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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #395

Surja=sun rani=Queen. Queen of the Sun. Was married to Daint Kalinga* in China. Met and learned the teachings of Pir Shams. She will try very hard to convert her husband, but without success. She will killed her husband at the time of apocalypse. Had 2 daughters: Ajia and Wajia and 2 sons Kamla and Damla. see ginan:"Firat néja, tambal waj shé".

(Reine du Soleil). Epouse du Dayt Kalingo* en Chine, rencontra Pir Shams. Essaiera en vain de persuader son mari de ne pas lutter contre l'Imam. Tuera son mari lors de l'Apocalypse. A 2 filles: Ajia et Wajia et 2 fils: Kamla et Damla. "Firat néja, tambal waj shé".

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