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Islamic Culture

The Turkic Dynasties of Ghaznavids and Seljuqs role in Consolidating a Sunni Identity

When considering the role of the incoming Turks into the general Islamic culture of this period, it is conventional to perceive them as zealous converts to Islam and fervent supporters of the Sunna. As they emphasized their loyalty to Sunni

Speech by His Highness at the Closing Winners' seminar of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture

2001-11- 07 Syria-closing akaa.jpg

I would wish to begin my closing remarks by first of all expressing my sincere thanks and deep feeling of gratitude on behalf of everyone connected to the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and from myself to the President of the Republic of Syria and to the Prime Minister and his Government for the most generous, thoughtful and constructive way in which they have enabled the Aga Khan Award for Architecture to hold its prize-giving ceremony and related events here in Aleppo.

King's Cross Aga Khan Institute: Islamic Learning and Cultural HUB


The Aga Khan IV is in advanced talks to create a centre for Ismaili studies and cultural affairs at London's £4bn King's Cross Central in north London.

His foundation has opened negotiations for a large facility on the 67-acre site, and may occupy as many as five buildings. They are mainly for students and educational facilities, but a museum of some kind has not been ruled out.

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