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Our 26th Holy Imam Alauddin Muhammed

Our 26th Imam Alauddin Muhhamed was born in Alamut in 608 A.H. At the age of 10 he ascended to the throne of Imamat.. Due to his tender age, the worldly duties of governing were conducted by his mother and other leaders. The Holy Imam prepared a book called "Dabistanul-Mazahib" in which he named the people who had poisoned his father Imam Khud Jalaludin Hasan. In Alamut he was known as the "Third Muhammad" (trija Muhammad)

Our 25th Holy Imam Khud Jalaluddin Hasan

Our 25th Imam Jalaluddin Hasan was born in Alamut during the time of his grandfather Imam Hasan Ala-Zikrihisalam. He was named Jalaluddin. Later he was also called Hasan by his grandfather. His full name was Khud Jalaluddin Hasan. During the second year of his Imamat, his mother wished to go on the Haj. The imam's mother and other family were accorded great respect and welcome as they travelled through Baghdad on their way to Mecca.

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Our 21st Holy Pir Salahudin

Our 21st Pir Sayyed Salahudin was born in 534 A.H. on Thursday the 15th day of Shaban in Sabzwar. He was appointed to the seat of Piratan by Imam Ala Muhammad. His mother Bibi Maryam was the daughter of Sayyed Jafar Raziyuddin. Pir Salahuddin wrote a book called "Ahune Fiqah" in which he wrote about spiritual matters and the Ahl-e-Bayat.

Our 20nd Holy Pir Islamdin

Our 20nd Holy Pir Islamdin who served during the Imamats of Imam Mohtadi, Imam Kahir, Imam Hasan Ala-Zikrihisalam and Imam Ala Muhammad over the period of 25 years passed away in 575 A.H. He had 3 sons - Sayyed Abdul Hadi, Sayyed Jalaluddin and Sayyed Salahuddin.

Holy Imam Hasan Ala-Zikrihis-salam

Our 23rd Holy Imam Hasan Ala Zikrihis-Salam was born in 506 A.H. in Alamut. He ascended to the throne of Imamat in 557 A.H. In this year the Chief Dai Muhammad bin Kiya Buzurg Umid passed away. The Hukumat of Alamut was now also conducted by the Imam. During his Imamat, During his Imamat, the day "Idd-ul-Qayam" was announced wherein the Imam declared to the whole world that he was the true Imam of the Time.

Pir Sayyed Islamdin

Our 20th Holy Pir Islamdin was born in the Iranian city of Subzwar in A.H 516 on the 21st day of the month of Zilhaj. He served as Ismaili Pir for 25 years.and passed away in A.H. 575. He had three sons - Sayyed Abdul Hadi, Sayyed Jalaludin and Sayyed Salahuddin.

Hazrat Mowlana Imam Muhtadi

Our 21st Holy Imam Muhtadi was born in the Ismaili fort of Lamastar in Iran. His complete name was Imam Muhtadi al-Mehdi ala-Zikrihisalam. He ascended to the throne of Imamat in A.H. 530. At this time the Chief Dai was Muhammad bin Kiya Buzurg Umid

Hazrat Mowlana Ala Mohamed

Our 24th Holy Imam Ala Mohamed ascended to the throne of Imamat in Almut in A.H. 561. His complete name was Hazrat Ala Mohamed ibne Hasan Ala Zikrihisalam. During his reign, Imam appointed Sayyed Salahuddin as our 21st Pir following the death of Pir Islamdin

Imam Hasan Ala-Zikrihisalam

Our 23rd Holy Imam Hasan Ala-Zikrihisalam was born in Alamut, Iran in A.H. 506. He ascended to the throne of Imamat in A.H. 557 at Alamut. He was known by his title of "Ala-Zikrihisalam" (on whose name is Peace). Imam Hasan Ala-Zikrihisalam declared in Alamut the Day of Resurrection (Qiyama) Ismaili eschatology had always predicted that the Imam of the Resurrection would come to usher in the rule of righteousness, when Ismailis would no longer have to `dissimulate' by obeying the ritual law; now that longed-for day had finally dawned.

Hazrat Mowlana Imam Kahir

Our 22nd Holy Imam Kahir was born in Alamut. His complete name was Al-Kahir biquwwatellah ibne Mohtadi ibne Hadi ibne Nizar. He ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 552 A.H in Alamut . During this time Dai Muhammad bin Kiya Buzurg Umid announced on a mimbar to all Ismailis in Alamut and other Ismaili forts that the Daur-us-Satr was now ending and the Daur-us-Kashf was coming soon when as per Hasan bin Sabah the Caliphat and Imamat would be combined under our Imams

Pir Islamdin

Our 20th Pir Sayyed Islamdin (Ray) was born in Subzwar in Iran in 416 A.H. on the 21st Zilhaj. He was also famously known in the Islamic world as "Sayyed Salamuddin". Pir Islamdin travelled to Alamut during the reign of Imam Kahir and gave his oath of allegiance to the Holy Imam. Pir Islamdin served as Pir for 25 years and passed away in 575 A.H. He had three sons named Abdul Hadi, Sayyed Jalaldin and Sayyed Salahuddin.

Pir Khalikdin

Our 18th Holy Pir Khalikdin was born in 480 A.H. in the month of Rajab on Monday the 22nd. He served the Imam of the time in Alamut. Pir Khalikdin travelled widely to Mecca, Medina, Najaf, Kerbala etc with his eldest son Sayyed Abdul Momneen. In Kufa Pir met with "Ilme-Zafar" Muhammad bin Tumarat who travelled to Morocco with Sayyed Abdul Momneen.

Imam Mohtadi

Our 21st Holy Imam Muhtadi ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 530 A.H. in Alamut. He was born in Lamastar in Rudbar province of Iran. His complete name was Imam Muhtadi al-Mehdi ala Zikrihisalaam. At that time the Ismaili forts were governed by the Chief Dai Kiya bin Buzurg Umid who spent his entire life in the service of the Holy Imam. Also at this the Piratan was held by Pir Khalikdin - our 18th Holy Pir

Pir Mohibdeen

Our 17th Pir Mohibdeen was appointed to the Piratan by Imam Hadi after the passing away of Pir Mahmud Shah. Pir Mohibdeen was born in Subzwar in A.H. 462. He had 5 sons - Sayyid Ali Khaliqdin, Sayyid Kamaludin, Sayyid Jamaludin, Sayyid Shamshudin and Sayyid Imamudin. Pir Mohibdeen passed away in A.H. 522 and his Mazhar is in Subzwar in Iran.

Hazrat Mowlana Imam Hadi

Our 20th Holy Imam Hadi ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in A.H 490 following the wafat of his father Imam Nizar the first. at that time Hasan bin Sabbah - the "Sheikh ul Jabal" - had succeeded in acquiring the fort of Alamut in the Elburz Mountains of Iran. Imam Hadi reigned for 4o years and passed away in A.H. 530 in Lamassar.

Hasan bin Sabbah

Hasan bin Sabbah was born in A.H. 432 in the Iranian region of Ray in the city of Qom. His complete name was Al-Hasan bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Jafar bin al-Husayn bin as-Sabbah al-Humeri. Thus it was known that Hasan bin Sabbah was from the royal family of the Humeri from Yemen. Hasan bin Sabbah was born during the time of Imam Mustansir Billah

Hazrat Imam Nizar

Our 19th Holy Imam Shah Nizar was born in Cairo in A.H 437 on the 10th of Rabbiul Awwal. His name was Hazrat Sayyid Mustafa al-Nizar. Imam Nizar was named "Waliahad" during the time of Imam Mustansir Billah. He ascended to the Masnad of Imamat at the age of 50.

Pir Mahmud Shah

Our 16th Pir Mahmud Shah the son of our 15th Pir Muhammad Shah was born in the Iranian city of Subzwar in A.H. 443 on Friday the 12th of Shaban. His mother's name was "Bibi Anwar". Pir Mahmud Shah was appointed as Pir by our Holy Imam Mustansir Billah. Pir Mahmud Shah also played a leading role in the "dar-ul-Hikmat" in Cairo.

Mowlana Mustansir-Billah

Our 18th holy Imam Mowlana Mustansir-Billah was born on the beautiful morning of the 17th of Jumadal Akhir 420 A.H. His full name was Hazrat Abu Tamim Sayyid Al-Maad al-Mustansir bi-Amirillah. According to historian Lane Pool, Imam Zaher gave the title of "Waliahad" to Mowlana Mustansir Billah. On the 14th of Shaban 427 A.H. Mowlana Mustansir Billah ascended to the throne of Imamat and the Khilafat of the Fatimides in Cairo. He was the first Imam to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee on the throne of Imamat.

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