Mission in Yasin and Punial

It is recounted that an Ismaili dai, Sayed Shah Zahur, the son of Sayed Karamali Shah visited Kirman from Yasin, and reported the Imam the services rendered by his father in Yasin and Punial. The Aga Khan I granted him a sealed letter, authorizing him to continue the mission after his father. Hence, he returned to Yasin, whose ruler was Mihtar Suleman Shah. With his untiring effort and efficiency, a large number of the people embraced Ismailism in Yasin and Punial. He was followed by his son, Sayed Bakir Shah during the rule of Gohar Aman (d. 1860), who was deadly against the Ismailis. His relation with Sayed Bakir Shah was also strained, therefore, the latter had to migrate Shagnan in 1829. Sayed Bakir Shah however continued his mission in Shagnan and Yarkand. Mir Shah, the ruler of Shagnan, however, stemmed his mission and killed him and his son, Sayed Karim Hyder, known as Sayed Shah Kalan. Both had been interred in Badakhshan.

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