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Our 43rd Holy Imam Shah Kassim Ali

Our 43rd Holy Imam Kassim Ali ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in A.H. 1106. The Imam maintained very good relations with Iranian government and often participated in various governmental affairs which resulted in peace and prosperity for the Ismailis living in Iran at the time. It is related in 'Gulzar-e-Shamsh' that Imam Kassim Ali was also known as Sayyid Jafferali Shah. He was born in Kahek and lived in Kerman district of Iran. Our Holy Imam also maintained very close relations with the ruling royal Safavi family. Imam Kassim Ali passed away (wafat) in A.H.

Our 42nd Holy Imam Hassan Ali Shah 1st

Our 42nd Holy Imam Hassan Ali Shah the first reigned on the Masnad of Imamat from 1071 to 1106 A.H. He was born in Kahek. During his Imamat, the propogation of the Ismaili faith gained momentum and many converted to Ismailism. Missionaries from Hindustan also worked on this propogation of the Ismaili faith. Our Holy Pirs Mihrab Beg (37) Pir Ali Akbar Beg (38) also carried out their conversion work and gave guidance to Ismaili murids. In Kerman, Imam Hassan Ali Shah was also known as Hazrat Bakir Shah and he spent his last days in Mahellat district of Iran.

Our 41st Holy Imam Mowlana Sayyid Ali

Our 41st Imam Sayyid Ali reigned on the Msnad of Imamat from 1038 to 1071 A.H. At this time the building of relations with the governing bodies of the Iranian nation and the Imamat were getting stronger. Imam's murids at the time were known as Ata-illahis and they joined in the service of the army and police. The Safavi rulers declared Imam Sayyid Ali as Governor (Hakim) in the Kerman district of Iran. As the Hakim of Kerman, Imam Sayyid Ali supported the Iranian rulers through the services offered by Ismaili Ata-Illahis. Imam Sayyid Ali was buried in Kerman upon his wafat in 1071 A.H.

Our 40th Holy Imam Mowlana Nizar II

Our 40th Imam Shah Nizar II was on the Masnad of Imamat for 45 years from 993 A.H to 1038 A.H. Shah Nizar spent his life to a large part in Iran and Ismailis from Hindustan visited Iran for Holy Deedar. Shah Nizar was also known as "Ataullah" and his residence in the vicinity of Kohbandi came to be known as "Kohke Shah Nizar". This place also came to be known as the Darkhana where many Ismailis of Hindustan and Gurjistan came to reside. The wafat of Imam Shah Nizar II was in Kahek where he was buried.

Our 39th Holy Imam Khalil-Ullah 1st

Our 39th Holy Imam Khalil-Ullah the First ascended the Masnad of Imamat in 957 A.H. Many Ismailis from Hindustan travelled to Anjudan in Iran for Imam's Deedar. Imam Khalil-Ullah reigned as Imam for 36 years and it is said in "Gulzar-e-Shamsh" that his final resting place was in Anjudan. During this time the Safavi King Tahemasp was the ruler in Iran. Sayyed Dadu Pir also served the house of the Imam at this time. His ancestors had served the Imams since Imam Islamshah. There was widespread Dawa of Ismailis at this time extending to areas of Hindustan including Punjab

Our 38th Holy Imam Hazrat Mowlana Imam Nur-Din Ali

Hazrat Mowlana Imam Nur-Din Ali ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 922 A.H. It is believed that The Imam lived in Anjudan in Iran. He was popularly named as "Noorudwar". Also he was called "Fard-e-Haqq", "Mard-e-Haqq" and "Shah-e-Zaman waz Zamaan"

Our 37th Holy Imam Zulfiqar Ali

Imam Zulfiqar Ali ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 920 A.H. He lived his life in Anjudan where he was buried next to his father Imam Murad Mirza. Imam Zulfiqar Ali reigned for two years on the throne of Imamat. At that time thousand of Ismailis used to come to Anjudan for holy deedar of the Imam. All facilities for food and accommodation for these Ismailis were provided by the Imam. Anjudan had become a central focal for Ismailis around the world.

Our 37th Holy Imam Zulfikar Ali

Mowlana Imam Zulfikar Ali reigned on the Masnad of Imamat from 920 to 922 A.H.. His principal residence was in Anjudan in Iran where thousands of Ismailis used to come from everywhere for the Holy Didar of the Imam. All these Ismailis were cared for by arrangements made for them through the Holy Imam. The Ismaili poet Khaki Khorassani wrote extensively about the Imam at that time in his book "Qasida-e-Zuriyah"

Mowlana Imam Murad Mirza

Our 36th Holy Imam Mowlana Murad Mirza ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in Anjudan, Iran in A.H. 915. He passed his life mostly around the Anjudan and places in Iran and had very good relations with the Safavi King. These relations which had been fostered by Imam Abuzar Ali gave the Imam great influence in the country's affairs. His mother was one of the daughters of the Safavi King Tahmasp who had given her the title of "Amirul Umra"

Our 36th Holy Imam Murad Mirza

Our 36th Holy Imam Hazrat Imam Murad Mirza ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in A.H. 915 in the city of Anjuda, Iran. He passed his life serving the Ismaili communities which lived in the area and elsewhere in Iran. Imam Murad Mirza passed away in A.H. 920 in Anjudan which is famous because many Imams lived there. During this time many Ismailis served in the army of the Safavi kings to protect Iran against enemies like the Uzbeks. The Iranian king great esteem to these Ismailis who served to defend the kingdom

Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah begins journey by boat to Zanzibar


Hazrat Mowlana Dhanni Salamat Datar Hadi-ul-Mehdi Saheb-ul-Amar Hazar Imam Sir Sultan Muhammad Datar departed from Marseilles on 24 June 1914 towards Zanzibar in the French steamer "Oxus". The same day Ismailis started celebrations in Zanzibar upon receiving this great news. The whole town was filled with joy and happiness and there was "Dhaam Dhoom" everywhere

Our 35th Holy Imam Abu-Zar-Ali

Our 35th Imam Abu-Zar-Ali ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in A.H. 902 in Iran. Khaki Khorasani writes that Imam Budar Ali or Buzar Ali was also known as Hazrat Nurdin. In Hindustan Imam was popularly called Abu-Zar-Ali. Imam Abu-Zar-Ali passed away (Wafat) in Anjudan, Iran in 915 A.H.

Our 34th Holy Imam Mowlana Gharib Mirza

Our 34th Holy Imam Gharib Mirza ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in A.H. 899. He was also known as Hazrat Abbas according to the book "Gulzar-e-Shamsh". Imam Gharib Mirza was born in Shaher-e-Babak but spent most of his life in Anjudan which was about 34 miles from Mahelat. Anjudan was mainly a farming area and most Ismailis were in agriculture work. Mowlana Imam Gharib Mirza reigned as Imam for 3 years and passed away in 902 A.H.

Our 33rd Holy Imam Abdussalaam Shah

Hazrat Imam Abdussalaam ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 880 A.H.. According to historians, Imam Abdussalaam Shah lived in Shaher-Babak which was in Kerman district of Iran and was also known as "Mahmood Shah". The Khoja Ismailis of Hindustan sent gifts, Nazranas and Dasond to the Imam through Vazirs and Rais who were appointed by the Imam. Khakhi Khorasani also mentions in his writings the name of Imam as "Shah-e-Salaamullah"

Our 32nd Holy Imam Mustansir-Billah II

Imam Mustansir-Billah II ascended to the Masnad of Imamat 868 A.H. It is recorded that he lived in Shaher-Babak in Iran. His birth name was "Alyshah" according to history books like "Aasare-Muhammadi". History also records that the Imam lived in great splendor and was well-loved by all the people. During this time the Dawat of Ismailis spread to Kashmir and Jammu and various places in the Indian sub-continent where Pirs and Sayyeds such as Muhammad Nurbaksh (Pir Mitha) collected Maal-e-Waajbad from Imam's followers

Our 31st Holy Imam Muhammad bin Islam Shah

Imam Muhammad bin Islam Shah ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in A.H. 827. At that time his residency was in Shaher-e-Babak in Iran. Jamats in Hindustan were informed of the Imamat of Muhammad bin Islam Shah by way of Talikas delivered through our Holy Pirs. The Imam was also presented Maal-e-Wajbaat (dasond etc) from His Murids from everywhere by way of the Pirs. At that time Pir Tajdin was appointed as our 28th Pir by the Holy Imam.

Our 30th Holy Imam Mowlana Islam Shah

Hazrat Mowlana Islamshah reigned as Imam for 56 years from A.H. 771 to 827. His complete name was Sayyed Ahmed Islamshah. Pir Sadardin and Pir Hasan Kabirdin famously addressed him as Sri Islamshah. His mother's name was Khalifa Bibi. in "Gulzar-e-Shamsh" it is said that Pir Sadardin was the Khalifa and Pir of Imam Ahmed Islamshah. Hazrat Imam Islamshah lived in Shaher-e-Babak and Kahek in Iran.

Our 29th Holy Imam Kassam Shah

Our 29th Imam Kassam Shah ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 710 A.H. At that time he lived in Azerbaijan district of Iran. He was the second Imam to celebrate his Diamond Jubilee on the throne of Imamat.. He had two younger brothers Hazrat Mominshah and Hazrat Kiyashah who were spreading the Dawa of the Ismailis. The Holy Pir at this time was Pir Shamsh. Imam Kassam Shah was also known as Nar Kassam Shah.

Our 28th Holy Imam Shamshuddin Muhammad

Our 28th Imam Shamshuddin Muhammad was secretly sent away by his father Imam Rukhnuddin Khurshah to the Azerbaijan district of Persia. This was during the time of the Mongol invasions. Imam Shamshuddin Muhammad lived as a poet with his family. During this time Hazrat Shamsh Tabriz who was the son of Imam Alauddin Muhammad also lived and performed great miracles through his powerful spiritual strength.

Our 27th Holy Imam Rukhnuddin Khurshah

Our 27th Imam Ruknuddin Khurshah was the last Imam to reign in Alamut. He ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 653 A.H. after the assassination of his father Imam Alauddin Muhammad. The Imamat of Ruknuddin Khurshah lasted only one year. He was killed by treachery and the Ismaili reign in Alamut ended after a period of 171 years.

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