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How is A Jamatkhana Designated as Darkhana?

The following is an excerpt from the constitution on JamatKhana and Darkhana.


10.1 Mawlana Hazar Imam may designate a Jamatkhana in any territory as "Darkhana" for that territory.

10.2 Mawlana Hazar Imam hereby designates each ' jamatkhana listed in the Sixth Schedule as Darkhana in respect of the territory mentioned opposite its name in that Schedule.

WORLD JAMATKHANAS - Searchable list!


The WORLD JAMATKHANAS section has been revamped into a searchable tool where you can now help us complete the missing information.

This section is part of the new Ismaili History Section of the Heritage Website. See the new tab at the top of the page.



Access the History Section through the tab at the top of the page, and explore the 8 new sections that it contains.

The HISTORY section endeavours to put our Ismaili Heritage at our fingertips so that we may easily navigate through the Events, the Readings, the People, and the Places of Ismaili History.

This section was unveiled on the occasion of Navroz 2009. It is a work in progress where content will be continuously added and enriched. Please feel free to make your content contributions to heritage@ismaili.net.

Missing News Event Dates


When Full Date was Unknown, 01 was used as placeholder for missing month/day info

How to Add New JK Information

To Add information about an existing Jamatkhana

To Add information about an existing Jamatkhana, go to the Jamatkhana page, and add a comment. Only useful informational comments should appear on those pages. For other discussions, please use the forum section.

To Add New Jamatkhanas

If you find one or more Jamatkhanas missing, please write us through the contact form and select the category "Submit New Jamatkhana".

How do I Navigate, Search, Listen to and Download Audio?


The best place to navigate Audio on the heritage FIELD website is to go to:

- The Advanced Audio Search Page
- Click on the play button to hear the audio.
- Click on the title to get more info on the audio and to see a download link for the audio.
- Click on the text column to go to the transcription whenever the text is available.

How do I download an audio file?


To download an audio file:

1 - Go to the Multimedia Tab at the top of the page
2 - Click on "Advanced audio search"
4 - Search according to your criteria and click on the title you want.
5 - The Download audio file option is now present. Right-click on "download Audio" and download onto your ipod if you wish :)



The Virtual Jamatkhana is now open for your listening pleasure. It is currently linked under the multimedia section. Enjoy!

How do I upload my picture?

First, have a small picture handy (less than 85x85 pixels). Then, go to "My Account" on the left side menu, click "edit", and scroll down to where you can upload a picture.

Can I attend the Virtual Jamatkhana instead of going to JK?

The Virtual Jamatkhana is meant to provide additional exposure to our heritage, and to connect those of us who cannot attend in person.

The Virtual Jamatkhana is not meant to replace regular physical attendance in JK because it cannot replace all the significance and benefits of physical attendance and of congregational prayer.


July 11th 2007 marks the beta launch of the fully data driven new Heritage website. During the trial, beta users are not required to login. New Data and new sections will be continuously added over the next few months. Upon final launch your ismaili.net user account will work on the new site.

How can I listen to an audio file while reading its transcription?

There are 2 ways:

A. If the audio item has a download link, you may download and play the audio in your own mp3 player and browse the site while you listen.

B. If you are inside a transcription, then just pressing the play button in the right side audio menu lets you listen to the audio while reading the transcription. Try it here:

How can I navigate the site using a menu in the Left column?

I would like a Navigation menu on the left side

If you prefer to navigate the site using a menu on the left side,
You can enable the "Primary Links" menu in your Profile page.

Just Go to My Account,
Select the 'edit' tab and scroll down,
Enable the "Primary Links" checkbox.

The Primary links menu will appear on the left side. You may navigate ismaili.net's major sections through this menu.

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