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USDA to donate agricultural commodities for Tajikistan - USDA TO DONATE AGRICULTURAL COMMODITES FOR TAJIKISTAN - 2001-08-08

Government of the United States of America Web relief site

The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced that it will donate about 5,500 metric tons of U.S. agricultural commodities to the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) for use in Tajikistan under the Food for Progress program. AKF, a private voluntary organization, will directly distribute the donated commodities to an estimated 206,000 people in the Autonomous Oblast of Gorno-Badakhshan. The donation will include approximately 450 metric tons of whole dry milk, 850 tons of vegetable oil, 700 tons of corn-soy blend, and 3,500 tons of wheat flour. AKF plans to provide rations to about 206,000 people.

Yo-Yo Ma: The road runs smooth as silk - YO-YO MA: THE ROAD RUN SMOOTH AS SILK - 2003-05-26

Prince Amyn Aga Khan with Yo-Yo Ma and members of the Silk Road Ensemble during their rehearsals at the Schloss Salzau in German
enjoyment.independent.co.uk/music/interviews/story.jsp?story=409784 The Independent

Yo-Yo Ma was fascinated by the wealth of music along what was once the Silk Road. So the cellist conceived a plan to weave together the multifarious threads, as he explains to Michael Church

The World in Houston - ISMAILI EMPOWER WOMEN - 2004-04-19


There's the stereotype of the Muslim woman -- silent and withdrawn behind her veil, obsequious when called upon, unable to think for herself, much less drive a car.
And then there's Shabnam Lutafali. Besides being a devout Muslim, the Pakistan native is a doctor of economics and a professor at the University of Houston-Downtown. She also serves as the president of the Southwest regional board for the Ismaili Muslims, followers of the Aga Khan.

Like most Ismailis, Lutafali believes that being Muslim and being a competent, active woman are not mutually exclusive.



Today, President Clinton, Mrs. Clinton and Secretary of State MadeleineAlbright will convene the first White House Conference on Culture and
Diplomacy to focus on the critical role of culture in the formulation and
conduct of foreign policy in this era of globalization. The conference
will bring together diplomats, artists, scholars and representatives from
the private and non-profit sectors, for a discussion on how to better
integrate cultural concerns into the day-to-day conduct of American foreign
policy and strengthen cultural exchange programs that serve as invaluable

Revival of Afghan capital could hinge on infrastructure - AGA KHAN, MIT, HARVARD TO LAUNCH ARCHITECTURAL WEB SITE - 2002-09-25


An Islamic spiritual leader has united with Harvard, MIT and six Middle Eastern universities to create a Web site its creators hope will advance architecture throughout the Islamic world.
The Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims, also hopes to link war-torn places such as Sarajevo and Kabul to the Web, empower women and foster East-West dialogue through the site, which took four years to create.

Muslim group sets health talks here - MUSLIM GROUP SETS HEALTH TALKS HERE - 2003-08-06

www.ajc.com/news/content/news/atlanta_world/0803/06healthtalk.html Atlanta Journal

Close to 1,000 Muslim health care professionals from around the country will meet in Atlanta this weekend to discuss medical treatment and training programs in developing countries.
The doctors, nurses and researchers are with the Ismaili Health Professional Association, a Houston-based group that runs clinics and organizes missions in Asia and Africa.

Ismailis represent about 15 million of the more than 1 billion Muslims worldwide. They are a subset of Shiite Muslims, who are a separate, smaller Muslim community than the majority Sunni Muslims.

HAF Commends Aga Khan for Commitment to Pluralism - GLOBAL CENTER OF PLURALISM IN OTTAWA, CANADA - 2005-04-18

www.hinduamericanfoundation.org First Ismaili Electronic Library and Database

The Hindu American Foundation wrote a letter to His Highness the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim community, commending him for his recent $40 million investment for the establishment of the Global Centre for Pluralism in Canada.
April 30, 2005

To His Highness the Aga Khan,

First Special Response Group Deployed to - TRAINING FOR FOCUS - 2003-05-29


1SRG and Western Disaster Center team to provide training for FOCUSMOFFET FIELD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 2003--1SRG (1st Special Response Group), an all-volunteer, rapid-deployment first response unit returned from conducting an assessment for Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) in Tajikistan. The scope of the project included prevention, mitigation, and preparedness but primarily dealt with assessing the current disaster response capabilities.

Award giver gets his due - AWARD GIVER GETS HIS DUE - 2005-01-22

washingtontimes.com/entertainment Washington times

Royalty has a knack for putting architecture in the spotlight. Denmark's Queen Margrethe II is known for bestowing a triennial prize, underwritten by the Carlsberg brewery, on leading architects from Europe and Japan. In Britain, Prince Charles is famous for criticizing modern buildings and starting an architecture school dedicated to neo-traditional design.

Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A.: Thousands Participated in the Chicago Partnership Walk on September 26, 2004 to Help End Global Poverty - CHICAGO PARTNERSHIP WALK TO HELP END GLOBAL POVERTY - 2004-09-27

home.businesswire.com/portal/site/altavista/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20040927005754&newsLang=en Business Wire

Approximately 5,500 people participated in the Chicago Partnership Walk yesterday at Soldier Field to show their support for international cooperation and for ending poverty around the world. Over $425,000 was raised in Chicago through this event. Partnership Walk is an initiative of Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. (AKF USA) and is organized by its network of volunteers in communities across the United States. Partnership Walk has been held since 1995 in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles.

Afghanistan's biggest problem - poverty - can be solved - AFGHANISTAN'S BIGGEST PROBLEM - POVERTY - CAN BE SOLVED - 2001-10-16

library.northernlight.com/FC20011015880000062.html?cb=0&dx=1006&sc=0 The Christian Science Monitor via COMTEX

President Bush has said that the US role in Afghanistan will not end when our immediate military goals are achieved. What remains to be done there?
First, Afghanistan will need a government. To be acceptable, a new regime in Kabul must meet four conditions: First, it must represent the entire country and not just one or a couple of its many ethnic groups. Second, it must be out of the terrorism business. Third, it must be committed to wiping out the opium poppy crop. And fourth, it must meet some minimal international standard of human rights.

Muslim Spiritual Leader Helps International Baccalaureate Celebrate 40th Anniversary - 2008-04-24


Prince Karim Aga Khan, a billionaire philanthropist and spiritual leader of some 20 million Muslims worldwide, stressed the importance of education in the age of globalization in Atlanta as he helped the International Baccalaureate celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The International Baccalaureate, or IB, has programs for students aged 3-19 at 2,300 participating schools in 126 countries, said Monique Seefried, chair of the IB Board of Governors.


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Ismailis celebrate Golden Jubilee in Los Angeles, April 2008.


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Muslim Spiritual Leader Helps International Baccalaureate Celebrate 40th Anniversary - The Aga Khan heralds the International Baccalaureate's brand of education as an instrument that can help nations in the developing world navigate the challenges of globalization while maintaining their distinct cultural identities.


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His Highness Aga Khan IV receives an Honorary Degree at Harvard University, Boston on June 5th, 2008

0669-NEW JAMATKHANA - 2004

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0623-GENERAL WAIEZ - 2001

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0612-MANS ORIGIN (ENG) - 2002

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