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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #182

One of Pir sadardin's 6 brothers. Upon meeting a group of pilgrims, he made the Ganges River appear at their feet. 14 of the pilgrims had faith in the miracle and became his followers. Sayyed Badruddin composed ginans and his 17 disciples formed a community who still recite ginans as, "bhanne Pir Sadardin, kahet Badruddin". Some members of this community live today in Hamilton.

Un des 6 frères de Pir Sadardin. Il rencontra des pèlerins et fit apparaître le Gange à leurs pieds. 14 virent le miracle et le suivirent. Il composa des ginans. Ses 17 disciples formèrent une communauté qui chante encore des ginans "bhanré Pir Sadardin, kahét Badruddin". Il y en a à Hamilton.

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