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Al-Shaykh al-Ṭūsī: His Writings on Theology and their Reception*

While the theological thought of Twelver Shiʿism during the 3rd/9th and 4th/10th centuries has been studied relatively well (as much as is possible on the basis of the few, mostly secondary sources that are preserved),1 little is known about its doctrinal
developments from the early 5th/11th century onwards.

Al-Shaykh al-Ṭūsī: His Writings on Theology and their Reception

Publication Type  Article
Year of Publication  2020
Authors  Ansari, Hassan; Schmidtke, Sabine
Alternate Title  Al-Shaykh al-Ṭūsī

European Research Council’s FP 7 project ‘Rediscovering Theological Rationalism in the Medieval World of Islam’.

Key Words  Al-Shaykh al-Ṭūsī; Theology

Speech by His Highness the Aga Khan at the Banquet Hosted in Honour of Govenor Perry, Houston. 2002-06-23


Governor Perry,
First Lady of Texas, Anita Perry,
Mayor Wallace,
Leaders and representatives of the Congress of the United States, the State of Texas and the City of Houston,
Consuls General,
Distinguished Guests.

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