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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #303

The word Kotada or Kotari means village. In Sind, the town of Thatta is very historical where Muhammad bin Kassim first came from Arab. In district Thatta, there are 16 villages, each village contains Jamatkhana. The total population of the Ismailis in 16 villages is about 4500. In its village, called Ghulam Mulla is a historical, where the holy dust (khak-e-shaffa) was dug for shaffa according to the order of Imam Aga Ali Shah in 1881. There is one small village, about five miles from Ghulam Mulla, called Godapur, where one old road springs to the village called Kotada Allrakha" which is quite barren, without any population. The modern research suggests that it is a town, whose owner was a certain Allrakha, and before him, it was simply called as Kotada, and this is the very Kotada of the ginans where Pir Sadruddin first established the Jamatkhana. The Imam-Shahi branch of the Ismailis however believe that Kotada existed near Lahore, but it is not traceable. There is no Jamatkhana or Ismailis in presently known village of Kotada Allarakha. Regards. Mumtaz Ali Tajjdin. Date de la derni

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