Death of Pir Tajuddin

The Indian tradition goes to relate that Pir Tajuddin decided to visit Iran in 870/1466. He embarked from Sind, where a certain Ismaili jamat accorded him a warm honour, and gave him a precious piece of cloth of Sindhi design to be presented to the Imam. He reached Kahek, and presented the cloth with other offerings. When Pir Tajuddin started his homeland journey, Mustansir billah gave him the same cloth as a gift, since none in Iran wore the dress bearing Sindhi design. It is recounted that Pir Tajuddin arrived in Sind and prepared a robe from that cloth and wore it. He also visited the jamat who had given him that very cloth for the Imam. The tradition relates that a few community members suspected and accused Pir Tajuddin of embezzling the gift of the Imam. They encircled Pir Tajuddin with the flood of questions with rigorous arguments and insulted him. He was highly shocked which resulted his sudden death, possibly by heart attack in 872/1467, and was buried near Tando Bagho, where a splendid shrine had been erected in 889/1484.

Mustansir billah appears to have known the sad news after a year, which caused his displeasure, and suspended to depute any other pir in India.

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