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The Heroes of Surat

Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  1968
Authors  Mohamed, Al-Waez Sultanali
Edition  First Edition
Series Title  Gupties

Gupties Booklet

Original Language  


Key Words  gupties; heroes; surat; sacrifices

The Heroes of Surat

It is with profound pleasure and sense of pride that I write the forward to this publication "HEROES OF SURAT".

As a result of untiring efforts and devotion on the part of our Literary Committee the publication for this booklet has become a reality. Our aim in bringing about this booklet has been all along to provide our Jamats, true and concise history of Ismaili Heroes hither to unknown to them. Time and again our Lord Mowlana Hazar Imam has expressed ardent desire of unearthing the Ismaili History and whatever stride we have made in his direction is out of complete loyalty and devotion to Hazar Imam.

This booklet has originated from the research carried out by Al-Waez Sultanali Mohamed on the Ismailis of Surat while he was still in India. This has resulted in publication of a article in Gujarati by him. Alwaez Sultanali Mohamed is the backbone of all our activities and this booklet is the result of his relentless efforts. The publication of "Wonderful Tradition" Three editions-and the regularly published "Chandrat Bulletin" are shining examples of his devotion to duties. The outstanding achievement worth of mention is that so far 16,000 copies of Wonderful Tradition have been sold a record for any publication.

I cannot refrain from making mention of the other activities of the Literary Section, Besides publishing the Chandrat Bulletin the committee is also organising the Quiz Competition which has aroused East Africa wide interest and the Senior Quiz received world-wide support and encouragement. The Committee is also intending to publish a short story book for children with religious background which is being compiled by Al-Waez Kayamaili Sabjaali which we hope to be published in every near future.

I have every reason to be proud with the activities of all the Sections of the Ismailia association of Kisumu and take this opportunity to record my thanks and gratitude to them for their devotion and hard work. The co-operation received from East African Jamat and Ismailia Associations is also worthy of mention and perhaps without their support and co-operation many of our projects may have been shelved. Our thanks are also due to our ardent supporters Tejpar Brothers of New Suitable Press of Kisumu who have spared no pains to publish Chandrat Bulletin regularly as well as published booklets, and Ismaili Calendars with reasonable prices.

Navros Mumbarak-with best wishes and Yaa Ali Madad.

Issa H. Virani

Chairman Ismailia Association

Kisumu Provincial Committee

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