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YearNameDescriptionPlace Type
YearNamePlace TypeDescription
Hafizabad Jamatkhana, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Halifax Jamatkhana, Nova Scotia, Canada Jamatkhana
Halmstad Jamatkhana, Sweden Jamatkhana
Halton Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada Jamatkhana
Hamburg Jamatkhana Jamatkhana

Jamatkhana only functions on Sunday at 17:00 (05:00pm)(only once a week)

Hamilton Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada Jamatkhana
Happy Homes Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Haripur Gir Jamatkhana, Gujarat, India Jamatkhana

This Jamatkhana comes in Chitravad Gir Local council, Junagadh regional council. Haripur Gir Jamatkhana is Small and
sweet JAMATKHANA IN RURAL AREA. Most of the Ismailis are belongs to agricultural (farming) this is very spiritual Jamat.

Harvard University University
Hasan-i-Sabbah Jamatkhana, Kabul, Afghanistan Jamatkhana
Hasanabad Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Hassan-e-Sabah Jamatkhana, Kabul, Afghanistan Jamatkhana
Hatfield Jamatkhana, United Kingdom Jamatkhana
Haverhill Jamatkhana, United Kingdom Jamatkhana
Head Quarters Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Head Quaters Jamatkhana, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Jamatkhana
Headquarters Jamatkhana, (Lions Gate / North Vancouver) British Columbia, Canada Jamatkhana
Headquarters Jamatkhana, Dallas, Texas, United States of America Jamatkhana-Headquarters
Hesarooyeh Jamatkhana, Shahr-e-Babak, Kerman, Iran Jamatkhana
Hindi Jamatkhana, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Hong Kong Jamatkhana, Hong Kong Jamatkhana
Houston Jamatkhana, Texas , United States of America Jamatkhana
Humayun Tombs Park-Garden
Hunza Barashall jamatkhan, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Hussaini Gojal Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
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