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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #255

Brethern of Purity. In 9th Century, a secrect society of Basra following Ismaili philosphy. They also compiled an encylopedia known as Rasail Ikhwan as-safa. Not to be confused with: a. Ikhwan as safa of 1960 in Cairo, the group that Massignon had dealings with. b. An educational group that was created by Prince Aly Khan in Syria. c. A society called Ikhwan (ahl e safa) that preached salvation through the sufferings of the body.

Frères de la Pureté. Société secrète de pensée ismaélienne ayant son centre à Basra au 9e. S. Ont compilé l'Encyclopédie connu sous le nom de Rasail Ikwan As-Safa. Ne pas confondre avec: a. Ikhwan as safa de 1960 au Caire dont Massignon faisait partie. b. Mouvement créé par Prince Aly Khan en Syrie pour l'éducation. c. groupe de Ikhwan (ahl è Safa) qui prêchait la soufrance du corps.

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