The Aga Khan III as a writer

The Aga Khan III was a prolific writer, and compiled "India in Transition", published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. in 1918, which he dedicated to the loving memory of his mother. It deals the future political affairs of India. According to "Muslims in India" (Lahore, 1985, 1st vol., p. 56), "It contained an elaborate scheme of references for India, urging a federal constitution. He envisaged a great south Asiatic Federation of which Delhi would be the centre." On October 29, 1952, he declared in an interview with "New York Herold Tribune", Paris for compiling his autobiographical work, and began to write it on January 3, 1953. It was published in 1954, entitled "Memoirs of Aga Khan". Besides, there is a large collection of his speeches, articles and interviews

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