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YearNameDescriptionPlace Type
YearNamePlace TypeDescription
Hassan-e-Sabah Jamatkhana, Kabul, Afghanistan Jamatkhana
Hatfield Jamatkhana, United Kingdom Jamatkhana
Haverhill Jamatkhana, United Kingdom Jamatkhana
Head Quarters Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Head Quaters Jamatkhana, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Jamatkhana
Headquarters Jamatkhana, (Lions Gate / North Vancouver) British Columbia, Canada Jamatkhana
Headquarters Jamatkhana, Dallas, Texas, United States of America Jamatkhana-Headquarters
Hesarooyeh Jamatkhana, Shahr-e-Babak, Kerman, Iran Jamatkhana
Hindi Jamatkhana, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Hong Kong Jamatkhana, Hong Kong Jamatkhana
Houston Jamatkhana, Texas , United States of America Jamatkhana
Humayun Tombs Park-Garden
Hunza Barashall jamatkhan, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Hussaini Gojal Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Hyderabad Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Jamat Khana in Hyderabad..jpg

More than 12,000 Ismailis live in Hyderabad.

Institute of Ismaili Studies University

The Institute of Ismaili Studies was established in 1977 to promote scholarship of Muslim cultures and societies, historical as well as contemporary, leading to a better understanding of their relationship with other societies and faiths.

Iringa Jamatkhana
Islamabad Jamatkhana, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Ismaili Center and Museum at Wynford Park in Toronto Jamatkhana | Ismaili Centre

This project is made up of four components: The Ismaili Centre, The Ismaili Museum, underground
parking and a central utility plant.

The Ismaili Centre is an 80,000 square foot two-story building housing a Prayer Hall, entrance foyers
and cloakrooms, social hall, library, meeting rooms, administrative offices, main council chamber
room, associated facilities such as washrooms, kitchens, etc. and a two level underground parking
garage with a capacity of approximately 300 parking spaces.

Ismaili Center in Dushanbe Ismaili Centre | Jamatkhana

The Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe was opened on 12 October 2009 by His Excellency Emomali Rahmon, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, and Mawlana Hazar Imam. It was the first such Centre in Central Asia — a region that has been home to Ismaili Muslims for more than a thousand years.

Ismaili Center in London Ismaili Centre | Jamatkhana

The Ismaili Centre in London is a religious, social, and cultural meeting palce for the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom. The Centre is the first religious and cultural centre to be specially designed and built for the Ismaili community in the West.

The religious function of the Centre is of primary importance and the Prayer Hall is building's focal point. In addition, the building also contains a smaller prayer hall, classsrooms for religious instruction, offices, and a multi-purpose social hall.

Ismaili Center, Dubai , United Arab Emirates Jamatkhana | Ismaili Centre
Dubai JamatKhana July 0703

The DUA timing in Dubai every day is 7:30 pm and on fridays its 7 pm.

if its shukawari beej with chandraat its 6:30 pm

The ICD is located in DUbai, behind lamcy plaza, very close to haji ali restaurant and in front of dubai park
but to get more clearification and information contact

Shams 050 9496196
shamsaziz80 at gmail dot com

Ismaili Jamatkhana and Centre, Khorog, Pamir, Tajikistan Ismaili Centre | Jamatkhana
Ispange Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Jamat Khana Ataqleghandoor Jamatkhana

In Brep valley of Chitral, in province of KPK of Pakistan. This valley consist more then 1500 population.

All the population practice Ismaili faith of Islam. There are more then 19 Jamat khanas in the village. The name are as follow:

01-Jamlasht Jamat khana No. 01
02-Jamlasht Jamat khana No. 02
03-Jamat Khana Tur Jaal
04-Jamat Khana Qasimandeh
05-Jamat Khana Ataqleghandoor
06-Jamat Khana Deh No. 01
07-Jamat Khana Deh No. 02
08-Jamat Khana Dock
09-Jamat Khana Karimabad (Hone)
10-Centre Jamat khana Brep
11-Jamat khana Rustamandeh
12-Jamat Khana Rateni

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