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YearNameDescriptionPlace Type
YearNamePlace TypeDescription
Mahim Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Main Jamatkhana, Tamilnadu, India Jamatkhana
Malad Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Manchester Jamatkhana, United Kingdom Jamatkhana
Manhattan Jamatkhana , New York, United States of America Jamatkhana

The entrance has a brown awning; the prayer hall is downstairs.

The closest subways: R,W (8th Street) and 6 (Astor Place).

Manhattan JK Dua time:
First Dua is 7:30 Weekdays and 6:30 Weekends
Open Friday-Sunday (Weekend Jamatkhana), Chandraats and special occasions.

Here is some information that may help. You can also email NYC JK directly here: nycismailis@gmail.com. They sometimes change the venue on big days (Khushiallies, etc.)

Mankabood Jamatkhana, Samangan Province, Afghanistan Jamatkhana

The inauguration ceremony was led by the Vice-President ofthe Ismaili Council for Afghanistan, Karim Bakhsh Hashuri,
and brought together a number of local government officials,
elders and Jamati leaders. It was followed by Jamati
celebration later that afternoon.

Maputa Jamatkhana, Mozambique Jamatkhana
Mariestad Jamatkhana, Sweden Jamatkhana
Mashad Jamatkhana, Iran Jamatkhana

Mashhad Jamatkhana, Iran - Ayats 35-37 of Sura Nur from the Holy Quran, are inscribed in the niche-like frontispiece

Mashad Jamatkhana, Iran Jamatkhana
Medicine Hat Jamatkhana, Alberta, Canada Jamatkhana
Meghpar Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Melbourne Jamatkhana, Australia Jamatkhana
Memphis Jamatkhana, Tennessee , United States of America Jamatkhana
Methan Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Metroville Jamatkhana, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Miami Jamatkhana, Florida , United States of America Jamatkhana
Midland Jamatkhana, Texas , United States of America Jamatkhana
Midland Jamatkhana, Texas , United States of America Jamatkhana
Milpitas Jamatkhana, California , United States of America Jamatkhana
Milton Keynes Jamatkhana, United Kingdom Jamatkhana
Milwaukee Jamatkhana, Wisconsin, United States of America Jamatkhana
Minneapolis Jamatkhana, Minnesota , United States of America Jamatkhana
Mirpur Sakro Jamatkhana, Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Missing Jamatkhana Jamatkhana

This is where the public can post information in the comments about Jamatkhanas that are missing on this site. We will monitor this section and add the Jamatkhanas to the database.

Please submit any of the following information that you have

Jamatkhana Name

Address and Phone number
Google coordinates
Contact Name and phone number and email address
Mukhi/Kamadia Name/contact

historical information

If you have pictures, please email them to heritage@ismaili.net with details and captions.

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