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Ismailia Association International Review Meeting Nairobi 1980


Follow-up to Paris Conference 1975. The 1980 Nairobi Ismailia Association International Review Meeting.

This is the paper presented at the Ismailia Association International Review Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya on 1980 by the Ismailia Association for Canada.

A Scent of Sandalwood: Indo-Ismaili Religious Lyrics

Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  2002
Authors  Esmail, Aziz
City  Richmond (Surrey)
Publisher  Curzon Press & IIS
Volume  1
Volume and Pages  228p.
Key Words  Ginans; Bibliograpy; English

Ginans and Granths

Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  1990
Authors  Wards, Umed

All About Ginans & Granths

Collection of Online Literature on Ginans & Granths

Much of the content comes from the two SOS Khojki Conferences organized by the Heritage Society in 1990 and 1991.


MP3 Stereo 16kHz 32Kbps (CBR) 62:21 minutes (14.28 MB)

Eji Ahankaar bande na kije apne man, vajar bhit-e amne rokiya.....momanbhai karlio khuda-se pyar

Ginans - Wonderful Tradition
Anecdote of Pir Sadardin who was denied noorani deedar due to pride
Anecdote of Pir Hassan Kabirdin as a young child

Pir ji mani not "Darbari"

Anecdote of Mukhi of a town in Kenya changing time of bandagi

Mention of a farman of Pir Shahbudin Shah regarding Mukhi
Ginanic cosmology

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MP3 Stereo 16kHz 32Kbps (CBR) 59:31 minutes (13.63 MB)

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MP3 Stereo 16kHz 32Kbps (CBR) 61:45 minutes (14.14 MB)

Ek teerath vedhddaa peer shams gaazee sadhnnaa

Ginans in Punjabi - only few published
Anecdote of Emna Sati
Mention of Mansamjamni of Pir Shams - establishment of 84 Jamat Khana's in China
Guptis. 100,000 in Punjab
Anecdote of Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah calling 12 leaders from Punjab and ordering Punjabi jamat to declare their faith in public.
Anecdote of Hazar Imam in Zanzibar 1960
Mention of Manhar granth of Sayyed Gulmalishah

Interesting to know:
Gupti Jamats all over the world, including Tanzania

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