. Mowla seemed unhappy to see his resignation and said I know some people are troubling you but can you not tolerate them for my sake?

Meghji remained quiet.

Mowla continued, each one comes with their own complains and problems to me but there was only one person who understood my pain and my problems and that was Vazir Ismail Junagadhwala and I thought you were like my Vazir Ismail but….Meghji stopped mowla from saying any thing more and withdrew his resignation and continued his duty for many more years.

He never complained but served with great love and devotion.
One sad event happened, his only son Hussein died in a very youthful age but Meghji remained patient and bold and suffered silently without any complains. the jamat was crying but he remained strong.

One time it was a salgirah khushyali and everyone was dancing in joy. The year was 1925 and the date was november 2nd. It was Imam's birthday. Mowla was present in the jamat for the celebration. The Bombay city was loud with orchestra and music and decorations and songs by Ibrahim Jusab and poet Aabd. There were dandiya raas and mamera processions from Kandi mohallah to darkhana and from there joined by the Ismaili leadership wearing red and gold robes and golden hats , the entire parade was moving towards the Agahall where Imam was seated on a beautiful chair near the fountain. Meghji mukhi was sitting on the floor near mowla's chair.

There was a beautiful fireworks show and plenty of lightings and decoration the place looked like a heaven. Joy everywhere. Meghji mukhis eyes were full of tears. Mowla noticed him, asked him: "Why are you crying Meghji?"

Meghji quickly wiped the tears and said it was sheer happiness. Mowla tapped his back and asked what the reason for crying was? Now Meghji really broke down and started weeping like a child. Mowla asked for water for him. "Drink this water, and look everyone is enjoying I do not want you to be sad."

"Mowla I am not sad, I just remembered my son Hassan ali who if alive today would be participating in the band or volunteering and celebrating as well."

Mowla lovingly stated "Mukhi, Hassanali is present spiritually. All my murids from beginning till now who have passed away are present and participating in the joy of today. Be grateful mukhi that you have been blessed with Imam's love and service."

Mukhi made a sazda and expressed his gratitude and then humbly said, "I am getting old and I may be weak and die soon who will give me strength and support when I am weak?"

"Don't worry Mukhi at that time my son will come and behave like your son and fulfill your wishes and give you water. This is my promise to you."

Many years passed after this event. Imam was in Europe. Prince Aly khan was sent by the Imam to visit the Jamats of Karachi and
Bombay. To welcome Prince Aly khan a delegation under the leadership of Meghji Mukhi arrived in Karachi. Unfortunately Meghji fell sick in Karachi and needed to be hospitalized.

When Prince Aly khan landed in Karachi, first thing he did was to go to hospital to see Meghgji Mukhi. When he entered the room he saw Mukhi sleeping and a nurse taking vital signs periodically and caring for him. Prince Aly khan asked her to let him sit next to the Mukhi. He sat and put his hand on Mukhi's head and fondly asked, "How are you Mukhi?" Mukhi opened his eyes and was surprised to see Prince Alykhan.

"My father instructed me to come and take care of you as soon as I reach Karachi." He gave him some water to drink with his own hands.
The Mukhi was at peace. He passed away next day after he met Prince Aly khan. Thousands of Ismailis carried his coffin to the ship going to Bombay. His dead body was shipped to Bombay where he was buried with great dignity and honor.

What is true repentance?

This incident is from the time of Imam-e-Zaman Shah Sultan Mohammad Shah.

It was also the time of Varas Rahim Baseria in Karachi.

There was an Ismaili named Allana Bhalu living in Karachi.

He was born Ismaili but during youth and middle age he gave up Ismaili faith under the influence of some bad friendship. Not only he gave up Ismaili faith but he started slandering the Imam and started a propaganda and a magazine criticizing the Ismaili faith and the Imame Zaman. He was also slandering the private life of the Imame Zaman. He lost his ethical and moral behaviors and became like an animal.

He was trying to throw dust at the Sun!

But the sun cannot be affected by such mean actions!

He was living by himself towards his later life. The wife passed away.

He had one daughter (Kulsum) who was married and gone to her husband. She was a good momin. She disliked father's behavior since she was a staunch Ismaili and so were her husband and his family. When Allana Bhalu left the Ismaili faith she stopped talking to him and never visited him or kept relation.

Allana Bhalu lived with his bad company and bad social habits for many years.

He suddenly became very ill; the illness kept progressing and reached a point when it was apparent that he would not recover. He still had worldly wealth to give away. He wrote to the daughter requesting her to come and visit him. He wrote 2 letters but she did not reply. Finally he wrote he is very ill and on the brink to die that she must visit him otherwise his soul would be restless after death.

She heeded and came to Karachi to visit the lonely father. Father was pleased to see the daughter Kulsum. He conceded that he is going to live for only a short period and he wanted to give what ever belonged to him to her. The daughter expressed her feeling that since the father had left Ismailism and done activities to hurt Mawla she was very saddened. And she was forced to break up from him. She also expressed that she was very worried about his soul. She really would like to wish well for his soul so that it does not go to hell! But she was appalled by his undesirable activities and habits. She counseled the father about his own behavior and the possible outcome. She explained to him that love and devotion to Hazar Imam is the duty of every true momin instead of love if you give hatred to our Mawla and deeds to hurt him what could be the possible result?

She said she will not touch a penny of his inheritance.

It was Haraam for her!

She was about to leave after talking to his father when suddenly Allana Bhalu’s heart felt a lightening change!

All his past came in front of his eyes like a movie and he felt very ashamed and sorry!

He started weeping!

He realized he had done unforgivable activities and deeds!

He became very restless. he felt very resentful!

But now what?

Is there any way out?

He asked forgiveness of the daughter and asked her to help him pray.

Kulsum said" It is never too late. It is good to start a new whenever you realize you have done wrong. She said Mawla is Raheman Rahimi He will certainly forgive if you ask for his forgiveness with true heart." Both of them started intense supplicatory prayers for forgiveness of the sins done in the past.

She approached the council and expressed her father's desire to be readmitted to the Jamat but council could not help considering his anti Jamat and anti Imam Activities.

So now the only way was to pray at home and ask for forgiveness from Mawla in person when he visits Karachi.

Those days Imame Zaman used to give Deedar frequently in India and Pakistan (then Hindustan) .There were no entry passes required.

To Alana’s good fortune deedar was announced in a short period.

Imame Zaman Sultan Mohammad Shah arrived.

Plenty of Jamat had gathered for the deedar.

Kulsum and his father Allana Bhalu were sitting in one corner, continuously supplicating and asking for forgiveness of the past deeds. His eyes were full of tears as he felt true repentance in his heart.

Mawla was going around giving deedar to all the murids.

When he passed Allana Bhalu who was weeping incessantly he stopped.

Mawla looked at him and said" Allana Bhalu don't cry. I am forgiving you. I am not unhappy with you."

Allana continued weeping and said "But Mawla I have talked so much bad about you will you still forgive me?

How can I be the recipient of your grace?" “Look, Allana Bhalu! Look at my coat. How is it? Is it not white? There is not a single stain. My heart is like that for you today.

There is not a single stain; I have forgiven you whole heartedly.

Our house is a house of patience and forgiveness.

What else do you desire?"

"Please Mawla purify me, give me a Chhata of Bakshamni and readmit me back to the Ismailism"

"Mukhi will put Chhata for you. I am today pleased with you tell me now if you need anything else."

"Ya Mawla now that I am purified and forgiven I do not wish to live in this world anymore please call me back to you"

Achha Achha! (Ok, Ok!) That will soon happen! Bahot Dua Aashis! (lots of blessings!)

Mawla moved away from him.

On third day after the deedar Allana Bhalu passed away peacefully.

Imame Zaman was informed of his death by the leadership.

Imam said "I know it. I had promised him I will call him soon. I fulfilled my promise” he added: "Look Allana was a good man he repented sincerely and freed himself. You all must go for his funeral. Whoever will take part in his funeral will be greatly rewarded. their sins will be forgiven."

Thousands of murids turned up for his funeral, following Imam's instruction.

This is the result of true repentance and Mawla's grace!

One should never be despondent of one's sins and past deeds.

Allah is all merciful and forgiving!

Always remember him and ask for his mercy!

You will experience the grace in your life! Guaranteed! One condition though, it must be sincere heart felt repentance with a promise not to repeat the sins again!


Gujarati book "Mawla ni madhur vaato" part 3

page21 -26
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PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 6:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As received....

Subject: Our Imams: anecdotes to remember


Pl read when you have a few minutes to spare…

Aga Ali shah said,: only momins recognize miracles in their day to day existence.


In 1899 MSMS said: "know and read more about your faith, for those who know it, study even further. All the wealth of this world cannot compare even minutely to the priceless nature of your faith. Your faith is more precious than countles diamonds, rubies and precious stones.
When we give "Khanavadhans" it is for your worldly and spiritual upliftment and to give you the courage to face any worldly difficulties.."


"Apaar sukh chhe Ali charnay, taaray janam dukh."
( infinite peace lies at the feet of your lord(Ali), which eliminates the sorrows of many past life deeds)


In the history of our past 48 Imams, Only 5 have celebrated their Golden Jubilee, 3 celebrated their Diamond Jubilee, and MSMS thus far the only Imam to celebrate His Platinum Jubilee.

Jan 19 1936 Hasnabaad, Bombay? March 1st 1936 Nairobi? Only 30,000 murids participated in Hasnabaad?

In 1946 during MSMS Diamond Jubilee, army like camps were organized to facilitate the large Jamats that had gathered for the celebrations. MSMS told his driver to take him into the camp for an early morning visit. The car stopped at camp #2 beside 4 barracks, A very emotional 90 year old man sat up on his bed when Mowla approached him. Mowla looked into his eyes and bestowed "khanavadaan" and left. The man's prayers were answered and He went back to sleep never to awake again.

Later,leaders of the Jamat reported to MSMS "aaj bohot baraa mayaat ho gayaa, Khudavind du'a karo enaa gunaa maaf thaai", MSMS replied "Dekho koi gunah ko Problem naai hey wo hamaaraa huzur may ponch gaai hey".

Trans: khudavind a great soul departed today, convey forgiveness for his sins. MSMS replied," There is no need for that, His soul is with me in the spiritual world."
He was liberated from his physical body.

(Similar incidents took place in the United Kingdom and in Canada, in Toronto and Vancouver, during 2008 Golden Jubilee padramnis, where elderly members of the Jamat departed from their earthly existence within a day or two after performing the "Deedar" in their respective cities.)


10th August 1946 Daressalaam - Diamond Jubilee. -For 2 days the weather had been windy and rainy. The leaders suggested putting a tarp over the stadium, MSMS replied, to leave the stadium uncovered, since angels and ruhanis would also descend from the heavens to view the celebrations, and that the weather would improve.


Platinum Jubilee 3 Feb 1955?, Cairo 22 Feb 1955

I went to Houston on a waez tour,a friend of mine, tarika member told me of an incident of his Daadaa (grandfather), who had remained mukhi till the age of 78. During diamond Jubilee He was 80, and was taken in a joli (carraige) by volunteers and placed beside the main hall entrance. MSMS passed by and said (Malaa Mukhi Tum Kaisay ho? (How are you?)khudavind Bohot saaru chu ( I am well ) MSMS -(Ham Bohot khush hey, maango, kyaa maangtaa hey (I am very happy ask whatever you desire) Grandfather-(Mowla Keep my Iman (faith) steadfast till my last breath and I wish to see your platinum Jubilee) MSMS-(Shabaash -Tumaari umeed poori ho jaai (Congratulations, your desire will be fulfilled)

Later,at the platinum Jubilee darbaar, MSMS again met Maalaa Mukhi (grandfather). MSMS turned to Mataa Salaamat and said do you remember this man? Than he looked at my grandfather and said, Ask me again what do you desire? He replied Khudavind, what more can I ask for, you have given me a long life and fulfilled my desire to see the jubilees, now Pray that I may be blessed with your Noorani deedar. Later that evening my grandfather passed away.


On December 13 2008 At Aiglemont the leaders were addressed by Hazar Imam with a very profound talika - of 13 pages which resonated in its message with the silver jubilee talika. Never in the history of the Jamat, have we received such long talikas.

During the Silver Jubilee, Hazar Imam had said- (25 years ago close to mid day my Grandfather bequeathed me the Imamat ...The Noor of Ali which is in me as I stand before you)-Not exact. In Golden Jubilee Mowla said I place my hand on the shoulder of each every murid around the world )-not exact.


In chicago my friend stood at the hotel elevator, for long periods of time while he watched Hazar Imam at a distance. He had not been able to achieve official audience with Hazar Imam. Later, He got a call from Mowla's secretary that if he wanted to meet Hazar Imam he should come to his room at 7.00 a.m. the next morning. My friend called his father, wife and daughter to join him, and his father was in the hall 5 minutes early, and told his son (I don't know english and I don't know if Hazar Imam knows urdu or gujraati. My friend replied ( Dad, He knows all languages, and when Imam came to meet us He first went to my father and said "Aap kaisey ho, Aap ki tabiiyat kaisee hey? (how are you? how is your health) Than Hazar Imam said where is the tray you brought for me? Bring it. (there had been some problem getting official approval to present a nazrana?) Hazar Imam put his hand on the tray, and He affectionately blessed my five and half year old daughter, and I told Mowla she sings a small prayer everyday, and Mowla replied I am always listening and responding to her prayers.

During the intezaar (awaiting padramni) program during MSMS bombay padramni a missionary was doing a waez on Yaddullahi (4th part of du'a)
The whistle blew announcing MSMS arrival, the missionary took his seat without completing his waez. MSMS stood up and said (Tum ko pataa hey yadullahi kyaa hey- than he stood up raised His coat sleeve and said Dehkho Yadulla ye hey.

Mowlana Imam Baqir was asked the meaning of a certain verse, Mowla replied we are descendants of the love of the Prophet. Those who love us will be loved by us) There is nothing in religion of more importance than love, We will give salvation to those momins on the day of judgement. A similar firman by MSMS in 1937 says "You will have nothing to fear in this world if you have love for the descendants of Muhammed and Ali, this one hint includes all the beauty of religion (not exact)


MSMS was in ill health and he was breathless as he slowly walked up to the Bunglee (baitul khyal hall) He stopped half way up the landing and Mukhi requested a chair for Mowla. Mowla turned to Mukhi and said (Mukhi ham itnaa takleef kyu(n) leteh hey?( Mukhi, why am I making such effort to see the Jamat?) Mukhi replied (we are grateful-Ame shukar che) MSMS-( Mukhi Ham jamaat ko bohot chaatey ke tum ham ko itnaa nai cha sakhteh- Mukhi we love the Jamat to a degree that cannot be reciprocated)


Firman of Shah Karim - I will take the face of each and every one of you.........My love for my Jamat is much stronger than yours can ever be for me.....(not exact)


Recently during Golden Jubilee, the Jamat of Iskaashin undertook a long journey on foot for didaar. A delegation in a Jeep noticed one elderly lady tiring and continually sitting, and the driver offered her a lift. She was 74 years old and appreciated the kind offer but responded have been walking for 13 hours so another 2 hours for didaar is no big deal)

Mowlana Hazar Imam Shah Karim said (No Ocean, desert or mountain can seperate the Imam's love from his Jamat -not exact)


Kaderali Patel was Hazar Imam's religious education teacher when Mowla was very young. Missionary was explaining concepts of Allah Hu Akbar and Sirjanhaar, Mowla said to Missionary Kaderali,at the age of seven that He had contributed to the creation.


While doing a waez on Friday, The Prophet was supporting his back on a pillar,and than stopped and called the congretion closer. He said, when I leave here after my sermons, this pillar cries for me in the pain of seperation. He said, give this pillar a human burial after my demise.

Aga Ali shah said no matter how educated one is in this world, without love for faith, one is like a dead tree whose roots have dried up.


A mother was crying in rememberence of the demise of her daughter. Hazar Imam shah Karim asked mukhi why is she crying ? Mukhi replied khudavind "she lost her daughter". Mowla gave du'a and said she is in a very nice place, but being a mom she cried again, than Mowla said, I promise you today, when you die your daughter will receive you there. daughter". Mowla gave du'a and said she is in a very nice place, but being a mom she cried again, than Mowla said, I promise you today, when you die your daughter will receive you there.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:17 am    Post subject: Pyara Imam Ni Pyaari Vaatu Reply with quote

YAM everyone,

Just wanted to know...does anyone have an english copy of the above mentioned book? I have been trying to find it for a while now, unsuccessfully. Please contact me if you have it or even if you know where I can get it from.
Many thanks in advance!!
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:56 pm    Post subject: English translation never made. Reply with quote

As per my knowledge English translation never made for 'PYARA IMAM NI PYARI VATO" its only available in Gujarati. If you need Gujarati copy of this book please e-mail me @ not forget to put _ between agakhani and 786) and I will give telephone # and address where you can purchase this book, please note that I am not book seller.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 8:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

An Ismaili Youth’s Rare Moment With Imam Sultan Mahomed Shah
By Akber Premji
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Loving Tales of our Beloved Imams: (I) Farazdaq’s Praise and Support of Imam Zainul Abideen (a.s.)

By Sairab Abuturabi and Jaferali Bhalwani

English rendition by Sakar H. Datoo
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Mawla Fulfilled My Wish”
A Heart-Warming Story from Hazrat Imam Sultan Mahomed Shah’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

By Sakerkhanu Gulamhusain Gulamali
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Hazar Imam knows each and every Ismaili murid.....believe it or not.

On October 18th 1948, the Ismailis residing in Europe had hosted a big dinner in honor of Imame Zaman Sultan Mohammad Shah and Mata Salamat.
The program was at the famous Ritz hotel in London.
Ismailis from London ,Paris ,Portugal, Ireland ,Brussels,and few from Africa and other surrounding places had gathered.

A short while before the arrival of Imame Zaman a young man entered the hall and said he was coming from Karachi and he was an Ismaili and would like to join the function
He gave some donation and sat with other murids.

After sometime Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah arrived , gave blessings and sat down .
After a little while Mata Salamat arrived.
Flowers and garlands were presented to the Imam and Mata Salamat
Imame Zaman was in a good mood.

After that suddenly he became very serious.
Imam looked at that young man who had recently joined.
He called him closer and asked him who he was and where was he coming from?
The man replied he was an Ismaili and was coming from Karachi.
On hearing his answer Imam became very angry.
And with a loud angry voice said, " You are not an Ismaili and you are coming from Ceylon You are lying"
Imam asked the leaders to call the security and hand him over to the police.
Imam's voice was so loud and angry that everyone around started shaking .
The management staff of the hotel also came to check what was the problem.
The Ismaili leaders became apologetic to the Imam ,asking forgiveness for the error.
At that time Imam said,:"How would you know he is not an Ismaili, you are not Imam.
This man is from Ceylon and he is a journalist for a news paper".

The man was arrested
Imame Zaman once again was completely normal

Next day there were news and picture of the arrested man and a story in the famous news paper Times:

"Although Aghakhan has millions of Murids but he knows each and everyone of them This was a live example of that fact"
It made the headlines.

Bhalvani Bhandol part 3 ( Gujarati language1965)
Page 95
Article #35
Author : Vazir Jafferali Bhalvani
English translation:
Dolly Chandani M.D.
Los Angeles California. Sept 10th 2009
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