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It's a challenge for the Jamat in the U.S. to organize yourselves, to make sure that you communicate the same language, same attitudes, but it's also a challenge for the leadership which the Jamat in other parts of the world will be seeking. For I am absolutely certain, not just sure, I am certain that in the years ahead, young spiritual children will leave this country having been educated here to return to their homelands


Therefore the ostrich policy is not for us and I would like to feel therefore, that in dealing with the issues that lie ahead of us, we will look at them straight in the face, we will ask the hard questions. If we cannot find immediate answers, we will go on asking the same questions until Inshallah, we are inspired to find the answers, but we will not give up


The Qur’an is not a body of law, and that, I think, is a statement that every Muslim will make. What is referred to today as Islamic law is a compilation of views expressed by law makers who lived well after the revelation of the Qur’an, well after the time of the Prophet. The interesting thing is that in the Qu’ran, for example, a lot of the things which I would refer to as punishment, are punishment as deterrent. The punishment itself is not the issue at stake

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If the industrialised world does not do this in the relatively near future, but builds barriers to protect itself against any recurrence of economic crisis, then the world recession will do even more damage than it has already to Third World economies. The pragmatists will be overtaken by failure of performance and their countries will return, through sheer frustration, to the strident conflicts of the past

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Indeed ,it was in this city that My late grandfather spent many years of His childhood and it was here that He set His first step in the career which led Him eventually to the Presidency of the League of Nations. While in Bombay , I stay in the house in which My great grandmother lived for a substantial part of her life, and many of her possessions still occupy the same places that they held four generations ago

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. I find it amazing that only three centuries ago, in the mid-sixteen hundreds, Charles the II leased this city to the East India Company for an annual rental of £10 to be paid in gold.Today, Bombay increases its number of citizens annually, without counting people coming here from outside the Municipal boundaries, by a 100 thousand a year

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I am immensely proud of the donations which they are making – charitable donations to a worthy cause which are in the true spirit of generosity, in the true tradition of our Jamat and I am proud to say that this is one of the fundamentals of the development of our Jamati institutions all over the world and I would like to pay tribute to these donors today, because without them we would not be able to make the progress that we are makin

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Secondly, the education of Ismaili women has allowed the Jamat to evolve on a societal, cultural, and even political basis, because the mothers' transmission of knowledge helps to raise the overall standing of the next generation. Education has also been shown to correlate directly with a lower incidence of morbidity in both mental and physical health.

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The idea of planetary trust and stewardship is recognized by Judaïsm, Christianity and Islam as well as many other religions. This is also explicit and implicit in major instruments of international law. It has, therefore, some claim to universality.

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any ethic of nature that sees no reason to elevate humankind above the rest of the natural world - and hence refuses to justify our harnessing of the biosphere to our own selfish ends - is going to be forced sooner or later to challenge the ethical and metaphysical underpinning of capitalism

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It should be equally possible to extend this procedure further, to investigate how a modern businessman motivates his staff and to ask why these techniques cannot be applied to schools, hostels or hospitals just as much as offices or factories, after all, by far the largest item of expense in any major social institution is the cost of its salaried staff

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I have, therefore, directed that the Institute as part of its initial work programme embark on compiling a History of Ismailis and undertake an international training programme for creating Waezeen and religion teachers capable of imparting knowledge and understanding of our faith to our young generation

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As High Commissioner for Refugees, I can assure you that one should not encourage any clandestine immigration. One should not encourage people to come here unless they are properly sponsored, unless they have submitted to the Immigration formalities, unless they have been given clearance through the proper channels

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I would like to see every Ismaili and particularly every young Ismaili become an Ambassador, a real ambassador of the community. And I mean active ambassadors, Ambassadors who really work hard. I want you to be active ambassadors. I want you to explain to your Canadian friends, to your neighbors, to the people that you work with, that you live with, the people that entertain you, or that you will be entertaining, what you are,

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In IPS we adopt the opposite school of thought. We accept a moral responsibility first to seek out the people who want to learn to swim, and then to jump in with them, at least to keep their heads above water during the formative years. In other words, our main emphasis is on promotion.

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The shared destiny of the ethos of the Abrahamic tradition that unites Christians, Jews and Muslims is governed by the duty of loving care to help nurture each life that is born to its God-given potential.

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Your Highness, for generations we have appreciated your contribution, not only to Portugal, but also to Europe, to the world, because you have believed in the construction of a better society. That’s ultimately such an important goal that your presence here today is, for us, an extraordinary moment. It is clear that the gesture that you made today to the city is an opening for new channels of dialogue between us

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No matter how intellectually compelling we find such international objectives as 'Health for all by the year 2000' or the International year of Shelter scheduled for 1987, or the concept of universal primary education, these worthy objectives will not be achieved - not even be approached - if the world's rural populations do not participate in them

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It is understandable, therefore, that the three great monotheistic religions of today -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam -- have been born in this area where human existence was restricted to its barest forms. All the empires which covered these regions, whether they were Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Muslim or Ottoman Turk, all have broken up

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Our historic adherence is to the Jafari Madhhab and other Madhahib of close affinity, and it continues, under the leadership of the hereditary Ismaili Imam of the time. This adherence is in harmony also with our acceptance of Sufi principles of personal search and balance between the zahir and the spirit or the intellect which the zahir signifies.

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