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Rander Jamatkhana

Information :

Here, is migrated jamat from villages of Junagadh and Rajkot areas., this Jamatkhana was built in 1990-1991 also during this Salimabad society was constructed. Also, Approximately there are 1300 people of Jamat here, very peaceful and wide space jamatkhana, and we can find only Ismailis all around Jamatkhana.

Haripur Gir Jamatkhana, Gujarat, India

This Jamatkhana comes in Chitravad Gir Local council, Junagadh regional council. Haripur Gir Jamatkhana is Small and
sweet JAMATKHANA IN RURAL AREA. Most of the Ismailis are belongs to agricultural (farming) this is very spiritual Jamat.

Jinjuda Zamatkhana - Junagadh - Gujarat - India

This Jamatkhana is under Chitravad (gir) Council.
It is a small jamat and all Ismaili belongs farming (agriculture).
This Jamat is very decent and spiritual.

Karimabad Jamatkhana, Junagadh, Gujarat, India

Jamatkhana in Junagadh in Ismaili Society

Junagadh Jamatkhana, Gujarat, India


Very old Jamatkhana.
Houses The Regional Council of India.

Imam Aga Ali Shah is reported to have told to the Junagadh jamat to recite daily the tasbih of Ya Ali Ya Muhammad and salwat for 14 times in the Jamatkhana in the name of Varas Ismail Gangji and pray for him. Later on, Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah included the names of Varas Kassim and Itmadi Ibrahim in the tasbih. This practice is still operative only in Junagadh Jamatkhana. It indicates the great and incredible services of the Gangji family for the Imam and the jamat.

Chitrawad Jamatkhana and Council, Gujarat, India

Chitravad-JK 4.jpg


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