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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #259

1452-1513. Born in Unch(Bhawalpur)sent to Gujrat by his father Pir Hasan Kabirdn.Was accompanyed by Huzur Mukhi Hajar Beg*. While on his way to Pirana, they stopped at the Jamat-Khana of Jhung-sind. Also known as Imamudin. Married Khatija, daughter of Sayyed Muhammad Bukhari and had 4 children: Baqir Shah*, Bala Shah*, Muhammad Shah and Khaliq Shah. Is buried at Pirana. For detailed English text on SEYYED IMAM SHAH click here

1452-1513. Né à Unch (Bhawalpur) envoyé au Gujerat par son père Pir HK accompagné du Huzurmukhi Hajar Beg*. Il s'arrêta en chemin à Jhung-Sind au Jamat-Khana* Aussi appelé Imamuddin, épousa Khatija fille de Seyyed Muhammad Bukhari et eut 4 fils: Baqir Shah*, Bala Shah*, Muhammad Shah, et Khaliq Shah. Enterré à Pirana.

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