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Speech by Hazar Imam to Ismailia Association for Pakistan 1964-12-16

Hazar Imam attends 1964 Socio-Economic Conference in Pakistan


An extroct from a speech of His Highness The Ago Khan given at Ismailia Association of Pakistan

The most important problem for us today is to create students who are capable of going back and of reading the original texts of our history, of reading these texts in Arabic, of reading them in Persian, of reading them in Urdu, of reading them in Gujarati, of reading them in any language in which they have been written.

Observation and Comments on our Modern Ginanic Literature 1979-02-25

Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  1980
Authors  ismailia-Association
Short Title  Our Modern Ginanic Litterature
Publisher  H.H. The Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismailia Association for Canada

Around 200 pages

Volume and Pages  Part 1
Key Words  Ismailia Association; Paris; Conference; 1975; review; nairobi; 1980 changes; ginan

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