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Creativity knows no frontiers: it is not of the East nor the West, of the North nor the South, but it sometimes needs awakening, to be set alight, to be shown a purpose. I believe such a time is now. [Speech 25 Sept. 1979

-- Aga Khan IV

First Ismaili Electronic Library and Database - Welcome to the First web site dedicated to H.H. The Aga Khan and Ismailism.

Last Updated on September 29, 2016 - 00:01 EST

Here's a page where we have gathered some of the [main sections
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January 1970, Mowlana Hazar Imam presents Mrs. Shokat Fancy, daughter in law of Count Amirali Fancy, a set of silver-plated coin. Detailed event description of the visit[Click for more]


2016, September 21: H.H. The Aga Khan has received The Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship at a ceremony held in Toronto. In his speech, H.H. The Aga Khan said "Pretending that our differences are trivial will not persuade most people to embrace pluralistic attitudes. In fact, it might frighten them away. People know that differences can be challenging, that disagreements are inevitable, that our fellow-humans can sometimes be disagreeable. As Madame Clarkson has famously said, and I am quoting her here: “the secret to social harmony is learning to live with people you may not particularly like.” My fear is that talking only about our common humanity might seem to threaten people’s distinctive identities. And that can complicate the challenge of pluralism. Who am I? Qui suis-je? We all must pose that question. Answers will grow out of basic loyalties - to family, faith, community, language, which provide a healthy sense of security and worth. But if the call for pluralism seems to dilute those old loyalties, then that new call may not be effective. Embracing the values of Global Citizenship should not mean compromising the bonds of local or national citizenship. The call of pluralism should ask us to respect our differences, but not to ignore them, to integrate diversity, not to depreciate diversity. " [More news and photos here!] [Speech] [Video of the whole event]

24 August 2016 - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Princess Zahra attended the ceremony for the expansion of the Aga Khan Hospital. Princess Zahra Aga Khan, said her institution came up with the idea of expanding the hospital in Dar es Salaam following the increase of cases of non-communicable diseases. - [Click here for more photos and news!]

2016, August 8: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — The Aga Khan Hospital is implementing a Sh176 billion expansion project that will see the facility match the international status it attained last week from the Joint Commission International. The hospital will increase the number of beds from 74 to 170 and has set aside Sh3 billion for training young health professionals abroad. [News here]

2016, July 31: In Africa, there are nine such hospitals and Aga Khan Hospital is the first hospital in Tanzania to achieve JCI accreditation. Chief Medical Officer, Professor Muhammad Kambi, said it was a great achievement and urged the hospital to keep working hard in delivering health services as it would bring positive impact on the overall healthcare in the country. Prof Kambi also appreciated the offer made by the Aga Khan Hospital to work with the government on improving safety and quality standards across all hospitals countrywide. [here!]

2016, July 23 - Dubai - 2 000 athletes, 2 400 volunteers and 11 000 spectators from around the world in Dubai for the 2016 Jubilee Games. Photos, several Videos including the one when he take the baby in his hands and others: [News from start to closing ceremony, photos and several videos- Click Here!]

2016, June 22 - Paris, France: Prince Karim Aga Khan and Member of 'Academie des Beaux-Arts', photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand attend Dominique Perrault becomes a Member of the 'Academie des Beaux-Arts', Architecture Section : Official Ceremony - [More Photos and speech in French - Click!]

2016-06-25 His Highness The Aga Khan's horse Harzand wins the Irish Derby - “Now it’s forwards and upwards and I will speak with his highness (owner, His Highness Aga Khan) but obviously the Arc de Triomphe will be his target.” - [click for more news] [Video of the Interview given by H.H. The Aga Khan after his horse Harzand wins the Irish Derby

2016-06-04 - H.H. The Aga Khan maintains the family grip on one of the greatest prizes in racing, the Derby. (Photo: GETTY and Channel 4 Racing) Harzand finished ahead of the race favourite - But for the Aga Khan it extended a tradition started by his grandfather in 1930. Blenhem was the first of five Derby winners for the current Aga’s predecessor and was followed by Bahram (1935), Mahmoud (1936), My Love (1948) and Tulyar in 1952. - ["Click for more]

2016, May 24 - Gilgit, Pakistan– In its push to provide health care in large underserved areas of Pakistan, and to complement the Government’s efforts to attain the Sustainable Development Goals in health, an Aga Khan Medical Centre was inaugurated today by Princess Zahra Aga Khan and Prince Rahim Aga Khan. [More]

May 20, 2016 - Princess Zahra and others leave the ICT after a meeting with H.H. The Aga Khan - Tons of photos by our staff and others have been added with few interesting videos links on our IsmailiHeritage Channel on Youtube and in [Forum Section

2016, May 19: Toronto, Canada - Annual Pluralism Lecture 2016 - Justice Albie Sachs,formerly of the Constitutional Court of South Africa - "The Battle for the South African Constitution: Protecting Minorities through Power-Sharing or a Bill of Rights?" With introductory remarks by His Highness the Aga Khan and an audience dialogue moderated by David Walmsley, Editor-in-Chief of the Globe and Mail. Join the Centre on May 19, 2016 at 6:30 EST for the live stream presentation via the Globe and Mail. [More] [WEBCAST LIVE HERE at 7:30pm ET]]

2016, May 20: Toronto, Canada - H.H. The Aga Khan received an Honorary Degree from the Pontifical Medieval Studies Institute at St. Michael's College in Toronto (81 Mary's Street).[ More]

2016, May 16: H.H. The Aga Khan and his brother Prince Amyn landed at 4:30pm and were welcomed by Ambassador Eboo and others. He looked very happy and waved at us, about 20 Ismailis, outside the airport. The Imam arrived at 5pm at Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Canada.

2016, May 17 - Tuesday 4:00 p.m. The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with his Highness the Aga Khan in the Office of the Prime Minister, Parliament Hill, Ottawa. About 40 Ismailis were in the crowd gathered at the entrance. There was an athmosphere of jubilation and the Imam waved when he came and he went back at the end of his meeting. He went directly to the airport and his plane arrived in Toronto around 7pm.

2016, May 11. Lisbon, Portugal - His highness has arrived in Portugal for a 2 days meetings and will meet with the President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the prime minister, António Costa, and with Augusto Santos Silva, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He will be attending a dinner hosted on his behalf by the President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa in Cidadela de Cascais. [More photos and news]

2016, April 27 - Nairobi, Kenya - Princess Zahra Aga Khan attended the Kenya Countdown to 2015 Country Case Study Report: Understanding the Past to Impact the Future in Ending Preventable Maternal, Newborn and Child Deaths and met the First Lady H.E. Margaret Kenyatta at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi. [ Lots of photos and more - Click here!]

2016, April 25 - Daily Nation - Construction of the Aga Khan University campus in Arusha is set to take off soon, its officials have announced. The site covers 3,200 acres, of which the potential area for investment rests on 1,700 acres. [More]

2016, April 12, Kigali, Rwanda - Prince Amyn Aga Khan payed tribute to Genocide Survivors at Kigali Memorial [More & Photo]

2016, April 1: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — The Aga Khan University (AKU) yesterday opened a new state-of-the art facility to groom nurses and midwives at degree level as part of the university's major plans to bridge the human resource gaps in Tanzania's health sector. The nursing school project, worth Sh2.95 billion, was officially launched yesterday in Dar es Salaam at a colourful event graced by the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr Gerd Muller. [More]

2016, March 17: Nairobi, Kenya - The new printing press to be launched by H.H. The Aga Khan on Thursday 17th March will be streamed live on Nation TV and Q-TV at 9.40am local time. [More Photos, Video and Speech]

2016, March 16: Nairobi, Kenya - H.H. The Aga Khan arrived in Kenya yesterday evening for a visit during which he will inaugurate the Nation Media Group’s new state-of-the-art printing press. This morning he attended a meeting with the Nation Media Group at the Serena. [More]

2016, February 21: Sharm el Shaikh, Egypt - H.H. The Aga Khan Keynote address Africa 2016 Summit on 21st February 2016 at 9.15am in Sharm el Sheikh. "What I see emerging today is a refreshingly, balanced confidence in Africa - a spirit that takes encouragement from past progress, while also seeking new answers to new challenges - understanding that the best way to move into the future is to walk hand-in-hand with partners who share one’s goals. And we are all here to fulfil that role." [Photos and News] [SPEECH] [[Video]

2016, February 20:- Cairo, Egypt - President Abdel Fattah El Sisi met on Saturday with H.H. The Aga Khan in Sharm el Sheikh, Presidential Spokesman Alaa Youssef said. Sisi hailed the positive role played the AKDN which – he considered – as an example of non-governmental organizations contributing to development in the society and creating jobs. The president hailed the AKDN foundation's efforts in Egypt, especially in the childhood development projects. [News]

2016, February 4: His Highness The Agakhan making statement today at the Support Syria Conference. The Imam has announces that the AKDN will support Syrians by increasing investment to $200m over next 4 years. [More]

2016, January, 26 - Princess Zahra Aga Khan To Open Asian Racing Conference by Press Release | 11.26.2015 | 9:04am - Princess Zahra Aga Khan will give the opening address at the Opening Ceremony of the 36th Asian Racing Conference at the National Sports Club of India in Mumbai on Monday, Jan. 26, 2016. The address has special significance given that the history of her family's involvement in racing and breeding began in India in the 1800's with Aga Khan I. [More here]

2015, december 24: Prince Hussain Aga Khan arrived at Kirawira Lodge in Serengeti Park in Tanzania for a 5 days trip [Photos] [Video]

2015, December 17 Kampala, Uganda - President Museveni and H.H. The Aga Khan performed the land ceremony of a Teaching Hospital under the Aga Khan University. The Uganda Government has gifted 60 acres Nakawa land for the construction. The Ceremony was held Thursday morning at the Serena Kampala. [Video].[More News and Photos] [Speech]

2015, December 13: Ottawa, Canada - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has sent his wishes to H.H. The Aga Khan and the Ismailis. He said: “It is with great affection that I extend my best wishes to His Highness the Aga Khan on the occasion of his 79th birthday. For more than fifty years, the Aga Khan has stood as a beacon of tolerance and compassion." [More]

2015, December 11: Nairobi, Kenya - The Aga Khan is expected in the country today to participate in the 52nd Jamhuri Day celebrations at the invitation of President Uhuru Kenyatta. During his short visit, his third in five years, the Aga Khan is expected to hold private talks with President Kenyatta and other key Government officials at State House, Nairobi. Jamhuri Day celebrations will take place on Saturday at Nyayo National Stadium. Later, he will depart for Uganda for the Land Grant and Initiation ceremony for the Aga Khan University Hospital, Kampala.[b] [More news, photos, video] [/b]

2015, December 3: Prince Amyn Aga Khan is the new Non-Resident Personal Representative to Bangladesh of his elder brother Karim Aga Khan. He presented his credentials to Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali on Thursday. The foreign ministry said Ali welcomed him to Bangladesh and felicitated him on his appointment. [More]

2015, November 12: H.H. The Aga Khan spoke at the Weatherhead Center for Internatonal Affairs on Challenges to Pluralism and Cosmopolitanism Today. After the lecture there was a conversation with Diana Eck – Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies; Member of the Faculty of Divinity, Harvard Divinity School; Fredric Wertham Professor of Law and Psychiatry in Society, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University. [More here] [Photos] [Anecdote] [ Speech at Jodidi 2015] [Interview] [VIDEO SPEECH] [Partial VIDEO of Imam with Jamat

2015, November 6 - Aga Khan visits UNHCR headquarters to discuss enhanced cooperation - H.H. The Aga Khan visited UNHCR headquarters today to meet UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres and discuss past and future cooperation in emergency operations around the world. UNHCR staff greeted the Aga Khan before he held private talks with Guterres followed by a meeting with senior UNHCR officials on the long-standing partnership between the Aga Khan Development Network and the UN refugee agency. The two sides looked at ways of further strengthening their partnership in the Middle East, Asia and East Africa. They discussed possible new joint initiatives in areas such as contingency planning; pluralism and diverse societies; and country specific cooperation in areas where AKDN is active as well as global advocacy to bridge the humanitarian-development divide. [More]

2015, November 6: GENEVA, Switzerland (Xinhua) -- The UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura met on Friday in Geneva with His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan to discuss the recent political developments and the humanitarian situation in Syria. [More]

2015, October 22: H.H. The Aga Khan spoke at the ICOMOS-UK Conference as Keynote Speaker to explain the importance of an integrated, multi-sector approach to cultural heritage and development as reflected in the work of the Aga Khan Development Network. ICOMOS-UK is launching its Cultural Heritage Manifesto in 50th Anniversary Year. [Speech] [Click for more]

2015, October 3: Paris, France: Horse Race at Longchamps- Win after Win! Princess Zahra, Princess Sara and C. Soumillion accept Arc de Triomphe Prize. Qatar Prix Chaudenay. 2nd Win: Qatar Prix de Royallieu for Candarliya who wins the 3rd Race. [More]

2015, September 15: His Highness the Aga Khan delivered a keynote address at the Stoa of Attalos on Tuesday, September 15th The International New York Times Athens Democracy Forum took place at the Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall and the Stoa of Attalos of the Ancient Agora. It has been convened in cooperation with the United Nations Democracy Fund, the City of Athens, and Kathimerini. [Photos] [Read Speech][Video].[More]

2015, July 31: An Interview of H.H. The Aga Khan and program by PBS at the Aga Khan Park inauguration in Toronto has been broadcast online on, on Friday, July 31st at 6pm. [Click for TRANSCRIPT and TV Program] [Click here for Extended INTERVIEW]

2015, July 27: Toronto, Canada - His Highness The Aga Khan arrived this Monday in Toronto to attend AKU Board of Trustees concluding session. On 28th July, he came out of the aga Khan Museum around 6pm and waved with both hands to the many people waiting to see him. The Flight leftToronto for Sardinia around 8am Wednesday 30 July 2015[More info here]

2015, June 3: Lisbon, Portugal - H.H. The Aga Khan arrived in Lisbon, Portugal and was welcomed by Minister Pedro Mota Soares on behalf of the Government of Portugal....He is expected to sign Wednesday a protocol with the Portuguese Government and to move some of his institution's headquarters to Portugal according to some local newspapers. For more, click here] [Read the 2009 and the 2015 Protocol of the Imamate with Portugal here]

2015, May 28: Toronto, Canada - Live Webcast at 19:30 EST - Annual Pluralism Lecture 2015 - Click here - Introductory Remarks by His Highness the Aga Khan - for Reconciling Unity and Diversity in the Modern Era: a talk by The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C. Chief Justice of Canada. [More news here!] Speech Here!

2015, May 26: His Highness The aga Khan arrived in Ottawa.from Toronto. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had a tête-à-tête meeting with His Highness the Aga Khan at 17:30 at the Office of the Prime Minister.[more]

2015, May 25: Toronto, Canada - The opening ceremony of the Aga Khan Park was shown in Live Webcast on AKDN website. Premier Kathleen Wynne will inaugurate the Aga Khan Park in the presence of His Highness the Aga Khan, founder and Chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network, and spiritual leader (Imam) of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, in Toronto on Monday, 25 May 2015. The 6.8-hectare park, Toronto’s newest cultural hub, encompasses the Aga Khan Museum and the Ismaili Centre, both of which were inaugurated last September. All three projects are examples of distinctive, world-class architecture and design, offering a major cultural and architectural contribution to Toronto and Canada. [More news here!] [Speeches here!]

2015, May 25: Toronto, Canada - H.H. The Aga Khan has visited Queens Park with Prince Amyn and Prince Hussain this morning from noon to 1:00pm - Premier Wynne of Ontario & H. H. The Aga Khan Signed a protocol of cooperation in the field of Education, Pluralism, Policy development - Watch the Ceremony [Video here!] [More news]

2015, May 13 - Karachi, Pakistan - Day of Sorrow - Gunmen on motorcycles have killed 45 Ismailis in a bus of Al-Azhar Garden Colony in the Pakistani city of Karachi -. Several governments and high profle people such as Kofi Annan have send messages of condolences to the community. H.H. The Aga Khan expressed his shock and sadness about the attack on Wednesday, condemning it as a “senseless act of violence against a peaceful community.” The attack was claimed by a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban known as Jundallah, which pledged allegiance to the Islamic State late last year. [Details here] [Mowla's Press Release] [List of victims and more news]

2015, May 8: The Ismaili Centre on Wynford Drive has picked up a pair of architectural design awards from the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA). The Celebration of Excellence Awards were held Friday, May 8, showcasing the best in design by Ontario’s architects. The Ismaili Centre, which is situated on a shared park with the Aga Khan Museum, was one of 20 buildings that picked up the Design Excellence Award. Additionally, the centre picked up the People’s Choice award, which was decided by public vote. [More]

2015, May 2: Restoration of the 14th century Amir Aqsunqur “Blue Mosque” in Al-Darb al-Ahmar has been completed by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) as part of the larger Al-Darb al-Ahmar Urban Regeneration Programme. The Minister of Antiquities, Mamdouh El Damaty, and the Governor of Cairo, Galal Said, joined His Highness the Aga Khan in marking the occasion at the Mosque. [Speech] [All News]
2015, April 21- Toronto, Canada - Prince Amyn visited early morning the Aga Khan Museum where he met early morning with staff and volunteers. He asked them to make the experience unique for the visitors, to show them the diversity and the dialogue of Islam.

2015, April 11: Prince Irfan Aga Khan born in Geneva on 11 April 2015. Congratulation to Princess Salwa and Prince Rahim! [Click for More]

2015, April 11: As the visit of H.H. the Aga Khan in India come to an end, we have gathered here some of the important events. Complete Itinerary, news, photos and videos of H.H. The Aga Khan's present visit to India [News here!] [Speech here!] [Video of Padma Award]

2015, April 11: HYDERABAD, India - Prince Aga Khan reviews Academy work - The spiritual leader of the Ismaili sect Prince Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan, founder and Chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network, visited the Aga Khan Academy here on Friday to review progress of the school.The Aga Khan was accompanied by his son Prince AlyMuhammed, his daughter Princess Zahra and her children Sara and Iliyan. The visit to the academy allowed the Aga Khan to assess first-hand the progress made since his last visit in September 2013 when the school was formally inaugurated. While at the academy, the Aga Khan toured the campus including the Athletics Centre, the Junior and Senior Schools, as well as the student residences. Together with members of his family, he met and interacted with teachers, staff and students. [More]

Photo 2015, April 8: New Delhi, India – His Excellency Pranab Mukherjee, President of India, today awarded His Highness the Aga Khan the Padma Vibhushan, one of the country’s highest civilian decorations, for his contributions to social development in India.

2015, April 7: New Delhi, India - Minister of State for Culture & Tourism, Dr. Mahesh Sharma to lay the foundation stone of Humayun’s Tomb Site Museum in the presence of H.H. Prince Aga Khan at 5:00 PM - The Aga Khan is accompanied with Princess Zahra, Prince Aly Muhammad and Princess Zahra's children, Sara and Ilyan. Follow this news updated regularly from now to the next few days on the link here: [More] [Video of arrival]

2015, April 6: Government of India announced the visit of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan to India from Monday, 6th April, 2015 to Saturday, 11th April, 2015. His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan arrives in New Delhi on Monday, 6th April, 2015 and is expected to meet with the highest levels of Government of India leadership including the Vice President and Prime Minister on Tuesday, 7th April, 2015. Later on during the day, His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan will be visiting Humayun’s Tomb to review the site details of the proposed museum and lay the foundation stone of the museum with the Union Tourism Minister – Dr Mahesh Sharma. The day’s activities will conclude with an evening banquet by the Government of India in honour of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan at Hydrabad House..

2015, March 30 - Bruxelles, Belgique - President Atambayev of Kyrgyzstan and His Highness the Aga Khan met in Brussels this evening, as part of an ongoing dialogue and partnership between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Aga Khan Development Network.(AKDN)

2015, March 20: Karachi, Pakistan - Habib Bank (HBL) is expected to enter the microfinance banking segment by acquiring Pakistan’s second largest microfinance bank in terms of the value of savings, according to a regulatory filing by the country’s biggest commercial bank on Thursday. “HBL intends to look at acquiring significant shareholding in First Microfinance Bank, which already has a base and presence in the microfinance sector all over Pakistan,” HBL said in the notice while choosing not to disclose the amount of investment it is willing to commit. However, under the statement of material facts that it published a fortnight ago along with its annual report for 2014, HBL disclosed that it is committed to investing a maximum amount of Rs2 billion in acquiring First Microfinance Bank ‘by way of equity’ over the next three years. HBL has 1,600 branches.[More]

2015, March 8: - AFRICA24 MEDIA and CCTV NEWS, as part of CCTV NEWS’s “Faces of Africa” series, present "THE AGA KHAN: CREATING A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR AFRICA”. Video About H.H. The Aga Khan building capacity of people with clips of interviews of the Imam. This program has been featured on Chinese television CCTV news [Click for Video] [VIDEO:THE AGA KHAN: CREATING A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR AFRICA]

2015, March 2: Kenya - H.H. The Aga Khan met President Uhuru Kenyatta at the State House in Nairobi this afternoon and departed from Nairobi on Tuesday 3 March around 1:00pm[For Photos of State House visit click here!]


2015, March 2: Nairobi, Kenya: H.H. The Aga Khan at the AKU Convocation in NAIROBI - His Highness The Aga Khan announced that soon two more Schools, Leadership and Management as well as Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism will share the building with the Media School of the AKU in Nairobi. Expanded knowledge will be key to progress. The Arusha Campus will open In 2019 . [NEWS here!] [Speech at AKU Convocation] [Photos of AKU Convocation] [Video]


2015, February 26: Kampala, Uganda: H.H. The Aga Khan and Princess Zahra at the AKU Convocation in KAMPALA - [PHOTOS and NEWS here] [VIDEO and Speech]


2015, February 24: Dar s Salaam, Tanzania - H.H. The Aga Khan at the AKU Convocation in Dar es Salaam - "Today, the Aga Khan University remains the only privately supported University with major academic programs on both the Asian and the African continents. Over a relatively short time span, we have extended our work into eight different countries. We created two degree or diploma programs in the 1980s, two more in the 1990s, and another 21 programs since the year 2000. Altogether, we have graduated over twelve thousand students – over 2000 here in East Africa." -[READ SPEECH] [NEWS and PHOTOS] [VIDEO LINK]


2015, February 26: East Africa - Aga Khan to invest $1.2B in education and health in East Africa -The Aga Khan was speaking at the 15th Convocation ceremony for the Aga Khan University where 49 students graduated in various medical disciplines at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Thursday morning. His Royal Highness the Aga Khan has promised an improvement in Uganda’s health and education sector that will see Ugandans stop seeking treatment abroad. He says this will be possible with investment in education institutions and medical workers. [See news and video from NTV here]

2015, February 23: The Jamat in Tanzania celebrated the arrival Friday evening at 8:45pm of H.H. The Aga Khan was welcomed in Dar es Salaam on Friday 20 february 2015 by Minister Bernard Kamilius Membe. Tanzanian Government Ministers, the AKDN Resident Representative and the President of the Ismaili Council. On 23rd of February, His Excellency Dr Jakaya Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania granted the Aga Khan University (AKU) its charter under Tanzanian law, marking the first time such recognition has been given to a foreign-based institution of higher learning. [More]

H.H. The Aga Khan has arrived in East Africa to attend the 15th Anniversary of the establishment of AKU in East Africa. His Highness the Aga Khan will be presiding at the 2015 Convocation ceremonies as follows:

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Tuesday, 24th February [More here] Princes Zahra to accompany H.H. The Aga Khan. Frequently updated during the visit! [Many photos added on 24Feb]
• Kampala, Uganda – Thursday, 26th February [More here] Frequently updated during the visit!
• Nairobi, Kenya – Monday, 2nd March : [More here ] Frequently updated during the visit!

2015, February 17: Thousand years old priceless tresor of 2,000 Fatimid gold coins found off coast of Palestine. [More]

2015, February 5: The India Harmony Foundation presented The Chishti Awards, 2014, on Thursday to The Aga Khan Trust for Culture. [Click here to see the Webcast from

2015, January 25: H.H. The Aga Khan to receive from President of India the Highest India Award (Padma Award) as announced this year More here!

2015, January 10: His Highness The Aga Khan's plane left Montreal this morning at 8:30am EST for Paris, France.

2014, December 4 - London. U.K. in his statement at the London Conference for Afghanistan, His Highness The Aga Khan announced further innovations, including in cross-border hydropower, mobile banking, tele-medicine, and support to small and medium enterprises to serve even the most marginalised populations. He also highlighted these four areas for consideration: [News an Speech] [Video Speech]

2014, December 4: London, U.K. PM Nawaz Sharif meets the Aga Khan in London (Pamir Times) - During the meeting a range of issues pertaining to educational, social and economic development of Pakistan were discussed between the two leaders. The PM lauded efforts of the Aga Khan Development Network in Pakistan and other parts of the world. He said that the Aga Khan through his network is rendering valuable services in the field of education and health sectors, poverty eradication, and socio-economic uplift of the poor. A large number of leaders from around the world have gathered in London to attend the London Conference on Afghanistan. [More]

2014, November 21: Tehran, Iran - Iran plans to offer the historical Alamut Fortress to UNESCO for a possible inscription on the World Heritage list of the UN organization. Located in Alamut region in Iran’s Qazvin Province, the castle is a mountain structure built on a massive rock in an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level.The fabled ruin of Alamut Castle owns historical significance dating back to around 1090 AD, when Hassan Sabbah, the leader of Ismailites in Iran, chose the Alamut region as his headquarters. [News from Press-TV]

2014, November 19: Ottawa, Canada - Aga Khan Foundation to built at former war museum site - Danielle Dube wrote in the Ottawa Sun that "The building that once housed the Canadian war museum will be turned into a new international diversity research and educational centre. The NCC approved the site plan and design at its Board of Directors meeting Wednesday, a project that comes to no cost of the NCC in its development stages." The Global Centre for Pluralism will be a great addition to National Capital and making use of an empty heritage building at a prime location, said Russ Mills, chairman of the NCC. Construction for the centre is to begin in April 2015 and end in Oct. 2016.[ More]

2014, November 2: H.H. The Aga Khan arrived in the Kyrgyz Republic for a four day visit in the country. He was received by the Kyrgyz Minister of Education, Kanat Sadykov. During this visit, His Highness will travel to Naryn, where he will review progress on the construction of UCA’s main campus and brief provincial and local leaders on developments, including the opening of the Naryn campus which will admit its first undergraduate students in September 2016. He will also review developments of AKDN’s activities with the country’s senior leadership including His Excellency AlmazbekAtambayev, President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Speaker of Parliament AsylbekJeenbekov, Prime Minister Joomart Otorbayev, Minister for Foreign Affairs Erlan Abdyldaev and Education Minister Kanat Sadykov. AKDN has been engaged in the Kyrgyz Republic since 2000 operating the Aga Khan School in Osh, the Aga Khan Music Initiative, the First Microcredit Company, the Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank (KICB), Jubilee Insurance Kygyzstan and the Aga Khan Foundation working in Osh and Naryn in the fields of rural development, early childhood development, health, education and disaster reduction. [Kabar News and AKIpress]

2014, October 2014: H.H. The Aga Khan IV has announced to his Jamat (community) in a special message read in the Jamatkhanas (places of prayers and congregation) around the world that Princess Salwa, the wife of his eldest son Prince Rahim, is expecting her first baby. [More]

2014, October 20: Paris, France - H.H. The Aga Khan at the inauguration of the Louis Vuitton Fondation by French President, François Hollande. The Fondation has for mission to promote art and culture [More]

2014, October 4: Longchamps, Paris, France - H.H. The Aga Khan attended the Prix de Royallieu (Groupe II) and the Qatar Prix Daniel Wildenstein at the Hippodrome de Longchamp today Saturday. He was accompanied by Princess Zahra and her daughter Princess Sarah as well as Princess Salwa. H.H. The Aga Khan (center) is seen on the picture talking with the trainer Alain de Royer Dupré (left) and the jockey Christophe Soumillon (right)

2014, September 29: Kabul, Afghanistan The Afghan President Palace media office said in a statement just released that Prince Karim Aga Khan met with the former president Hamid Karzai on Monday. Prince Aga Khan was among the several foreign dinitaries who attended the presidential inauguration which was the first peaceful transition of power in the history of Afghanistan. [More]

2014, September 23: White House, USA: In a Press Statement released today, President Obama announced a new, groundbreaking initiative to support and connect civil society across the globe through the launch of Regional Civil Society Innovation Centers, in partnership with the Government of Sweden and the Aga Khan Development Network. Over the next two years, up to six networked Regional Civil Society Innovation Centers will be created worldwide. These Centers will connect civil society organizations at the regional and global level to each other, new partners, and resources; encourage peer-to-peer learning; provide civil society organizations and their networks with virtual and physical platforms to access tools and technologies that will bolster their work; and amplify civil society voices around the world. Civil society organizations, academia, and technology partners will provide additional financial and in-kind resources, as well as technical expertise, to enhance the value of the Centers to civil society. [More]

2014, September 12:Toronto, Canada The largest Imamate project in Canada, the Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Center in Don Mills area, has been officialy inaugurated on 12th of September 2014, the birthday of Prince Amyn, by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the presence of H.H.The Aga Khan. “We celebrate today, then, not only the harmonious meeting of green gardens and glass galleries, or of Italian marble and Canadian maple. We rejoice above all in the special spirit which fills this place and gives it its soul,” Harper said.
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2014, September 12: Toronto, Canada - H.H. The Aga Khan will be attending the opening ceremony of the Aga Khan Museum. Subsequently the Museum will be opening to the public six days later from 18th of September 2014 after the official opening in the presence of H.H. The Aga Khan.The museum’s permanent collection will feature over 1,000 items that showcase Islamic art, culture and history. The museum will be celebrating its grand opening with an Opening Music Festival on Sept. 20 and 21. The visit will last several days and we will keep our visitors regularly informed.

2014, August 28: Kabul, Afghanistan - The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) have channeled roughly around $700 million of assistance to Afghanistan since the foundation begun it’s engagement in Afghanistan in 1995. [More news]

2014, August 2: Dar es Salam, Tanzania. H.H. The Aga Khan has arrived today. Tanzania: Aga Khan Development Network to Invest U.S. $1 Billion (Sh1.6 Trillion)in Expansion Plans for Tanzania. The AKU's ambitious plans in East Africa include adding a Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a Faculty of Health Sciences, a permanent facility for its Institute for Educational Development and eight graduate professional schools, with the initial focus on Media and Communications, Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism and Leadership and Management. The total investment over 15 years is estimated at 1.2 billion US dollars of which approximately 1 billion USD will be spent in Tanzania. Prince Zahra Aga Khan, Head of the Social Welfare Department of the AKDN and a Trustee of the University, also participated in the meetings. [More here]

2014, June 21: Aiglon College Graduation Ceremony took place on June 21 2014 in Chesières-Villars, Switzerland. Aiglon was honoured to welcome His Highness the Aga Khan the spiritual leader of Shia Ismaili Muslims and the founder of the AKDN, as the 2014 Graduation Speaker. [Photos and Speech of H.H. The Aga Khan]

2014. June 12: Lisbon, Portugal - 2013 North-South Prize - Award Ceremony on 12 June 2014 in Lisbon - The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe announces the award of the 2013 North-South Prize to His Highness Prince Aga Khan, Shah Karim al-Hussaini, and the Aga Khan Development Network , and Suzanne Jabbour. [More] [Speech by H.H. The Aga Khan] [Photos released by the Portugal Presidency]

2014, June 6: H.H. The Aga Khan attended the D-Day ceremony. [Photos]

2014, June 5: Dhaka, Bangladesh - Princess Zahra visits Aga Khan School today. Princess Zahra Aga Khan, head of the Social Welfare Department of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), will visit Aga Khan School in Dhaka during its Silver Jubilee programme today. Zahra, the eldest child of AKDN founder chairman Aga Khan, is also expected to meet the AKDN officials. The school is part of an international network of 240 schools in South Asia, Central Asia and East Africa. [Found on The]

2014, May 29: 1) Toronto 9:30am [Photos here] - 2) Ottawa 6:30pm [Photos]

2014-05-28: Photo - Toronto, Canada - Dinner at the #MNCH with @LaureenHarper, His Highness the Aga Khan, & Tanzanian President @jmkikwete. [More photos] [Read Speech here]

2014, May 28-30: Toronto, Canada - H.H. The Aga Khan will attend The *Saving Every Woman Every Child: Within Arm’s Reach *Summit which will bring together Canadian and international leaders, experts, civil society, businesses, academia, developed and developing countries, international organizations and global foundations to ensure that maternal, newborn and child health remains a core part of the global development agenda. The Summit will be hosted by Prime Minister Harper. [Summit news]

2014, May 25: Ottawa, Canada. His Highness The Aga Khan arrived today evening in Ottawa for a week long visit to attend to several private meetings and public functions including meeting at the Pluralism Center and the Summit in Toronto on saving newborn child and the mother, A Summit which will be webcast and where H.H. The Aga Khan is to present a Speech. The Aga Khan speech at the Summit at 9:30 AM Toronto time (EDT) on Thursday, 29 May. Live Webcast from Toronto here!. Later that day, H.H. The Aga Khan will introduce UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres whose Pluralism lecture will also be Live webcast around 6:30pm from Ottawa through the Globe and Mail.

2014, May 9: Gouvieux, France – The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Aga Khan Development Network today signed a US$ 79.8 million agreement, in an effort to substantially enhance the quality and reach of the Network’s health programmes in Tanzania. Princess Zahra Aga Khan, who heads AKDN’s Social Welfare Department, attended the signing ceremony at the AKDN headquarters in Gouvieux France. The agreement was signed by AFD’s deputy Chief Executive Officer, Jacques Moineville, and Amin Habib, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aga Khan Health Services in Tanzania. The US $ 79.8 million agreement, which includes a US$ 53.5 million concessional loan from AFD and a US$ 26.3 million contribution from AKDN, covers the construction of a new 14,000 square metre facility that will accommodate cardiology, oncology, neurosciences, critical care, mother and child health, nuclear medicine and imaging services. It also encompasses the establishment of 30 outreach centres across Tanzania that will provide free monitoring, immunization and family planning services.

2014, May 7: World Bank ?@WorldBank 17h - Pres. Jim Kim welcomed His Highness the Aga Khan at World Bank Group London Office to discuss efforts to #endpoverty

2014, April 28: Redwood City, Calif. - The Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF) convened in Redwood City, Calif. April 23-25, with participation from foundations, NGOs, and international development and aid agencies. In its fourteenth year, the forum is produced by the World Affairs Council. The event launched in 2001 with a regional Silicon Valley focus, then evolved to a focus on American philanthropists and more recently a focus on global philanthropists, according to Jane Wales, CEO of Global Philanthropy Forum and World Affairs Council, and vice president of the Aspen Institute. Speakers included foundations like Skoll, Packard, Hilton, Aga Khan, Rockefeller Brothers, Heron, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Ford, international organizations such as the World Bank and many more. [More news on this GPF]

2014, April 22: Karachi - Agence Française de Développement, the French finance institution for development, will be loaning US $16 million to the Aga Khan Hospital and Medical College Foundation to support its expansion of infrastructure facilities on the Stadium Road Campus in Karachi. A Memorandum of Understanding confirming the pledge was signed by Mr Denis Cassat, Country Head AFD, and Mr Al-Karim Haji, Director General and Chief Financial Officer, AKU, on April 21, 2014. Ambassador Philippe Thiébaud and Mr Firoz Rasul, President, AKU presided over the ceremony. This loan is part of AKU’s US $150 million investment in expanding academic programmes and improving access to quality health care in Pakistan, a visible statement of commitment to the country. [Observer Report]

2014, March 27: Karachi, Pakistan - AKU to invest $500 million in Education City project - Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Wednesday welcomed the keen interest and investment of $500 million by the Aga Khan University management in the Education City project to be established in Karachi in due course of time. He said the project would prove to be one of the best educational facilities in the country and would attract educational organisations of international standard to invest and benefit the students and educational fraternity in Pakistan. [More]

2014, March 10: PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — His Highness the Aga Khan will deliver a Stephen A. Ogden Jr. ’60 Memorial Lecture on International Affairs at Brown University on Monday, March 10, 2014, at 5 p.m. His lecture will take place in Salomon Center for Teaching, De Ciccio Family Auditorium, and will be given as part of Brown's 250th anniversary celebration. . Founded in 1764, Brown was the first among Ivy League colleges to accept students from all religious affiliations. The lecture will also be presented live online.. [More] [Webcast Link] [TEXT OF SPEECH] [PHOTO HERE!] [VIDEO HERE!]

2014, March 1: Interview given by H.H. The Aga Khan to the Globe and Mail’s Editor-in-Chief John Stackhouse for an hour on Friday 28 February 2014. [Excerpts here!]. CBC' Mansbridge's One on One, [Interview available here] and here for details of [$100 milion Protocol signed]

2014, February 28: Toronto, Canada: Prime Minister of Canada has made available the video of the event at Massey Hall. Click this link!

2014, February 27> - Ottawa , Canada web site of the Prime Minister of Canada] [45 minutes CBC television coverage of the 27 February Ottawa speeech video] and read the [Speech of H.H. The Aga Khan to the Canadian Parliament.] [The video of the Parliament event can be download from this link!] [Complete coverage here] [Some unique photos]

2014, February 27: Ottawa, Canada - Address by His Highness the Aga Khan, to be delivered in the Chamber of the House of Commons at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday February 27, 2014. H.H. The Aga Khan will then travel to Toronto to speak at Massey Hall on Friday. [More] [Itinerary] [Webcast link]

2014, February 21:Under the title " The Aga Khan: the singular appeal of a pluralist", Janice Gross Stein of the Globe and Mail writes: " This week, the Aga Khan will be in Ottawa to address a joint session of Parliament, a signal honour reserved for a handful of extraordinary people who have a special relationship with Canada... But what makes the Aga Khan special to Canada? Over the years, he has maintained relationships with a succession of prime ministers of different political stripes, including the current one, who granted him honorary citizenship in 2009 and will welcome him to the House of Commons on Thursday. He is widely respected for his humanitarianism, for his leadership in education and development and his commitment to architecture and beautiful spaces for quiet contemplation. The Canadian bond, though, springs from his dedication to pluralism, something so associated with this country that many Canadians now take it for granted – at their peril." [ More]

2014, February 7: Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that His Highness the Aga Khan will make an official visit to Canada later this month. During his visit, the Aga Khan will meet with Prime Minister Harper, who has invited him to deliver an historic address to Parliament. [More]

2014, February 5: Foreign Minister Steinmeier met Prince Karim Aga Khan today (5 February). Their conversation focused on cooperation between the German Government and the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) to help stabilise fragile states. The AKDN is one of the world’s largest non governmental organisations. In part with support from the Federal Foreign Office, it conducts projects in the fields of healthcare, education and culture, primarily in Asia and East Africa.(Text and photo: Tweet by German Foreign Office) - H.H. The Aga Khan also led a delegation of senior AKDN executives to meet with leaders of Germany's KfW Development Bank and its DEG Development Corporation branch

2014, February 3: His Highness the Aga Khan to receive 2013 North-South Prize of The Council of Europe. The North-South Prize has been awarded every year since 1995 to two candidates who have stood out for their exceptional commitment to promoting North-South solidarity. The candidates, preferably a man and a woman, must have distinguished themselves in the following areas: protection of human rights, defense of pluralist democracy, public awareness raising on issues of global interdependence and solidarity, and strengthening the North-South partnership. The North-South Prize Jury met in Strasbourg in December to select the Prize winners and the Prize ceremony will take place in Lisbon in spring 2014.

2014, February 2: Damascus, (SANA) – The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) honored State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar and Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun for their efforts in the national reconciliation process. The honoring ceremony took place on Sunday at the AKDN office in Damascus. State Minister Haidar said that this gesture honors values, behavior and course, not individuals, calling for bolstering the value of reconciliation and asserting that Syria’s salvation is at hand. Grand Mufti Hassoun underlined the role of the AKDN in instilling noble values, saying that this gesture honors the values inherent in the Syrian people. Hassoun said that the crisis in Syria is in its final phase, and that the Syrian official delegation which participated in Geneva 2 was a badge of honor for Syria and all Arabs. For his part, resident representative of the AKDN in Syria, Mohammad Seifo, stressed the need to shed light on the figures who are working tirelessly on the ground in order to bring the Syrians together and achieve national reconciliation. Similarly, AKDN executive director for cultural services in Syria, Ali Ismael, said that Haidar and Hassoun both share a mutual love for their country, hard work on the ground, and they both sacrifices sons for the sake of Syria.

2014, January 17: Mombasa, Kenya - The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa was honoured by a visit from Prince Rahim Aga Khan and Princess Salwa. They were welcomed by the acting Principal of the Senior School, Mr. Naheed Bardai. Prince Rahim and Princess Salwa were taken on a tour of the school grounds where they visited the Junior and Senior Schools, the residential areas and the sports facilities. They had the opportunity to visit a dual language class and a chemistry class, and to see the Senior School Students Choir perform. They also met with students and spoke with them about their experience at the Aga Khan Academy. []

2014, January 17 – Prince Rahim, the eldest son of the Aga Khan – the spiritual leader of Shia Ismaili Muslims – attended the opening of the new corporate head office of Diamond Trust Bank (DTB), one of the oldest financial entities of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development. The premises were inaugurated by the governor of Kenya’s central bank, Professor Njuguna S. Ndung'u on Thursday, 16 January. The spacious new facility includes a new retail branch – the bank’s 99th branch in East Africa – a state of the art data centre, a 180-person auditorium, and training facilities. Prince Rahim was accompanied by his wife Princess Salwa. On Friday, in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa, Prince Rahim inaugurated the newly restored Jubilee Arcade. The building, which first housed the Jubilee Insurance company over 60 years ago, now includes a vibrant, modern arcade shopping and office complex situated in the heart of the city’s busy Moi Avenue. While in Mombasa, the couple also visited the Aga Khan Academy – the first in a global network of 18 schools that will, eventually span 14 countries on three continents. []

2014, January 15: Nairobi, Kenya - LX-PAK jet is on the tarmac at Nairobi Airport. Prince Rahim and his wife Princess Salwa are expected to attend the official opening ceremony of the new DTB Centre on Mombasa Road tomorrow and Friday another branch of DTB in Mombasa town where they may also visit the AK Academy. Prince Amyn and Princess Zahra are also in town for AKDN work. Prince Amyn will be attending the Serena Board meeting expected in Nairobi Saturday. During this visit, they are also expected in Mombasa and Arusha for more institutional work.

Aga Khan in Kabul with President Karzai2013, December 21: Prince Karim Aga Khan Ismailis leader arrived to Kabul Saturday morning to discuss development projects funded by the Aga Development Network in Afghanistan. According to the presidential website, Karzai has thanked Aga Khan for the development projects he has funded in the last 12 years in Rehabilitation of historical places, Health and Education sectors. [News and Photos of H.H. The Aga Khan visit to Afghanistan here!]

The Aga Khan at AKU Convocation 20132013, December 19: Karachi, Pakistan: H.H. the Aga Khan, outlined an ambitious global vision for the University’s expansion into liberal arts and announced the creation of seven new graduate schools across two continents that will work in areas of particular relevance to developing societies. Addressing the University’s 2013 convocation ceremony, which marked 30 years since the school was granted its charter in Pakistan, the Aga Khan praised the AKU’s record of success and excellence in the fields of healthcare and education as well as its geographic expansion to East Africa but he also stressed the growing importance of liberal arts in meeting the challenges of the future. [ [Speech of H.H. The Aga Khan] [Speech of President Firoz Rasul] [Other News and photos]

19 December 2013: The Aga Khan University has announced that Convocation 2013 will be Webcast live on December 19, 2013 at 10:30 am - Pakistan Standard Time - from AKU's Stadium Road Campus in Karachi. To commemorate several significant milestones of the University, the Chancellor, His Highness The Aga Khan, will preside over the Convocation.

2013, December 15: Islamabad, Pakistan - Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, reached Islamabad Sunday evening. He was received at the airport by Ambassador Syed Tariq Fatemi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs." The Aga Khan is staying in Pakistan till 20th December. During his visit, H.H. will meet with the President of Pakistan, Prime Minister, senior government officials and leaders of the AKDN. He will also preside over the convocation of the Aga Khan University founded in 1985. [Itinerary and news here]

2013, December 9: Karachi, Pakistan - This year’s AKU Convocation in Karachi celebrates the 30th graduating class of the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the 25th graduating class of the Medical College, and the 20th anniversary of the start of the Institute for Educational Development. In addition to the Convocation ceremony and the annual Awards Night ceremony, special events are being organized that include an alumni reunion. To mark these milestones AKU Chancellor is expected to preside at the 2013 Convocation in Karachi.

2013, November 27: Ottawa, Canada - The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) honoured His Highness the Aga Khan as the 2013 recipient of the RAIC Gold Medal—its highest honour. The selection of His Highness marks the first time in more than 30 years that a non-architect has been chosen to receive the Gold Medal. The ceremony was held at the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat on Sussex Drive in Ottawa. (Photo AKDN)

2013, November 25: Toronto, Canada. The University of Toronto’s Trinity College held a special convocation this evening, to bestow upon Mawlana Hazar Imam the degree of Doctor of Sacred Letters, Honoris Causa. IThe Right Honorable Adrienne Clarkson, presented Hazar Imam before the Chancellor of Trinity College. [Video on Youtube]

2013, November 22: Karachi, Pakistan - Using biomedical and mobile technologies, researchers at Aga Khan University (AKU) will develop a simple, glove-like device that will allow people to check their blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, and record an ECG without blood tests. The researchers hope that by monitoring these vitals, people will be able to reduce high blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and decrease high cholesterol levels that, in turn, can prevent chances of stroke by 80 per cent. This research project to prepare the device is part of the Grand Challenges Canada grants competition, which is funded by the government of Canada and supports bold ideas with big impact on global health.

2013, November 19: Washington, D.C. (USA) 9:30 a.m. Secretary of State John Kerry meets with His Highness The Aga Khan at the Department of State.

2013, November 18: BEIRUT: Since the beginning of the uprising in Syria in March 2011, the central city of Salamiya, home to the majority of the small Ismaili sect, has bucked the narrative of a Sunni-led revolt against President Bashar Assad, an Alawite. Now, the spiritual leader of the world’s Ismailis, multimillionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist the Imam Aga Khan, has issued a rare statement on the Syrian crisis, urging Ismailis to seek a peaceful solution to the crisis.

2013, November 4: Enigmatic Aga Khan turns to the Melbourne Cup with Verema [Sydney Morning Herald] - An extremely powerful if enigmatic man, HH Aga Khan has been one of racing's most dominant figures for more than half a century. If Verema fares well enough to prompt further Australian adventures, the sport will be the winner. [More]

2013, October 9: Prince Amyn Aga Khan opened the SweetWaters Serena in Kenya. [ Photos click here!]

2013, October 6: Paris, France. One of The Aga Khan's horse again won at the Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp. [Photos]

2013, October 5: NDTV publishes a New Interview of Mowlana Hazar Imam taken in Hyderabad few days back at the Aga Khan Academy. [ Video of the Interview here!]

2013, September 28 - India Didar - Testimonies and news in Forum section. [Click here!]

2013, September 21-22: Nairobi, Kenya - According to latest reports at least eight Ismailis Muslims have died in the senseless tragedy of the terrorist attack on Westgate Mall. [Withness description of events by an Ismaili trapped inside and names/age of the Ismaili casualties. Click here!]

2013, September 20: Hyderabad, India - The Aga Khan Academy, one of the educational centres of excellence planned around the world by Aga Khan Development Network, was formally inaugurated here Friday. The not-for profit academy which has come up on 100 acres of land donated by Andhra Pradesh government near the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, was formally launched by Aga Khan, founder and Chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in the presence of Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy and union Human Resource Development Minister M.M. Pallam Raju. [More here

2013, September 17-29: H.H. The Aga Khan arrived in New Delhi and will also be visiting Mumbay and Hyderabad, India for Government and Community work.During the visit, he will hold talks with Vice-President M Hamid Ansari and call on President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath, Culture Minister Chandresh Kumari Katoch, ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley are slated to call on him.The Aga Khan will preside over the inauguration ceremony to mark the completion of the restoration of Humayun's Tomb heritage site. [Detailled News, Photos and videos updated daily during this visit!]

2013, September 16: Dhaka, Bangladesh: H.H. The Aga Khan visit to Dhaka: The government has signed a protocol with the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) to expand cooperation with one of the world’s largest private development groups. The visiting Chairperson of the network Prince Karim Aga Khan, also the spiritual leader of the 15 million Shia Ismaili Muslims, and Foreign Minister Dipu Moni singed the protocol at the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the protocol would enable the Network to operate in Bangladesh with its 10 wings, nine of which are not-for-profit. [News, photos and Didar news- Updated!]

2013, September 6: Lisbon, Portugal, 06/09/2013 - As part of his visit to Portugal for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, the Aga Khan also held several meetings with a number of senior Portuguese officials. Together with His Eminence Manuel Clemente, the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, the Aga Khan presided over the signing ceremony of a renewed Memorandum of Understanding between the Catholic University of Portugal and the Aga Khan University. His Excellency President Anibal Cavaco Silva of Portugal hosted a lunch in honour of the Aga Khan at the Presidential Palace, before presenting the 2013 Aga Khan Awards for Architecture in the beautiful setting of Lisbon’s São Jorge Castle. [Photos with President of Portugal] [Photos with Prime Minister] [ Speech at the AKAA 2013]

2013, September 6: His Excellency Aníbal Cavaco Silva, President of the Portuguese Republic, and His Highness the Aga Khan today presented the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture at the Castle of São Jorge in Lisbon. [More]

2013, September 4: H.H. The Aga Khan and Prince Amyn have arrived in Lisbon for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture ceremonies. The Ceremony will be live webcast on around 19:30 GMT on 6 September.[News and Photos]

2013, August 31: Prince Rahim Aga Khan wedding to Ms. Kendra [Salwa] Spears in Geneva, Switzerland at Chateau de Bellerive.[More]

2013, August 23: Two Aga Khan Foundation staff abducted on 20 August in Bamyan , Afghanistan by unidentified gunmen have been released.

2013, August 13: KARACHI, Pakistan: Hand grenade attacks at two Ismaili community Jamat Khanas (Prayer Houses)this Tuesday. The affected Jamatkhanas are Karimabad and Metroville in Karachi [More]

2013, August 6: [Fred Ojambo - Blomberg] The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development SA said it has joined with Blackstone Group LP (BX) to bid for construction of a 147-megawatt hydro power plant to be shared by Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Industrial Promotion Services Kenya Ltd., an affiliate of the Aga Khan Fund, and Blackstone through its Sithe Global Power LLP unit are in talks with the three governments, Kevin Kariuki, head of infrastructure at IPS, said yesterday near Jinja, 50 miles east of the Ugandan capital, Kampala. The $600 million project is planned to be situated on the Ruzizi River at the intersection of the borders of the three countries. Sithe and IPS jointly own Uganda’s $900 million, 250-megawatt Bujagali hydropower plant, which reached full capacity last year. [Full news and updates]

2013, August 5 - Nairobi, Kenya. Medical Breakthrough: Pioneering Operation To Treat High Blood Pressure - Coastweek (Mombasa) -- Heart specialists at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi have performed first key-hole operation to treat hypertension in the region.The new operation which may have the potential to cure hypertension, or high blood pressure, was introduced by doctors at the Heart and Cancer Centre (HCC) of the Aga Khan University Hospital. [More

2013, July 19: OPIC Provides Financing for Expansion of Aga Khan University: KARACHI, Pakistan -- The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the U.S. Government’s development finance institution, today signed a Loan Agreement with the Aga Khan Hospital and Medical College Foundation for the expansion of the Aga Khan University Hospital. The agreement was signed by OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth L. Littlefield and President and CEO Firoz Rasul of the Aga Khan University, on behalf of the Aga Khan Hospital and Medical College Foundation, at the Aga Khan University Hospital. The agreement is for USD $30 million of OPIC financing to be invested alongside $7.5 million from the Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. for the expansion of medical health care facilities in Karachi, Pakistan. This investment will fund the construction of a new ambulatory care building, neonatal, medical and pediatric intensive care units, a center for innovation in medical education, a child-care center, a new private wing, and additional critical care beds. The project will also help increase access to high-quality healthcare by some of Pakistan’s poorest citizens, while improving the country’s capacity for developing needed training for health and research jobs through its contribution to the Aga Khan University’s Medical College and School of Nursing and Midwifery.[fortmilltimes]

2013, July 2: H.H. The Aga Khan arrived in Ottawa Monday 1st July around noon. His Highness attended the conclusion of the AKU Board of Trustees meeting in Ottawa at the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat Building on Sussex Drive.He left from Ottawa to Washington this Tuesday 2nd July at 5pm.

2013, June 14: - Aga Khan's grand $3M restoration of opulent 'live horse museum' - From Francesca Cumani and Sheena McKenzie, CNN. "It will be one of the few museums in the world totally dedicated to the horse, in all aspects of life," His Highness Prince Karim told CNN of his grand project. Five years ago Islamic spiritual leader Aga Khan invested in building makeover - This weekend the revamped $3.3 million horse museum will open to public[More] [Video]

2013, May 25: H.H. The Aga Khan left Ottawa this afternoon. He may return to Ottawa end of June.

2013, May 23:[Photo: Heritage Society ©] live webcast of the Global Centre for Pluralism’s Annual Lecture delivered by Kofi Annan. The former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize winner discussed sectarian division around the world and how diversity may impact peace in the decades to come. Mr. Annan's 20-minute lecture was followed by a 10-minute Q & A with editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail, John Stackhouse. This was followed by a 20-minute Q & A with the audience - The program was live-streamed from 6:30 PM EST to 7:30 PM EST and hosted by the Globe and Mail -

2013, May 22: Ottawa. Canada - H.H. The Aga Khan arrived in Ottawa this evening and will host tomorrow the Pluralism lecture of this year by Kofi Annan.

2013, may 23: OTTAWA: /CNW/ - Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize winner will deliver the Global Centre for Pluralism's Annual Lecture in Ottawa, ON, on Thursday, May 23, 2013. The title of this year's lecture is "Pluralism: Key Challenge of the 21st Century?" Mr. Annan is a member of the Global Centre for Pluralism's Board of Directors, a body of eminent Canadian and international figures, chaired by His Highness the Aga Khan. [More

2013, May 15: Hangzhou, China - H.H. The aga Khan delivered the keynote address today at the Hangzhou International Congress "Culture: Key to Sustainable Development" organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the People’s Republic of China and the Hangzhou Municipal Government. The Congress provided the very first global forum to discuss the role of culture in sustainable development, with participation of the global community and major international stakeholders representing 82 countries. [Speech and news]

2013, April 3: Princess Zahra Aga Khan attends the 'Cravaches D'Or' Awards 2013 At Theatre des Champs Elysees In Paris, France. [Photo1]

2013, April 26: H.H. the Aga Khan announced the engagement of his eldest son, Prince Rahim, to Ms Kendra Spears of Seattle, Washington, USA.. [More]

2013, April 16 : H.H. The Aga Khan arrived for a 3 days visit in Canada. He attended the first meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Aga Khan Museum. His brother Prince Amyn meanwhile did a visit of the construction site.

2013, April 12: Sixth bridge linking Tajikistan and Afghanistan due in May - The Ministry of Transport on Friday announced about completion of construction of the bridge across the Pyanzh river, which will link the country with Afghanistan. The bridge will connect Nihol village, Shurobod district (250 km to the south-east of Dushanbe) and Hohon village in Afghanistan. The length of the bridge is 182 meters. Bridge construction cost $3.57 million. It carrying capacity will be 30 tons. Construction of the bridge started in late October 2011. The project was implemented by Aga Khan Foundation with financial support of the German Government. Article from Asia Net]

2013, February 24: According to the Times of India, this March 2013, a three-day event in Jodhpur will see international names like Prince Hussain Aga Khan in attendance. The event titled A Beautiful Mind is planned from March 8-10 and will have more than 200 guests from around the world. Among others, Sting is going to perform on the last day, and it's the singer who has invited Jemima and Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker as his personal guests. [More]

2013, February 16: Announcement was made in British Columbia, Canada that H.H. The Aga Khan has approved the building of a new purpose-built Jamat Khana in Vancouver - in Richmond.

2013, February 1: OTTAWA, ONTARIO, - His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, presented the Governor General's Medals in Architecture during a ceremony at Rideau Hall. The Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat designed by Architect Maki was amongst the projects that received the Award. The Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat: Architecture of Peace and Plurality - Maki and Associates, Moriyama & Teshima Architects. The Governor General's Medals in Architecture recognize outstanding achievement in recently built projects by Canadian architects. This program, created by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), contributes to the development of the discipline and practice of architecture, and increases public awareness of architecture as a vital cultural force in Canadian society. These awards are administered jointly by Architecture Canada - RAIC and the Canada Council for the Arts, which is responsible for the adjudication process and contributes to the publication highlighting the medal winners. The winners were announced by the RAIC and the Canada Council for the Arts in May 2012.

2013, January 22: Paris, France: H.H. The Aga Khan met Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete at the legendary Meurice hotel. [ More]

Vanity Fair - February 2013 features an article and interview of H.H. The Aga Khan: The Aga Khan’s Earthly Kingdom - Multi-billionaire prince, spiritual leader of 15 million Ismaili Muslims, and one-man state, the fourth Aga Khan defies all boundaries. Photographs by Jonathan Becker. [Vanity Fair] [Forum]

2013, January 10: Hyderabad, India - A memorandum of understanding on this was signed Wednesday among Department of Archaeology and Museums, Quli Qutb Shah Urban Development Authority and Aga Khan Trust in the presence of Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy. Reddy said conservation and renovation of the tombs would help protect cultural tradition of the historic city of Hyderabad. The Quli Qutb Shah Archaeological Park, comprising of the Qutb Shahi Tombs Complex and Deccan Park, is one of the most significant medieval necropolises with 70 structures. They include 40 mausoleums, 23 mosques, five step-wells/water structures, a `hamam`, pavilions, garden structures and enclosure walls built during the reign of Qutb Shahi dynasty that ruled the Hyderabad region for 170 years during 16th and 17th centuries. [more]



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A famous Ismaili alchemist, Jabir ibn Hayyan, was the pupil of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq. He was known in Europe under the name of Jebber, and, according to some authors, was able to transform metal into gold.

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