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Chamandi Jamatkhana, Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghan Ismailisare grateful for the new facilities,which are often easierto access, particularly
during the colder months.

'I am very happy that the Chamandi Jamat has its own
jamat khana now,' says Matiuallah Sultani, who attends the
new facility regularly. 'I used to go to Charqala Jamat
khana sometimes, which had been quite difficult during the
winter.' He adds that younger members of the Jamat now
have access to Bait-ul Ilm classes, where they can study the
Ta'lim curriculum.

Qargha Jamatkhana, Kabul, Afghanistan

Situated in the western part of Kabul, Qargha is a scenicarea known for its lake - a big draw for Kabul residents,
who visit during the week and especially on weekends for a
bit of fresh air and sightseeing. A new jamat khana opened
there in April of this year.

The Jamat in Qargha originates from various parts of
Afghanistan and initially settled there in the 1980s during
the period of Soviet occupation. At that time, Jamati
settlements consisted mainly of mud houses with poor access
to sanitation, electricity and other infrastructure.

Mankabood Jamatkhana, Samangan Province, Afghanistan

The inauguration ceremony was led by the Vice-President ofthe Ismaili Council for Afghanistan, Karim Bakhsh Hashuri,
and brought together a number of local government officials,
elders and Jamati leaders. It was followed by Jamati
celebration later that afternoon.

Haripur Gir Jamatkhana, Gujarat, India

This Jamatkhana comes in Chitravad Gir Local council, Junagadh regional council. Haripur Gir Jamatkhana is Small and
sweet JAMATKHANA IN RURAL AREA. Most of the Ismailis are belongs to agricultural (farming) this is very spiritual Jamat.

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Jinjuda Zamatkhana - Junagadh - Gujarat - India

This Jamatkhana is under Chitravad (gir) Council.
It is a small jamat and all Ismaili belongs farming (agriculture).
This Jamat is very decent and spiritual.

Nasir Abad Jamatkhana, Hunza, Northern Areas, Pakistan

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