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Govts must improve quality of life for democracies to succeed, says Aga Khan 2015-09-18

H.H. The Aga Khan speaking at the Athens Democracy Forum

The Aga Khan has said that improving the quality of life was the most important component of a successful democracy.
“I believe that the progress of democracy in our world is fundamentally linked to improving the quality of human life,” he said. He cited the ability to understand constitutional systems, independent and pluralistic media, strong civil society and commitment to diversity and social dialogue as key elements in achieving the goal of improved quality of life.

Hazar Imam

Hazar Imam

Hazar Imam speaking at the Athens Democracy Forum 2015-09-15

Democracy, Faith and Refugees at the Athens Democracy Forum 2015-10-21

H.H. The Aga Khan at the Athens Democracy Forum  2015-09-15
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Our democratic institutions are crumbling. The separation of Church and State has inevitably turned into a separation of morals from government, turning governments into skeletal bodies with little to no moral compass.

Many today believe faith, particularly Islam, is incompatible with democracy and that refugees cannot understand or contribute to democracies, yet the Athens Democracy Forum invited two keynote speakers to address the challenges and opportunities of government: a refugee and a Muslim.

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